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Kratom and Food: Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Kratom and Food

With Turkey Day just around the corner, we have a lot to look forward to! Whether you’re visiting family and friends or enjoying the holiday at home, it’s a day of joy, remembrance, and appreciation.

And food. And kratom. Kratom and food.

But does Thanksgiving mean anything in particular for kratom users? Do kratom and foods of any particular type pair well together? And how can kratom fit into your Thanksgiving festivities?

Kratom and Fatty Foods: A Match Made in Heaven

While kratom matches with many foods very well, some may increase or decrease kratom’s effects.

For those looking to get the most out of their kratom and food pairings, fatty foods may be the ideal way to go.

Many users report that fatty foods work well as a kratom potentiator, increasing the effectiveness of your kratom while keeping your dosage size low.

And that’s good news for Thanksgiving tables, which tend to be filled with gravy, butter, and an array of other high-fat foods!

Kratom Before or After a Meal?

Should you take kratom before or after a meal? When to take kratom is a key question for users looking to get the most out of their Turkey Day dose.

Opinions vary, and both have their pros and cons.

  • Kratom before eating: Many users report that they feel kratom’s effects more readily with less food in their bellies. But you may experience some stomach discomfort, especially on a completely empty stomach (just like drinking kratom’s cousin coffee on an empty stomach).
  • Kratom after eating: Conversely, eating before taking kratom can slightly reduce the onset and effectiveness of your dose. However, it also minimizes the chance of experiencing any unwanted jitters or uncomfortable tummy upset.

But Thanksgiving, like any holiday, brings special considerations to mind.

Kratom for Post-Meal Energy

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving meals tend to cause a bit of drowsiness. Whether that’s because of tryptophan in turkeys, the “itis” that accompanies any large meal, or simply the after-effects of a big celebration is anyone’s guess.

But kratom can play a helpful role in counteracting this post-meal slump. Taking kratom after food can get you back on your feet, giving you a boost to mood and energy that can keep the party going!

White or green vein kratom strains may be best for this purpose, as they tend to offer more energizing and uplifting effects.

Kratom for Family and Holiday Anxiety

Holidays aren’t all cheer and joy. Whether because of political talk, inebriated uncles, or what have you, the Thanksgiving table can also cause no shortage of anxiety.

That’s another place where kratom and food go hand in hand.

Consuming kratom before food can reduce anxiety and help you keep your cool no matter what the Thanksgiving table throws your way.

For this, try pairing red vein kratom and food, as red strains are generally thought to be more calming and relaxing.

Just don’t overdo it, lest your dose make the post-meal sleepiness all the more intense!

Share the Kratom Love: Cooking With Kratom

Why keep all the kratom goodness for yourself? After all, Thanksgiving is a time of caring, sharing, and appreciating those around you. Spread the love by making some tasty kratom edibles!

Relatively few users have experimented with cooking kratom and food together, but it’s a viable option that really should be tried.

Kratom can be used as an ingredient in virtually any food you like, but be sure to carefully consider the included dose, intended portion size, and (just as important) the flavor of the intended dish. Here are some tips for dealing with the bitter taste.

Kratom and Food: Complementary Dishes

Kratom’s naturally earthy taste may not work well with all dishes, but you’d be surprised how well it can pair with more savory or even complex sweet flavors!

  • Kratom stuffing: A bit of kratom can make traditional stuffing taste a bit more complex, lending an earthy flavor that complements the savory bread and veggie Thanksgiving classic. Kratom bean casserole: Green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving staple, and a bit of kratom added to your wet ingredients can be a great complement to the dish’s overall flavor. It’s a creamy, savory dish that everyone can enjoy!
  • Kratom dinner rolls: Baking with kratom can be a great option, and you can simply swap a smidge of flour out of the recipe to be replaced with kratom powder. Don’t overdo it here, as kratom can easily overpower the subtle flavor of the bread! Also, consider using a sweeter bread recipe to deliver a more complex flavor.
  • Energizing kratom tea: Though it’s not technically food, a pot of kratom-infused tea can make for a tasty and uplifting post-meal treat. Just be sure to choose an energizing strain (white or green, usually) and a complementary tea recipe and you’ll be good to go!

Kratom and Food, In Closing

Whether for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday or for your regular routine, kratom and food can make an excellent pairing.

While some users will find that food decreases the effectiveness of their dose, others find that certain combinations (especially fatty foods) can actually improve kratom’s effectiveness.

Taking kratom before or after a meal is a question of personal preference. Both have their pros and cons, and it’s worthwhile to experiment for oneself to see what’s best suited to your unique physiology.

Certain strains are also best for different purposes. Uplifting strains like green and white veins can improve mood and fight off post-meal sleepiness; meanwhile, red strains can calm and relax, even helping reduce anxiety related to one’s dinner companions or other stressors.

You can even cook with kratom to make potent, tasty dishes that your whole dinner party will love! Just be sure to carefully consider your intended dosage, serving size, and the flavor of your dish.

Have any other tips and tricks about kratom and food pairings? Maybe you have a killer recipe that simply must be tried? Be sure to reach out and let us know in the comments or contact our Customer Support team!