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Is the Wholesale Kratom Industry Growing?

Is the Wholesale Kratom Industry Growing

In 2016, the Botanical Education Alliance (BEA) estimated that the kratom industry was worth between 1.2 billion and 5 billion dollars. The BEA also stated that between 3 million and 5 million people used kratom in the United States alone. In the four years since, kratom has only become more and more popular. So what does this all mean for the wholesale kratom industry?

There’s a reason why people buy wholesale kratom: they save money. Has there ever been a greater motivation? When a retailer purchases kratom in bulk, they receive an overall discount. This allows them to stock kratom products on their shelves at a mark-up so they can turn a profit while still supplying their customers with high-quality kratom.

But the benefits of wholesale kratom orders extend beyond the retailers. Everyday kratom users purchase wholesale kratom powder or kratom capsules to save money and ensure a steady supply of their daily botanicals. If you find yourself regularly looking at kratom for sale, this practice could be right for you.

The Pros & Cons of Wholesale Kratom

To decide if wholesale kratom orders are right for you, consider this: if you buy wholesale kratom in bulk, you could save $300 or more every year! Furthermore, bulk products like wholesale kratom powder are better for the environment because packaging and shipping them requires fewer resources.

Consider this: you use one pound of kratom powder every month. Shipping 12 pounds of kratom all at once uses 30 gallons of gas, for example. However, shipping one pound in 12 shipments requires 360 gallons of gas, much worse for the environment.

So are there cons to wholesale kratom? Well, if you look at the kratom for sale at Kratom Spot, you’ll notice there are a variety of different products:

And among those products, there are a variety of different kratom strains. If you don’t know which kratom products you like best, you might have difficulty ordering kratom in bulk. You do not want to buy a wholesale kratom product that you’ll eventually experience as a stagnant strain.

The Current Wholesale Marketplace

We live in interesting times., Indeed, prior to the COVID-19 era, wholesale markets were largely dependent upon retailers and local stores. Online sales aside, kratom users would historically find kratom for sale in their local head shops, health and wellness stores, or even corner stores (although there were questions about whether these in-store products could be considered high-quality kratom).

How could these stores afford to stock products like kratom powders and kratom capsules? They’d buy wholesale kratom, capitalizing on the discounts and efficiency of the wholesale marketplace.

However, many of these stores are inoperational or offer limited stock because of worldwide coronavirus concerns. Because of this, sites like ours have seen a downtick in wholesale kratom orders. But this doesn’t mean that fewer people are using kratom. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Why Aren’t Everyday Users Taking Advantage of Wholesale Kratom?

In March of this year, when quarantine orders were put into effect for much of the United States, Kratom Spot sales averaged about $112 per order and at least two items per order. In July, the latest month with available data, the average price-per-sale dropped to about $85, but the number of items per sale remained the same.

However, overall sales between March and July increased by a staggering 278 percent! With this in mind, how did the average sale value decrease from $112 to $85? One reason that would have affected this average: a reduction in wholesale kratom orders.

If you’re wondering how? Let’s consider this: you save money by purchasing wholesale kratom powder or kratom capsules because you’re paying less per ounce of kratom. However, you pay more money upfront, opting to save in the long-term rather than the short-term.

This more-money-now approach would account for an increased average price of kratom sales. However, kratom users now rely less on retail stores and more on online purchases. Why aren’t users taking advantage of buying kratom in bulk?

Buy Wholesale Kratom from Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot offers an opportunity to purchase wholesale kratom powder, kratom capsules, and more; at affordable wholesale pricing. If you continuously find yourself looking at kratom for sale, why not consider buying kratom in bulk? This practice can save you a lot of money and offers you the same high-quality kratom from Kratom Spot that you’ve come to know and love!

The future of the wholesale kratom industry is going to be huge. As we’ve seen, kratom sales are only going up. And as more consumers learn about the wonders of wholesale kratom, combined with the future return of in-person retailers, getting your kratom in bulk is the way of the future.