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Can Kratom Make You More Creative?

A woman taking kratom for creativity.

If you’re familiar with kratom, you’re likely also familiar with the resounding therapeutic benefits associated with the plant. Derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asia, kratom products offer purported benefits like anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory effects, pain relief, and more. Anecdotal reports—often social or subjective analyses not backed by scientific data—have recently supported the use of kratom for creativity enhancement as well. If true, users could take specific doses of kratom to think more creatively, innovate, and even boost energy levels or work productivity.

But that’s a pretty big “If.”

To date, no scientific research has corroborated kratom’s creativity-boosting properties because funding for kratom research is limited at best. Furthermore, current funds should be spent on understanding health benefits or the effectiveness of kratom in general. Subjective matters like “kratom for creativity” or “kratom to improve focus” should come later.

However, when dealing with something like creativity, scientific metrics may not apply to begin with. “Creativity isn’t a single set thing that you can measure,” according to Artsy journalist Isaac Kaplan. “Rather, creativity is challenging to evaluate uniformly.”

In short, creativity is difficult to measure scientifically. Furthermore, scientists have yet to study kratom’s potential as a creative enhancer. With all of this in mind, how do we answer the question—Can we use kratom for creativity? Believe it or not, we’ll find the answer in white vein kratom strains like White Borneo or White Maeng Da.

White Kratom Strains: The Link Between Kratom & Creativity

If you didn’t already know, there are three uniquely colored kratom strains. We like to call these the “Big 3” kratom strains. They are:

  • White Vein Kratom
  • Red Vein Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom

White kratom strains are known to boost energy levels, improve focus, and enhance things like work productivity. Conversely, red vein kratom is used to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve your overall sleep. Finally, green vein kratom acts as a hybrid of red and white strains, offering an “in-between” experience.

When it comes to kratom for creativity, however, white vein kratom strains hold the key. You see, there is a natural link between energy and creativity. According to researchers at Behavioral and Brain Functions, a leading scientific journal in the field of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience:

“Creativity includes a wide range of cognitive processes, such as flow (when a person is fully immersed in what s/he is doing, characterized by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity), breadth of attention, and remote association of ideas.”

The researchers note that emotion and other human factors influence creativity as well. However, we can judge cognitive creativity—what’s happening inside the brain while being creative—based on a variety of factors:

  • Energized focus
  • Breadth of attention
  • Full involvement
  • Success in the process of the activity

How White Kratom Strains Can Promote Cognitive Creativity

As we said earlier, white vein kratom strains are known to increase energy levels. Loved by morning and daytime kratom users, these white kratom strains are hailed for their ability to improve focus, increase work productivity, and boost energy levels overalls.

Now, compare the effects of white vein kratom to the cognitive factors governing creativity mentioned above. To begin, white kratom strains often put users in a state of energized focus. The kratom community often mentions improved focus and energy levels as the major benefits of white vein kratom.

In turn, the improved focus becomes a greater attention span, known here as the breadth of attention. You can see where we’re going with this: a greater attention span leads to full involvement in the activity at hand, full involvement allows you to feel more successful in the process of the activity, and so on.

Indeed, there are no scientific research efforts that corroborate kratom’s use as a creative enhancer. However, we can already see a link between increased energy and focus (made possible by white kratom strains like White Maeng Da) and improved creativity. It’s also important to note that creativity is different for everyone. For you, it could mean your ability to play music, improvise on the clarinet, paint a mural, or even bake dessert. Whatever your personal association with creativity, imagine what you could create with improved focus, a wider attention span, and more energy for longer projects?

Anecdotal Evidence in Support of Kratom for Creativity

“I find it [kratom] increases my creativity, or at least my ability to connect with it and channel what I am thinking of creating.” That was from reddit user retroshark on the popular r/kratom subreddit. Retroshark’s story of using kratom for creativity goes on:

I spend every day writing music…It can get monotonous and it’s easy for me to lose face and think about giving up. Kratom helps keep my focus on work and not on the clock or whatever else goes on around me. Since I don’t have a real ‘job’ I make my own schedule. Without kratom (and tea) I would not be able to wake up at 9am, seven days a week, and then write/play/produce music until 8pm.

And retroshark is not alone. Many artists find kratom helps creativity. Remember: user reports are considered one form of anecdotal evidence. Stories like retroshark’s cannot be used to determine scientific evaluations about the effectiveness of kratom for creativity. However, retroshark’s kratom experience is important as anecdotal evidence, telling us how people are using kratom and telling scientists where to look for kratom’s potential benefits.

Should You Use Kratom for Creativity?

From a scientific standpoint, we cannot tell you if kratom is good for creativity. Anecdotal evidence tells a different story, however. Plus, white kratom strains (and their ability to boost energy and improve focus) may possess a scientific link to cognitive creativity.

As we always say: determine what kratom can do for you! Everyone is unique, meaning kratom can affect everyone in different—albeit similar—ways. If you want to discover if kratom for creativity is right for you, find the right white vein kratom strain for you. Then, start with small doses of kratom, increasing incrementally until you find the perfect dose.

There are also reports of people microdosing kratom in order to improve their creativity. Microdosing kratom is the act of ingesting small amounts each day. Through microdosing, you will NOT feel the effects of kratom strongly or immediately. However, you will begin to feel mild improvements to your overall wellness over time.

Have you ever tried kratom for creativity? Tell us what you think in the comments!