Red Vein Kratom Tea

Of all the ways to take kratom, the therapeutic plant extract from South East Asia, none is so pleasant as a cup of kratom tea. Users the world over have long worked to develop the perfect recipe for making delicious kratom powder tea. There have been mixed results, as not every recipe complements kratom’s distinctive, […]

At Kratom Spot, we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and taking every step necessary to ensure the safety of our faithful customers, our employees, and our products. Safety is paramount, now more than ever. Kratom Spot has taken extra precautions in the fight against COVID-19, necessary in order to play […]

The ripe leaves of a Kratom plant

One of the most often asked Kratom facts is who is responsible for discovering it. While it’s easier to find info about Kratom now, that’s because the internet makes it easier. When it was first discovered, Kratom offered the west a glimpse of an entirely new ethnobotanical with exciting properties. Kratom didn’t shake the foundation […]

Three pouches of Kratom products behind a bowl filled with Kratom capsules
September 9, 2019

Where Can You Buy Kratom?

While Kratom is legal in all but a few areas of the country, many people don’t know where you can buy Kratom that is of a high quality for a price point that gives you real value. This is because in many areas where Kratom is readily available, a mix of both high and low […]

A bowl of green Kratom powder

Our customers trust us to deliver potent, safe Kratom, and our Kratom testing protocols are what let us fulfill our obligations and their expectations. Testing has come under heavy scrutiny lately, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States regulatory body in charge of food, drugs, and supplements, has continued its aggressive stance […]

A lab tech works on analyzing a sample

In April, the FDA released a report citing heavy metals in Kratom. Based on a secretive FDA Kratom testing initiative, the report stated that over 30 products had been tested and found to contain “unsafe levels” of nickel and lead. It went on to allege that long-term Kratom users could experience a range of effects […]

A US government building in the distance

If you’ve tried to research Kratom, you may have noticed fewer reliable articles on Kratom uses and plenty of alarmist coverage of Kratom’s health risks. Much of that is brought about by a largely antagonistic stance taken by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is responsible for ensuring that Americans have […]

A woman's arm brushing leaves

Itching, cracking, or dryness that won’t go away can drive you crazy, but luckily, there are some home remedies for irritated skin that work. While there are plenty of chemical-based treatments on the market for a variety of conditions, more and more people are looking for natural remedies for irritated skin that let them be […]

A small pile of Kratom powder

Whether you’re new to kratom or a long-time enthusiast, you’ve probably seen both red vein Thai Kratom and green vein Thai Kratom available for purchase. What many people don’t know, however, is what that means. After all, powdered Kratom looks largely similar and decidedly green in color. These names — green, white, and red — […]

Four pouches filled with Kratom products

For many people, green Kratom is the only Kratom they buy. Named for the green vein color of the leaves before processing, green Kratom is an increasingly popular choice for those who don’t want an aroma that’s too over stimulating or too relaxing. While there are plenty of green vein Kratom strains out there, we […]

Powder, pouches, and extract of white Maeng Da Kratom

When you’re looking for an aroma that’s a real pick-me-up, the best white kratom won’t let you down. White kratom powder may not be as popular as its red and green-veined siblings, for many kratom purchasers, it offers an alternative that fits well with their lifestyle. Other kratom buyers, however, may not be familiar with […]

A pouch of Bali Red Kratom

Red Kratom is easily the most popular color of Kratom we sell at Kratom Spot. Not all Kratom, however, is created equal. The best red Kratom can be counted on for a potent aroma and reliable results, meanwhile other strains — such as green and white vein Kratom varieties — may not be what you’re […]

Missouri woods during a winter morning

While Kratom is legal in Missouri at the state level, there is constant pressure within the state to change that status. Anti-Kratom organizers at regional and local levels have been mobilizing in attempts to get their smaller governmental bodies to enact outright bans on legal Kratom in Missouri. If you’re a responsible Kratom enthusiast who’s […]

A sunrise in Indonesia overlooking beautiful mountains

The Kratom world was stunned recently when it came to light that a Kratom ban in Indonesia was being discussed. Indonesian Kratom (sometimes known as “Indo Kratom”) is some of the most plentiful on the market, and a sudden ban would create a huge hole in the industry internationally — especially in the United States, […]

A woman with blurred countenance holds up a jar with a green liquid in it.

What Is Liquid Kratom? Liquid kratom is kratom extract in liquid form, often combined with additives. It’s not a single product from a single source; rather, multiple suppliers manufacture liquid kratom, and the products vary a great deal depending on the type of kratom used, the additives included, and the potency of the final solution. […]

A photo showing a miniature teapot pouring tea into a teacup.

Kratom Tea: The Ultimate Guide Kratom tea is easily brewed and is a common way to prepare the plant. This way of preparing kratom may be popular, and sweeteners such as honey or Stevia may be added to a tea recipe to create a more enjoyable beverage. However, brewing kratom tea may require several attempts […]

Liquid and powdered kratom extract in bowls and spoons on a wooden table.

What Is Kratom Extract and How Is It Made? One of the most concentrated forms of kratom is kratom extract. There are a few different ways to make kratom extract, all varying in difficulty, but nearly all the methods deliver a product that is more potent (containing a higher concentration of alkaloids — the main […]

A photo of a bowl filled with kratom powder, sitting on top of a plate of kratom capsules.

What Is Kratom Powder and How Is It Used? There are several ways to prepare kratom. One of the most popular methods of packaging and selling kratom is in its powdered form. However, kratom powder is known to be further prepared in several different ways. Knowing what kratom powder is — and distinguishing its type […]

A grass field with a forest and mountain rising in the background

Bentuangie Kratom has fast gained a loyal following among Kratom lovers. Named after the Bentuangie region it grows in, this Indonesian strain of Kratom is fermented to give it an entirely different sensory profile. The result has been a popular strain that has characteristics slightly different than any other Kratom product strain we carry. Let’s […]

Fog rising over a rainforest

You may have seen that besides premium Kratom strains, we also offer Kratom extract for sale from our online store. For many people, extract is their preferred Kratom product type, while other people don’t understand what Kratom extract is. When you’re exploring the benefits of Kratom, independent research is vital. Understanding how extracts differ from […]

A chain of Indonesian volcanic mountains

For many Kratom enthusiasts, premium Indo Kratom is the gold standard they judge all other strains by. If you’re new to Kratom products, however, you may want to know, what is Indo kratom? . As one of the primary varieties of Kratom available, you’ll find it from just about every seller, but knowing what to […]

Cultural buildings and statues from Thailand

Maeng Da Kratom powder enjoys a complicated reputation among Kratom enthusiasts. For many people, Maeng Da is what Kratom should be while others regard it as far too overwhelming. No matter your stance, Maeng Da Kratom has an interesting past that makes it a notable addition to any Kratom enthusiast’s collection! Maeng Da’s Origins Thailand […]

Neon question mark sign

New Kratom consumers can be confused about what kratom does and whether or not kratom is safe. These questions can be complicated, but necessary when evaluating whether or not Kratom is right for you. Independent research is vital to making an informed decision about Kratom, but accurate information can be hard to come by. Let’s […]

A Thai temple and statues

Thailand Kratom is incredibly popular, even as it labors under intense scrutiny and threats of increased regulation in the United States. One thing that critics have seized on for years in their arguments alleging that Kratom should be restricted is the Thailand Kratom ban. After all, if the country of origin restricts its domestic production, […]

A brass-bound gavel on a soundblock

If you’re a Kratom enthusiast, you most likely are regularly on the lookout for the latest Kratom ban news. After all, a ban on Kratom would eliminate or severely hamper your ability to legally purchase high-quality Kratom. The major threat to consumers in the United States is, of course, the FDA, which has taken an […]