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Creatum Pills: A Marketing Lie

Creatum Pills, a false name for kratom

The kratom world is, alas, no stranger to marketing gimmicks. Unscrupulous vendors might come up with misleading terms to sell inferior products, offload less popular strains, or otherwise mislead customers.

And with the advent of so-called “creatum” (often sold as “creatum pills”), we’re seeing another such scam.

Let’s put it plainly: “creatum pill” is just another name for kratom capsules — at least in theory. And, as always when dealing with marketing gimmicks, buyers should be on their guard, lest they be scammed into buying an inferior product.

What’s In Creatum Pills: Buyer Beware

If you’ve stumbled onto an ad or page slinging creatum, you’ll end up finding one of two things: you either land on a traditional kratom vendor’s site or on one that continues using the term “creatum”.

And though the difference may seem minimal, it’s one to pay attention to.

If the creatum ad leads you to a kratom vendor, then proceed as you normally would: research the source, check whether it’s an AKA Certified Vendor like Kratom Spot (though we stay away from marketing gimmicks such as creatum), and proceed from there. If it all checks out, then the company is just trying to capitalize on a trending search term, sketchy as it may be.

BUT: if the link leads you to a site that clings to the “creatum” label, it’s a different beast entirely. The unfortunate fact is, unscrupulous vendors sometimes use opaque and confusing terms to sell inferior, tainted, or even harmful products. “Creatum”, as a manufactured term, could be anything, and a vendor trying to sell it likely doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Simply put: we recommend staying away from any vendor that markets their products under the “creatum” label.

The Rise of Creatum — And Why The Term Is Used

Luckily, creatum is still a fairly uncommon marketing gimmick. However, the term “creatum” has popped up in advertising on many social media platforms, both in direct advertising and in small pockets of groups posting about this seemingly new substance.

You see, social media sites generally prohibit kratom marketing, which can make it tricky for kratom companies to gain traction there.

Kratom businesses sometimes try to get around this prohibition by gaming the system and using terms like “creatum”, which can fool the site’s algorithms—at least temporarily—and keep their posts or advertisements from being automatically flagged and removed.

And that’s precisely how “creatum” came to be. One kratom company started marketing their capsules as “creatum pills”, got some traction, and others followed suit.

But “creatum” is unlikely to stick around for long. Social media platforms’ algorithms learn, and flimsy attempts to get around the kratom marketing prohibition are ultimately doomed to failure; the more attention they get, the more quickly they’ll be flagged and purged. And for the kratom community at large, purging gimmicks like “creatum pills” is a good thing.

The Problem With Creatum Pills

As we discussed above, products marketed as “creatum” may end up being traditional kratom. When that’s the case, it may seem like a harmless gimmick — but misleading marketing of this sort damages the kratom community as a whole.

There are several ways in which these gimmicks hurt the kratom community:

  • At best, creatum dilutes awareness, so even satisfied users may not be aware that they’re benefiting from kratom.
  • Dodgy advertising tactics reinforce the idea that kratom is an illicit substance that requires misleading advertising.
  • Unusual marketing terms make it difficult or impossible for new users to research the products they choose.
  • At worst, terms like this allow vendors to sell mystery products that may be harmful to users’ health. The mere association of such products with kratom is fuel for the anti-kratom fire and endangers the future of US kratom legality.

No matter how you spin it, marketing gimmicks like “creatum pills” are bad for kratom companies, kratom users, and the future of kratom throughout the United States.

For your own health and the future of kratom everywhere, we implore users to stay away from creatum and from all other misleading marketing ploys.

A Rose By Any Other Name: Kratom’s Other (Legit) Labels

Creatum isn’t the only alternative name for kratom. In fact, there are many other labels for the plant, used variously in different parts of the world.

So why demonize creatum specifically? Because it’s a manufactured term, designed purely to skirt advertising prohibitions and/or mislead consumers.

Other traditional names for kratom don’t bear that dubious honor, and far be it from me to deny kratom’s historical names.

Kratom has long standing roots in many cultures throughout the world, and many names for the plant have existed. Some of kratom’s legitimate alternative names include:

  • Mitragyna speciosa (kratom’s scientific name, which therefore is legitimate for any and all purposes)
  • Thang
  • Kakuam
  • Thom
  • Ketum
  • Biak

Again, these terms are legitimate alternative terms, used in various regions to officially denote kratom. But in the US, “kratom” has emerged as the be-all-end-all term for the mitragyna speciosa plant, so there’s really no legitimate reason to employ any of these alternate names.

Looking For Creatum Pills: Trust Only Authentic Kratom

Regardless of how it emerged, so called “creatum” has gained meaningful attention, and some are now looking to find the “best” creatum pills on the market.

If that’s you, the simple fact of the matter is that you’re best served by shopping for authentic, clearly-labeled, and AKA certified kratom. And products labeled creatum? Just stay away.

At Kratom Spot, our products are all AKA certified, made from 100% pure kratom leaf, and tested for purity and potency with every batch. In short, we bring you nothing but the world’s very best kratom, with no gimmicks, ploys, or spin.

Creatum Pills, In Closing

“Creatum pills” has recently emerged as a new term, particularly on social media platforms that prohibit advertising kratom.

In reality, most products marketed this way are just kratom, and the term is used to skirt advertising prohibitions.

However, manufactured terms like “creatum” also create the possibility that vendors could be selling new, untested, or even harmful products.

As such, it’s best to simply stay away from so-called creatum pills entirely.

If you’ve heard good things about creatum and are interested in giving it a try, then your best bet is going to be buying from a kratom vendor. One who markets their products honestly, clearly, and without reliance on gimmicks and ploys.

At Kratom Spot, you’ll find 100% pure, natural kratom in all of the most popular strains and regional varieties.

What’s more, we don’t just sell kratom capsules. You’ll find a wide variety of kratom products that can fit easily into virtually any lifestyle, including:

And if you’re new to the kratom world, our Kratom Spot blog is your best source for reliable, research-backed information on all things kratom!

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