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Kratom and Energy Drinks: A Potent Combination

Kratom and Energy Drinks

Kratom and energy drinks. It’s a combination that’s getting more attention in the kratom community, but is it safe? Is it healthy? And what should you expect from this potent combination.

While some users have been mixing kratom with its cousin, coffee, for years, the kratom + energy drink fad is far newer. So understandably, there are a lot of questions that surround it.

In this article, we dive into all the most important questions about this increasingly popular topic. From strain combinations to health implications and more, we give you what you need to know to decide whether to mix kratom and energy drinks in your daily routine.

Why Do Users Mix Kratom and Energy Drinks?

There are several reasons why users might be interested in combining their favorite kratom strains with an energy drink or other caffeinated beverage. Whether to balance out or intensify the energy drink’s energizing effects, kratom has a lot to offer users looking to customize their experience.

Which Kratom Strains Go Best With Energy Drinks?

Depending on the strains of kratom that you use, you may experience a wide range of very different effects.

Note that kratom’s effects are dose-dependent. That means that you may have a very different experience when taking a small dose than when taking a moderate or large one. As such, take the following notes as guidelines rather than rules. And, especially when combining kratom and energy drinks, it’s more important than ever to start small.

White Vein Kratom and Energy Drinks

White vein kratom is said to offer an energizing, uplifting experience. Mixing white vein kratom with energy drinks could provide even higher levels of stimulation than with energy drinks alone. However, many users might find this stimulation too intense to their liking, so it is more common to mix other strains of kratom and energy drinks.

Red Vein Kratom and Energy Drinks

Red veined kratom strains are often used for their purported calming and mild sedative effects. When used for this purpose, combining red vein kratom with energy drinks could balance out the stimulating effects and provide a more balanced experience with less of the “caffeine jitters.”

Green Vein Kratom and Energy Drinks

Green vein kratom is believed to offer a middle-ground between the effects of white and red veined kratom. Many users claim that it provides them a mild uplifting boost, but with some of the relaxing potential of red vein strains. This may make green vein kratom an ideal option to mix kratom with energy drinks, where it could enhance the drink’s energy boost while simultaneously mitigating the potential for jitters.

Regional Strains of Kratom and Energy Drinks

The kratom strains’ color isn’t the only factor to consider. The regional variation, such as Indo or Malay, will also impact the strain’s effects. However, the combinations of color and regional variations are far too numerous to cover here. Instead, we encourage you to review our guide to the Strongest Kratom Capsules, which gives a good idea of the most common color + regional kratom strains combinations.

And of course it goes without saying: everyone will react a little differently to kratom, and the only surefire guide is personal experience. Always start small when trying a new combination, and be sure to listen to your body; it’s the best way to ensure you have a positive kratom experience.

Is it Safe to Mix Kratom With Energy Drinks?

The million dollar question: is it safe to mix kratom with energy drinks? But without further clinical research into the issue, it’s impossible to say for certain.

As of yet, there are no kratom studies underway regarding the combination of energy drinks and kratom. Until we have solid, clinical conclusions based on sound research, it’s simply impossible to make conclusions.

As always, it’s best to consult a medical professional before adding a new substance or supplement to your routine. That’s especially true if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, or any other health concerns that could be aggravated by either energy drinks or kratom taken on their own.

What We Can Learn From Energy Drinks Alone

That said, we do know some things about energy drinks that are worth keeping in mind. Generally speaking: the science agrees that energy drinks are not good for you. Moreover, it’s extremely unlikely that kratom will miraculously make them any healthier.

Clinical studies have conclusively shown that many energy drinks are bad for your overall heart health. From altering heart rhythm to raising blood pressure, these effects can have negative implications in both the short and long terms.

Further, many energy drinks are misleadingly labeled. Energy drink manufacturers can legally market their products as “supplements”, allowing them to avoid putting detailed nutritional information on their labels. This makes it exceedingly difficult to be sure what you’re putting into your body.

The overall verdict? Energy drinks should probably be avoided. Sadly, kratom isn’t going to change that fact, and it’s possible that kratom could heighten some of the effects on heart rate or blood pressure.

Again, it’s absolutely in your best interest to speak with a doctor before consuming energy drinks, with or without kratom.

Kratom and Energy Drinks, In Closing

Mixing kratom and energy drinks is an increasingly popular option that many in the kratom community claim to enjoy.

Depending on the combination of kratom strains and the beverage chosen, users can balance their energy levels or increase the drink’s stimulant effects.

Either way, it’s a potent combination that should be embarked upon only after due consideration for dosage, desired effects, and the user’s individual health and biochemistry.

However, energy drinks are generally understood to be pretty bad for your health. Mixing energy drinks and kratom is unlikely to improve those effects. It’s even possible that kratom could exacerbate some of those effects, such as to your heart rate or blood pressure.

If you’re considering mixing kratom and energy drinks, it’s more important than ever to start with very small doses of kratom. And needless to say, it’s always best to involve a medical professional in the decision-making process.