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Holistic Living: What Does It Mean & How To Get Started

Meditation and Relaxation

People are growing more interested in living their lives in a more balanced fashion, and that is what holistic living is all about. Holistic living seeks to help you find a better way to live. If you want to get started living better, you can do it right now, wherever you are. With a little attention and dedication, you’ll be on your way to thriving more naturally.

Finding The Meaning

If you ask a dozen people to define holistic living, you will get a dozen different answers. Sure, there will be some common themes, but also some key differences. What we mean in this blog post is finding an overall balance, naturally. We want to help you foster a balance between yourself and the world around you–the natural world. That’s not enough, however. We also want to see you find a balance between your body, mind, and spirit. Instead of treating these as three separate and distinct parts of yourself, you should strive for a balanced unity that places the health of none above the other with each supporting the other two. It takes some work, but the rewards are worth it.

Small Changes For A Big Impact

As you start down this path, remember that that’s just what it is. A path leads you on a journey, but it doesn’t take you directly to a destination. Instead, there are steps along the way. You will not wake up tomorrow as some sort of holistic living Chosen One. You can, however, start on your journey by making the small changes that eventually add up to the results you want. Give yourself time to succeed and permission to slip up along the way. You have your whole life to get this right, and that’s exactly how long changing your behavior permanently always takes.

The Balance Within Yourself

When you consider how you’re made up of your mind, body, and spirit, and how they interact with the world around you, it’s easy to see how things can get so out of whack. There are very few external influences that address all three equally. Television and the internet may feed our minds but do very little for our body. An exercise routine may address the body, but it can leave our mind or spirit woefully undernourished. Some people turn to religion to nourish their spirit but find that they’ve pulled themselves too far away from the outside world, throwing them out of balance in a whole other manner.

The truth is that external forces cannot balance you. Holistic living requires you to balance yourself through the practice of mindfulness. Get to know yourself and all your parts. Learn to recognize when your body needs care, how to uplift your spirit, and what your mind needs to stay active and grow.

Many people understand this concept within the framework of external activities. Yoga, for example, addresses the needs of the body, and a good practitioner will help open your mind and teach you the meanings behind the poses that are meant to nourish your spirit. For holistic living, you want to carry this attitude outside the studio into your day-to-day actions.

A selection of produce

Ways To Balance Yourself

  • Meditation – Meditation can be a great path to mindfulness and can be easily combined into some simple stretches. Let your mind be still and float, your body should relax, and let your spirit fee freel.
  • Eat Better Foods – In America, too often we mistake quantity for quality. Strive for a balanced diet heavy in vegetables and plant proteins. The nutrients support your health and wellness both physically and mentally, leaving you feeling more in-tune with yourself and the world around you.
  • Exercise Regularly – This doesn’t mean you have to train for a marathon or strongman competitions. It means you’re getting your body moving.
  • Support Wellness Naturally – Look for natural ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance. Some people use vinegar to control their blood sugar or St. John’s Wort to manage their depression. Many people choose Kratom after conducting their own research.

The Balance With The World Around You

The other side of holistic living is finding harmony with nature. You want to take the same mindfulness you apply to yourself and extend it to your relationship with the world around you. We’ve only got one Earth, and while you may not be able to save it on your own, you can make sure you’re doing your part to support her health and wellness while supporting your own.

Start by taking a look at your consumption habits, from how and where you shop to how you dispose of goods and trash when you’re finished with them. Understand your place in the ecosystem, and how your actions influence those around you, including people, plants, and animals. Once you start identifying changes that help create a better balance, put them into action slowly, taking the time to give yourself positive reinforcement.

Ways To Find Natural Harmony With The World Around You

  • Support Sustainability – In today’s disposable culture, finding ways to keep rather than discard is a transgressive action, but it feels good. Look at local recycling initiatives. Buy from suppliers who work with local communities to foster sustainable farming practices and safe, clean processing techniques.
  • Visit The Wild Areas – Whether it’s a neighborhood park or a national forest, get out in nature. Feel it. Experience it. Then leave it better. Pick up litter. Ensure that man-made hazards are noticed and fixed.
  • Create The Balance For Yourself And Others – If there aren’t enough resources, create your own. THis can be as small as starting your own garden or work with neighbors on a neighborhood plot that supports everyone’s holistic living. You can even start litter cleanup crews and recycling programs on your own if none are operating in your area. Take charge of the balance around you.

Finding Your Personal Balance

Whatever you choose, make sure it is fulfilling your need for balance. If you’re looking for a way to find balance through natural, plant-based support, research Kratom, and why so many people have decided to include it in their lives. If it’s right for you, you can order the highest quality, sustainably produced powders, extracts, and capsules from Kratom Spot today.

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