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Community Opinions on Head Shop Kratom

Head Shop Kratom

Kratom Spot may be the best place to buy kratom online — but that’s not the only way that kratom is available! Head shop kratom is another popular option that many users turn to at some point in their kratom use. But is buying head shop kratom the right choice for you?

For this article, we turned to the Kratom Spot community, asking several of our members about their experience buying head shop kratom vs. buying kratom online at Kratom Spot. What we heard was no real surprise: but it’s a great reminder of everything that makes Kratom Spot the best kratom option for users of all stripes!

What is a Head Shop?

For the uninitiated: a head shop, also known as a “smoke shop”, is a brick and mortar store that tends to sell tobacco products alongside glass pipes, water pipes, and other paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana.

Head shops will often branch out and offer varieties of products. It’s not uncommon to find small batches of kratom on a head shop’s walls, though it rarely makes up a meaningful portion of the head shop’s inventory.

The Kratom Spot Community On Head Shop Kratom

Note: The community opinions you’ll read about in this article were collected from the Kratom Spot community on a purely voluntary basis. To prevent bias, respondents were not compensated for these opinions.

Head Shop Kratom Selection and Transparency

“I used to shop at my town’s best head shop. Kratom brands were… disappointing. They didn’t have much variety and I was never really sure what I was buying. Just had to take it on faith that the shop owner knew what they were slinging.”

– Marco

There is no doubt about it: when you choose head shop kratom, you’re going to have to accept a very limited selection. Unlike with Kratom Spot, head shops tend to stock kratom as an afterthought. They’ll likely only have one brand of kratom, and they may only have one or two strains.

But the issue here is much more serious: it’s difficult to ensure that your head shop kratom is a quality product. It’s unlikely that these products come with third party quality testing, and you’ll never know quite what you receive.

At Kratom Spot, our products are held to the industry’s highest standards. We stock all your favorite strains, all our products are independently tested, and we’ve even received the industry’s coveted AKA GMP certification in recognition of our impeccable production standards.

Freshness of Head Shop Kratom

“Uuuuuugh, never again. Even if they had the strain I wanted I never knew what would be in the bag? Fresh and tasty? Old and nasty? Total crap shoot. Never. Again.”

– Luis

It’s understandable given the head shop model. Because kratom’s not their primary business, head shops have slower sales, and their inventory is likely to sit on the shelf for a much longer time. Depending on the brands they’re selling and the packaging the products are in, this can result in unfresh kratom and a less pleasant experience.

Kratom Spot kratom is different: consistent, high-quality, and always sold fresh.

What’s more, our powders will stay fresher longer even after you receive them. We package our kratom powders in innovative, fresh seal packaging that ensures your stock of top-quality kratom will be at peak performance for a long time to come.

Head Shop Kratom Prices

“When I first started using kratom, I found a kratom head shop near me and just assumed it was good stuff. They had a couple different options and it was always a pretty good experience. Looking back, though, I was paying way too much money for what I got.”

– Rebecca

Price is one of the most common observations that our community responses mentioned: head shop kratom just costs more. And that’s understandable.

Because head shops are traditional brick and mortar, they’ve got significant overhead. From employee wages to building rent to the cost of the products they stock, head shops will always have trouble offering the most competitive prices.

When you shop with Kratom Spot, you’re going straight to the source. Because we import directly from Southeast Asia’s leading kratom farms, package our own product, and ship throughout the United States, we can offer the most competitive prices on all your favorite kratom products.

The Convenience of Buying Head Shop Kratom

“I LOVE my local head shop!! I still buy kratom there sometimes! They don’t have the selection that Kratom Spot does. But they let me get a little kratom the same day instead of waiting for delivery. KSpot will always be my go-to for stocking up. I’m still glad to have decent head shop kratom on demand.”

– Lauren

If there’s one argument to be made for buying head shop kratom, it’s this one. Save for the trip there, head shop kratom is available immediately, on demand, with no waiting.

When you’re craving a cup of kratom tea, your stock is low, and you just don’t want to wait? Well, buying head shop kratom will undoubtedly be the fastest way of resupplying! But as the other opinions have shown, you’ll likely be paying a premium for kratom of questionable quality.

At Kratom Spot, we’re proud to offer some of the best customer service and fastest shipping. When you buy kratom online with Kratom Spot, you may have to wait a couple of days for your delivery — but you can always be assured of speedy delivery, the highest quality product, and the most competitive prices. If you’re not in a rush, Kratom Spot is clearly the superior option.

Social Stigma of Head Shops

“I liked my headshop! They always had good products. But I HATED going in there!!! I always felt like people on the street judged me for going into that pot shop. I don’t want to be associated with that sort of thing.”

– Anne(onymous)

This issue may not bother every user, but going in and out of head shops may raise some eyebrows in certain communities. Not so with buying kratom online.

At Kratom Spot, our customers’ privacy is one of our top priorities. All orders arrive in standard USPS packages with no Kratom Spot logos or identifiers. The word “kratom” is not on the shipping label, which simply reads “KSLP – Kspot”.

Head Shop Community Opinions, In Closing

So is buying head shop kratom the right option for you?

Depending on where you’re at, you may luck out and have a great head shop experience! But the potential pitfalls are numerous, including:

  • Limited selection
  • Lack of product testing and transparency
  • Inconsistent quality and freshness
  • Higher prices
  • Community stigma

The major upside of buying head shop kratom? Convenience. Finding a good head shop near you means that you can get your kratom same day with no waiting.

So if you’re looking to stock up immediately and you’re willing to pay a bit of a premium, head shop kratom may be a viable stopgap while waiting on Kratom Spot’s quick deliveries.

But the community’s verdict is clear: head shot kratom is simply no alternative for the impeccable quality and service you’ll find at Kratom Spot.