Indo Bingo – Indo white vein and 8x extract

Indo white vein is one of the unique strains of Kratom. It has certain alkaloids that provide maximal energy and stimulation, thus Indo White vein is commonly used by those who work in a draining situation or for long hours without any breaks. The 8x extract of Indo white vein means that it has 8 times more concentration compared to the powder. This gives one the maximal amount of alkaloids in a small quantity of Indo White Vein. Those who prefer to get stimulated as well as get some relief from pain, they need to try out this special product at Kratom Spot.

Effects of Indo Bingo

Also called Elephant Kratom, this type of Kratom has larger and more potent leaves as compared to all other varieties of Kratom. Indo Bingo has a high value and the addition of Indo Bingo into the catalog of Kratom Spot allows the adventurous type of individuals to try it out. Some of the effects that you will observe with this strain include the following.


You want to work part time or some extra hours and you are already feeling drained, its time you get some stimulation! You need to go for the Indo Bingo strain and get added bouts of energy throughout the day. Indo Bingo is a strong strain of Kratom yet is highly reliable. It is a social as well as a professional enhancer that intensifies communication skills and promotes a sense of motivation.  The benefits of Indo Bingo are remarkable and they are without any considerable side effects like anxiety etc.


Indo Bingo is the best option for you when it comes to getting relief from chronic pain. Since this is a blend with 8x extract it provides well balanced and ample amount of medicinal effects. With improved potency and longer duration of action Indo Bingo is sought by people who have backache, pain due to cancer and diseases of musculoskeletal system.


As this strain stimulates the neuronal connections in the central nervous system, it also enhances the cognition of an individual, enabling him to focus for hours without losing attention. This is why it is generally used by that percentage of the population who work really hard such as physicians, mathematicians etc.


Due to the high content of the alkaloid 7-hydroxy mitragynine, White Vein Indo is known to help in mood lifting and removes mental stress. It helps in inducing a state of contentment, thus improving mood levels and making the individual to focus on socializing and forget his miseries.

Advantages of the 8x extract

  • It is enriched with higher concentration of the active alkaloids present in Indo White vein
  • Delivers enhanced effects of stimulation and pain relief
  • It can be used in combination with Indo White vein powder or leaves to have even greater potency
  • The side effects are lesser as compared to resins

Though the extract of Indo White Vein in the form of Indo Bingo is expensive as compared to the Indo White Vein powder, yet it is of high importance. However, it is recommended that you do an adequate amount of research before purchasing the drug. The best place to buy premium quality Kratom strains is Kratom Spot. Come and see what Kratom is all about and check our product pages to get more information about individual strains of Kratom. Indo Bingo is a naturally sourced product that is known to change lives, provided the directions are understood and followed.