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Kratom Spot: Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Kratom During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At Kratom Spot, we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and taking every step necessary to ensure the safety of our faithful customers, our employees, and our products. Safety is paramount, now more than ever. Kratom Spot has taken extra precautions in the fight against COVID-19, necessary in order to play our part in preventing the spread of this disease.

Our top priority is the safety of the public. Following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health officials in the state of California, we have undergone some changes to our regular workspace and warehouse cleanliness procedures.

Handling of Products

In order to guarantee the health of our customers, we have always required all warehouse employees to wear masks and gloves while handling products and packaging materials, one aspect of our strict GMP compliance certification. This includes while cataloguing inventory, packaging your products, shipping products, or being near products in any way.

In addition, employees are required to wash their hands regularly for a period of 20 seconds or more, as per CDC recommendations. Consistent hand-washing throughout the day has been shown to reduce the spread of COVID-19 from person-to-person.

Social Distancing

All Kratom Spot warehouse employees are required to practice social distancing. This means that all employees must remain at least six feet away from one another at all times, reducing human-to-human contact. This is for the safety of our employees and of you and your loved ones at home.

Additionally, all employees who can conduct their work from home are required to do so. We have limited the number of employees allowed on the premises during this time, reducing exposure to first- and second-hand contact among individuals in our Kratom Spot family. This, in turn, reduces your exposure as well.

Disinfectant Procedures

At the beginning and end of every shift, Kratom Spot employees disinfect all workspaces with high-strength, alcohol-based cleaners. We disinfect everything from the packaging counters to the door handles, ensuring our facilities remain at the high standard of cleanliness that our customers have come to expect.

GMP-Compliant Manufacturing

Kratom Spot has always manufactured the highest quality Kratom on the market, and we do so using GMP-compliant facilities. GMP compliance can be summed up by the 5 P’s: 

  • People
  • Premises
  • Processes
  • Products
  • Procedures

We keep these five in mind while crafting our Kratom, taking every step necessary to ensure the safety and cleanliness of these components, all while reducing risk to you, our customers. GMP compliance stands as the gold standard for production practices worldwide, and you deserve nothing but the best from your Kratom Spot products.

Have Questions About Our Methods?

If you would like to know more about the additional steps we are taking in order to combat the spread of COVID-19, please feel free to reach out to us. Now more than ever, it’s important that we keep one another safe. To do so, we are available to answer any and all questions about the safety of our products.

Kratom Spot has long been a family, driven by a desire to create a safer, happier world. You are a member of that family, and we are taking every step necessary to ensure the health and safety of our brothers and sisters.

Your love for Kratom is what keeps us going, and we will continue to offer you the highest quality Kratom on the market during these trying times.