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How Does Kratom Affect Blood Pressure?

Kratom and Blood Pressure

Kratom is a versatile botanical used for a wide variety of purposes. It seems that users are discovering new applications virtually every week. Of these, some are well-established, while others remain unproven. So what about kratom and blood pressure?

Put simply: the science isn’t in on this one. When it comes to kratom and blood pressure, even user accounts vary pretty wildly. And as with so many things in the kratom world, it might just come down to your choice of dosage and strain.

Despite the uncertainty, it’s still worth considering the available data, extracting what insights you can, and making a more informed decision for your own needs.

But let’s make one thing clear, right from the outset. With issues as important as your heart health, it’s vitally important not to make decisions on your own. You should absolutely consult your physician about all decisions related to blood pressure and other cardiovascular health issues, no matter what you read on the internet.

The (Lack Of) Research on Kratom and Blood Pressure

At this time, virtually no research has been done on how kratom affects blood pressure, heart rate, or other aspects of cardiovascular health.

The sad fact of the matter is that, despite being used for centuries, kratom still hasn’t been sufficiently thoroughly researched by reputable clinical trials. And while many kratom studies are underway, we have a long way to go before kratom’s effects on blood pressure are fully understood.

User Experiences With Kratom For Blood Pressure

Big disclaimer here: user’s anecdotal reports should not be taken as fact. Everyone has a unique biochemistry, which can mean that you may react differently to kratom than others.

Nonetheless, some users have weighed in on how kratom and blood pressure interact:

  • Some users report that responsible use of kratom can actually lower blood pressure. This in-depth anecdotal report details one user’s experience with kratom for high blood pressure, which reportedly resulted in stabilized blood pressure even without use of prescription medications.
  • Other users report that kratom, particularly in high doses, actually spiked blood pressure, which could cause health problems for those with preexisting hypertension or other cardiovascular issues.

Clearly, the information is somewhat inconclusive. While some users experience reduced blood pressure, others experience spikes.

But these accounts also suggest that kratom’s effect on blood pressure is dependent on dosage, strain choice, and responsible use.

What DO We Know? Research on Kratom’s Lesser Alkaloids

While research on kratom is somewhat lacking, more extensive research has been done on several of its key components.

Kratom’s unique effects come mainly from compounds known as alkaloids. Alkaloids are potent natural chemicals that tend to have noticeable effects when ingested.

But kratom isn’t the only thing that naturally produces alkaloids. Even some of the foods you eat every day contain alkaloids that are important for your health!

And good news: many of these alkaloids have been the subject of rigorous clinical research.

Moreover, at least one of kratom’s alkaloids has a known connection for managing high blood pressure: Corynoxine.

Corynoxine: The Known Link For Kratom and Blood Pressure

Corynoxine is one of the minor alkaloids found in kratom — but with alkaloids, even a little can go a long way.

Moreover, several clinical studies have shown a direct link between Corynoxine and blood pressure.

Corynoxine has also been a staple of many traditional medicinal practices, used to moderate high blood pressure and increase cardiovascular health.

This hypertension-fighting power is significant enough that at least one US patent has been filed for Corynoxine-based high blood pressure treatment.

The available data strongly suggests that kratom, used carefully, could have legitimate applications for reducing high blood pressure. It’s strong support for users’ anecdotal accounts, but it’s still not enough to definitively draw any conclusions.

Thinking of Using Kratom for Blood Pressure?

If you’ve read up on the available data and are considering using kratom for high blood pressure, you’re not alone.

But it’s vitally important not to make that decision alone.

Before using kratom for blood pressure, it’s essential to do the following:

  • Talk to your physician about your blood pressure goals.
  • Invest in a blood pressure monitoring machine that you can use at home.
  • Create a simple system for logging your blood pressure at various times of day, especially after taking a dose of kratom.
  • After beginning treatment, regularly consult with your doctor about your experience, share your log results, and refine a treatment plan as you move forward.

Your health is far too important to take unnecessary risks, and that’s more true than ever when we’re talking about your heart.

Keep yourself safe and healthy; don’t skip out on these important precautions.