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Learn About Kratom Industry Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards

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As an emerging substance within the US, kratom is largely unregulated by federal institutions. Standards of quality and purity are at the discretion of individual kratom vendors, rather than being enforced by organizations such as the FDA.

However, as kratom continues to gain attention within the US, the importance of establishing kratom good manufacturing practice standards is becoming increasingly apparent. Without any measurable manufacturing etiquette in place, the health and safety of many online kratom buyers may be at risk.

Here’s why kratom GMP standards matter –– and what the future holds for the kratom industry in the US.

About GMP Standards

Good Manufacturing Practices –– or GMPs for short –– are standards for ensuring the quality of a variety of goods, including food, beverages, and dietary supplements. The specifications of GMP guidelines can vary depending on the industry. However, In general, GMPs ensure that a manufacturer’s products are produced in a hygienic, contaminant-free manner. These guidelines often include:

  • Controlled production environments
  • Clearly documented production instructions and procedures
  • A designated recall system
  • Records of manufacture

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration enforces GMPs across a broad number of industries. However, at present, the FDA has yet to instate any kratom good manufacturing practice standards.

GMP and Kratom

Because the kratom industry is unregulated, many consumers are putting their health in the hands of online kratom vendors and their respective standards of quality. Unfortunately, a lack of definable quality standards has led to recurring safety issues for some producers.

In recent years, there have been dozens of kratom product contamination reports. In general, the culprit has been salmonella bacteria, causing consumers of these contaminated products to experience stomach pains, vomiting, and high fevers.

To combat these outbreaks, the FDA has initiated the recall of numerous kratom products. However, it’s very likely that further public health crises could be prevented with the introduction of kratom good manufacturing practice standards.

The Future of Kratom GMP Standards

Although the FDA has yet to introduce GMP standards for the kratom industry, other non-government organizations have taken the initiative in the interest of protecting the health and wellbeing of thousands of Americans who use kratom.

One of these organizations, the American Kratom Association, announced their intent to introduce a GMP Certification Program for kratom products in July of 2018. According to the AKA, the program includes guidelines for the manufacturing, labeling, and verification of kratom products within the US that are stricter than comparable standards established by the FDA.

The American Kratom Association hopes that these GMP standards will protect Americans from the health risks associated with adulterated or contaminated kratom products. In addition, the establishment of kratom good manufacturing practice standards could improve the level of self-regulation and accountability within the kratom industry.

Choose Premium Grade Kratom

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