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How to Purchase Kratom Using Authorize.Net & Other Options

A man who cannot use his credit card to purchase kratom from Kratom Spot. He should use E-Checks with Authorize.Net instead!

As you may already know, the Kratom industry can be tricky. Because Kratom products are not yet regulated by government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), many banks and credit card processors are barred from working directly with kratom companies. And unfortunately, Kratom Spot is no exception.

For the time being, customers are NOT able to checkout at Kratom Spot using a debit or credit card. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

However, there are alternative methods of payment that you can use to safely and securely purchase your kratom products at Kratom Spot! We allow you to checkout using:

How to Buy Kratom with Crypto via Coinbase

To purchase kratom with cryptocurrency, you must first create a Coinbase account. Coinbase is 100% free  to use, has great security measures, and makes buying kratom with crypto that much easier! There are a variety of great reasons why you should get your kratom products with crypto. Perhaps the most important reasons? Because crypto purchases are highly safe, secure, convenient and effective!

To use crypto purchases at Kratom Spot, simply select the option “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies” at checkout. You’ll automatically receive 5% off your entire order for buying kratom with cryptocurrency!

Aftering clicking PROCEED TO COINBASE, you’ll be taken to a special, secure Coinbase checkout page. Here’s what it will look like:

Coinbase checkout screen 2 at Kratom Spot

As you can see, this page will show you both Coinbase checkout options and your kratom purchase side-by-side. This page allows you to double-check your order before buying, adding another layer of security and convenience. Click the blue button for PAY WITH COINBASE, or choose a specific cryptocurrency from the list on the right side of the page. After this, a new Coinbase window will open that looks like this:

Coinbase checkout page 3 at Kratom Spot

Enter your login credentials and authorize payment through Coinbase. Then, you’re good to go! You’ll soon receive an order confirmation email from Kratom Spot with your order details and tracking number.

Purchase from Kratom Spot Using E-Checks

To buy kratom using one of our two convenient E-Check methods, you must have an active bank account with both an account number and a routing number. Both E-Check methods are safe, secure, and simple to use. Follow the guides  below to seamlessly purchase your kratom today!

How to Use ACH E-Checks at Kratom Spot

(1) Explore our carefully curated selection of kratom products and add your favorite products to your cart.

(2) Once you have your cart, click the shopping bag in the right-hand corner of your screen and press VIEW CART.

(3) Choose your shipping option.


(5) Fill in billing details and add any order notes you wish to include. Scroll down the page. Here, you’ll find payment options.

(6) Click the indicator for ACH Payment.

Buying kratom with ACH E-checks at Kratom Spot

(7) You will be asked to fill in your first and last name, the account type you’re paying with (savings account or checking account), the account and routing numbers, as well as the name of your bank. Please note that this is EXACTLY like paying with a physical check, making it one of the most secure ways of buying kratom online.

(8) Click PLACE ORDER and you’re good to go!

Purchasing Kratom with Authorize.Net E-Checks

(1) Explore our wonderful, lab-tested selection of kratom products and add your desired products to your cart:

(2) Once you’ve filled your cart with everything you need, click the shopping bag in the right-hand corner of your screen and choose VIEW CART.

(3) Choose your preferred shipping option.


(5) Fill in your billing details and add any order notes you want to include. Scroll down the page until you see payment options:

(6) Choose “Pay securely by E-Check through Secure Servers”.

(7) Click PLACE ORDER. You will then be taken to a secure link where you can fill out your E-Check information:

What it looks like to use Authorize.Net on Kratom Spot

  • When buying kratom via Authorize.Net, you will need: Bank Account Number and Routing Number. There are optional fields we recommend you fill out as well.
  • Check with your bank to find your Account Number and Routing Number, if you don’t already have them on-hand.

(8) At the bottom of the Authorize.Net screen, click PAY NOW.

And you’re set! You should receive an order confirmation email shortly after purchase. In addition, you can contact our amazing customer service team with any follow-up questions or comments you may have!

We Thank You for Your Understanding!

While our debit and credit card processing is disabled, we appreciate your patience. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We’re working incredibly hard to make sure that all Kratom Spot users have access to safe, secure, and convenient checkout options.

With the easy-to-use and secure checkout options of both E-Check and Cryptocurrency purchases, we hope you’ll find an option that best fits your needs. And don’t worry: when we are able to bring back debit and credit card purchases, we’ll be sure that the Kratom Spot community is the first to know!