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FDA Seeking World-Wide Ban on Kratom – What You Need To Know

Global Ban on Kratom

Kratom Ban Update: FDA Seeking World-Wide Ban on Kratom

After failing to ban kratom domestically time and time again, the FDA is taking a new tack: a global ban on kratom. That’s right. It’s time for another kratom ban update.

And this time, kratom needs you to lend your voice to the cause.

Here’s the story about this latest kratom ban update, the key players, and what you can do to ensure that safe, natural kratom products remain available, both in the US and around the world.

FDA’s Past Attempts at a US Ban on Kratom

This isn’t the first time the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has pushed for a ban on kratom.

The FDA started expressing interest in restricting kratom back in 2017. As support for their push to ban kratom they used misinformation and outright lies. Scott Gotlieb, the then commissioner of the FDA, misrepresented kratom as an opioid, misrepresented the scientific research on kratom, and otherwise sought to demonize this natural botanical.

But the kratom ban ultimately failed due largely to an outpouring of public support and kratom users like you lending their voices to the cause.

It’s time to speak up again.

FDA Calls for Comment on Global Ban on Kratom

Following their failed attempts at a domestic ban and their suspect seizures of kratom products, the FDA is now asking for public comment on a potential global kratom ban.

The topic of an international kratom ban will be discussed at an upcoming October meeting of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence.

The public comments requested by the FDA will be used to shape the US’s recommendations regarding the potential ban. But due to the FDA’s longstanding war on kratom, they’re likely pushing for nothing short of a worldwide kratom ban.

WHO Ban Would Force a US Ban on Kratom

Mac Haddow, senior fellow of public policy at the American Kratom Association, noted that a WHO ban would effectively force the US to ban kratom domestically.

“There are 37 countries that are part of that international treaty that will effectively ban kratom around the world,” Haddow said in a recent video update. Because the US is party to this international treaty, a WHO ban on kratom would compel the US to follow suit.

Haddow continued, “The FDA cannot get kratom scheduled here in the United States using the criteria that’s established by the Controlled Substances Act, so they’re circumventing that and going to the WHO.”

What You Can Do to Protect Kratom

Kratom’s legality is threatened again, and the kratom community needs to fight to keep natural, safe kratom legal throughout the US.

The most important thing you can do is lend your voice and share your story of how kratom has benefited your life, both with the FDA and with the WHO directly.

Here’s what you can do to support the cause and fight for kratom’s future:

1. Submit Public Comments to the FDA

The FDA is collecting public comments, which will be used to shape the US recommendation at the October WHO conference. Every voice counts, and sharing your experience with kratom is a crucial part of the fight.

The deadline for public comments is August 9. While hundreds of passionate kratom users have already lent their voice to the cause, the community needs to rally to prevent a ban on kratom and shine a light on all that this wonderful, natural botanical has to offer.

For details on submitting comments, see the post on International Drug Scheduling at

Although the open FDA comments are an important part of what we can do to help, the AKA observed that the FDA isn’t actually required to submit those comments to the WHO. Instead, the FDA just needs to “consider” the comments before making its own recommendation. And given the FDA’s long history of animosity towards kratom, it’s possible that they’ll argue for a ban no matter what the comments say.

And that’s why the next step is all the more important.

2. Submit Comments Directly to the WHO Through the AKA

The fight to save kratom doesn’t end with the FDA’s call for comments.

As is so often the case, the American Kratom Association is taking its place at the frontlines of the cause, making sure that our voices are heard, and that comments are issued directly to the WHO committee.

To ensure that the WHO hears honest feedback directly from the kratom community, the AKA is holding another open commentary, this one going straight to the WHO decisionmakers.

The deadline for AKA’s open comments is also August 9th, so be sure to share your experience with kratom as soon as possible!

Fight Against the FDA’s War on Kratom!

We in the kratom community are no strangers to adversity. From unwarranted FDA crackdowns and product seizures to restrictions on credit card merchants to attempted bans and more, we’ve seen it all.

And make no mistake, the future of safe, legal kratom is a bright one — so long as we continue to band together, lend our voices to the cause, and fight for the right to use this wonderful botanical.

The time to speak is now. Open comments close on August 9th, so be sure to share your story of how kratom has affected your life at both of the following links:

While only the AKA’s comments will go directly to the WHO decisionmakers, both open commentaries are a vital part of the fight against a ban on kratom. Don’t miss your chance to share your voice and protect access to safe, legal kratom across the globe.