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Kratom Did Nothing for Me, Now What?

A bird's eye view of kratom powder (in focus) and a lot of kratom capsules (out of focus).

Mitragyna speciosa, better known as the herbal supplement “kratom”, has gained popularity in recent years. The plant itself is a member of the coffee family with relatively few side effects. As such, we get a lot of positive testimonials from kratom users:

  • “I never thought the effects of kratom would change my life so much!”
  • “There’s so many strains of kratom that I can keep changing it up!”
  • “This herbal supplement has had such a positive impact on me!”

And while we love hearing about all of your success stories, kratom doesn’t work the same for everyone. In fact, a not-so-positive testimonial often goes overlooked. This testimonial looks something like this:

Kratom did nothing for me. Should I take a higher dose? Is there anything else I can do?

Can You Overcome Not Feeling the Effect of Kratom?

Reading about all the positive and beneficial effects of kratom, you’d obviously want a piece of the action. However, as we always say at Kratom Spot: everyone is unique. While kratom might work for a wide variety of people, it might not work for you…yet!

You see, if you find yourself saying KRATOM DID NOTHING FOR ME, there are solutions. You can still join the pack. However, you may have to take some extra steps (which we’ll guide you through).

Remember that kratom is an herbal supplement from the coffee family, and we can draw similar comparisons to caffeine. For example, let’s consider two caffeine drinkers. Person A drinks their cup of coffee and feels energized, focused, and maybe a little jittery. Person B drinks their cup but realizes they haven’t felt any of the same effects as Person A. What gives!

Well, Person B might have to drink another cup of coffee to get a higher dose of caffeine, change their coffee beans, or brew their coffee in a different way. We offer the same advice to those saying KRATOM DID NOTHING FOR ME. There are three distinct ways you can find the missing effects of kratom:

  1. Take a slightly higher dose of kratom.
  2. Choose another strain of kratom (there’s a lot to choose from!)
  3. Take your kratom products in a different way.

Let’s see what each of these looks like in detail!

(1) Take a Higher Dose of Kratom

This tip might seem obvious, but there are some important factors to remember when taking a higher dose of any supplement. For starters, kratom has very few side effects, depending on the individual. However, taking too much kratom can increase your risk of experiencing side effects.

You should only ever take a higher dose of kratom incrementally, upping your little by little-little until you feel the desired effects. In this way, you can avoid unwanted side effects while still experiencing the distinct effects of kratom. Furthermore, you’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect dose for you moving forward. Who doesn’t love a win-win!

(2) Choose Another Strain of Kratom

As we like to say in the kratom industry: there’s something for everyone! In fact, the Mitragyna speciosa tree (which produces kratom) offers a large number of kratom strains. Mitragyna speciosa trees are native to Southeast Asia, a great swath of land that encompasses a plethora of islands, climates, and cultures.

One benefit of this area: kratom trees offer different kratom products, depending on where they grow. For example, some kratom users prefer Thai kratom strains, while others opt for Indonesian strains of kratom.

If you find yourself saying THIS KRATOM DID NOTHING FOR ME, trying changing to a new strain. You might be pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, Kratom Spot offers a wide variety of kratom strains, including:

But it doesn’t stop there. Not at all! If you didn’t already know, kratom also comes in three distinct colors, which we call the “Big 3” kratom strains. The “Big 3” consists of:

  1. Red Vein Kratom: noteworthy for its relaxation-inducing properties.
  2. White Vein Kratom: more energizing and uplifting than its red vein counterpart.
  3. Green Vein Kratom: a mild hybrid of both red vein and white vein strains of kratom.

If you’re not feeling the effects of kratom, try switching to a different strain color. You can also opt for kratom extracts, but these possess a higher dose of kratom alkaloids, so adjust your dosage accordingly.

(3) Take Kratom in a Different Way

Kratom users will often tell you that there are just so many ways to ingest this herbal supplement. They’re not wrong!

In fact, kratom is one of the most diverse herbal supplements out there. So if you’re in the KRATOM DID NOTHING FOR ME boat, you may want to change how you take kratom. For example, if you’re not feeling anything after taking kratom capsules, switch to kratom powder!

What are all the ways you can take kratom?

“Kratom Did Nothing for Me”, So Let’s Change That!

Kratom has a variety of uses and should be available to all. If you’ve said KRATOM DID NOTHING FOR ME in the past, let’s change that! To review, how can you avoid missing the effects of kratom?

  1. Take a slightly higher dose!
  2. Change up your strain of kratom!
  3. Try kratom with a different ingestion method!

Remember that kratom products are as diverse as the Mitragyna speciosa tree they derive from. Because of this, there’s always something new and exciting to try on the kratom marketplace. Always use your best judgment when making changes to your kratom regimen, as you don’t want to induce unwanted side effects. However, if you think that kratom does nothing for you, there’s always another option to try! Check out those options at Kratom Spot.