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How to Use a Kratom Capsule Filling Machine

How to Use a Kratom Capsule Filling Machine

For those looking for quick, easy kratom dosage, kratom capsules are undoubtedly one of the best options out there. With precise, pre-measured doses, long-lasting and fast-acting effects, and available in all your favorite Kratom Spot strains, they’re a near-perfect dosing method for any lifestyle. But with a capsule filling machine, you can make it even more convenient and affordable, with perfect DIY kratom capsules in a matter of moments!

Are DIY kratom capsules right for you? If you love the convenience and many benefits of kratom capsules and would like to save a bundle, then filling your own kratom capsules is the best way to do it!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get up-and-running with your own DIY kratom capsule operation. With a list of equipment, step-by-step instructions, and pro-tips to help you on your way, you’ll be making perfect kratom capsules at home in no time!

What You’ll Need to Make DIY Kratom Capsules

Of course, making your own kratom capsules does require a bit of specialized equipment. Luckily, Kratom Spot has everything you’ll need to make consistent, quality kratom capsules at home!

  • Your favorite strain of Kratom Spot kratom powder
    The star of the show! After all, without world-class kratom, you can’t make your own kratom capsules!
  • A Kratom Capsule Filling Machine
    Although others are available elsewhere, we’re pleased to offer the most reliable and affordable capsule filling machines anywhere! With semi-automatic capsule filling and ejection, it makes the DIY capsule process a breeze.
  • Empty Kratom Capsules
    Our empty capsules are the best you’ll find anywhere. They’re ethically sourced, 100% vegan gelatin capsules, and are FDA and TGA approved. If you’re using a different capsule filling machine, make sure to get the right size capsule shells for your needs!

How to Fill Kratom Capsules With the Capsule Filling Machine

So you’ve decided to try your hand at DIY capsules? Excellent! Once you get the hang of it, it’s a quick, easy process that will have you creating perfect kratom capsules at home every time.

Although these steps may look lengthy, we assure you they’re actually quite simple — we just wanted to be sure to cover all the ins-and-outs. For your convenience, we’ve broken the process up into three stages: set-up, filling, and ejecting your kratom capsules.

The Parts of a Kratom Capsule Filling Machine

Kratom Capsule Filling Machine Set-Up

  1. Place the two portions of the capsule filling machine face-up (with slots for empty capsules facing up).
  2. Place the base of the capsule filling machine (larger of the two pieces) onto its stand (hollow rectangular piece).
  3. Manually separate the halves of your empty kratom capsules, placing the longer halves in the empty slots on the base of the capsule filling machine and the shorter halves in the top. The open portions of the capsule halves should be facing up.
  4. Gently press down on the capsule slots on both the base and top, ensuring that the capsule halves are flush with the machine.
  5. Optional but highly recommended: Place the base and stand of the capsule filling machine onto a flat bowl or plate (to catch any potential spillage).

Filling the Capsule Filling Machine

  1. Carefully scoop or pour kratom powder into the base of the kratom capsule machine.
  2. Use the included card (or another business card or similar) to gently scrape the kratom powder back and forth over the capsule slots. If necessary, add more kratom powder until it appears that each capsule is full.
  3. Pour any excess kratom powder into a cup, bowl, or similar, using the empty corner on the base. Place the base back on the stand.
  4. Take the tamping tool and align it over the base, with the cylinders pointing down. Gently press the tamping tool into the base, compressing the kratom powder into the base of each capsule half.
  5. Repeat Steps 6-9 one to two more times, or until it feels as though the capsules are well-packed.

Ejecting the Capsule Filling Machine

  1. Place the top of the capsule filling machine back onto the base, aligning the capsule slots on both parts.
  2. Remove the base from the stand, and place on a flat, even surface.
  3. Press down on the top gently but firmly. This will rejoin the capsules and leave the now filled whole capsules in the top of the machine.
  4. Separate the two pieces.
  5. Note: you might want to perform this step over a bowl. Remove the top from the base. Press gently but firmly on the back of the top piece, ejecting the finished kratom capsules.

And voila! Perfect kratom capsules made in the comfort of your own home!

How to Use a Kratom Capsule Filling Machine, in Closing

Making your own kratom capsules at home may require a bit of practice. But with the help of our semi-automatic capsule filling machine, you’ll be making perfect DIY kratom capsules in no time!

If you’re a regular kratom user, making the switch to DIY kratom capsules can save you a bundle in the long-run. What’s more, the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get from a job well done can make your kratom experience all the sweeter.

Have any questions about making your own kratom capsules? Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer support staff, who will be happy to point you in the right direction!