Red Vein Indo Kratom


New Kratom Red Indo powder. Highly potent Kratom red Indo is freshly harvested from the best kratom plants in the Indonesian forest. Red vein leafs are chosen when they are at their most ripe, de-stemmed, and grinded to perfection to make a fine powder end result. Kratom Red Indo is among one of the highest quality products offered at Kratomspot.

  • Tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and adulterants
  • Premium grade kratom leaf powder
  • 100% all-natural kratom
  • No additives or fillers
  • Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Product


This intricate Red Vein Indo Kratom strain comes from the forests of Indonesia, where some of the oldest and most potent Mitragyna speciosa trees are grown. It’s a red vein plant, meaning it’s harvested when the leaves are most mature. Count on Kratom Spot to provide the best Red Indo Kratom powder on the market, naturally grown by Indonesia’s most skilled farmers.

Premium Kratom Capsules

As with all of our products, this Red Vein Indo powder contains no additives, fillers, or chemicals. We also lab test each batch to ensure quality. Available in 16 oz, 8 oz, 4 oz, 2 oz, or 1 oz sizes, you can choose the size of this powder that suits your needs. All our products are

  • 100% free of chemicals or additives
  • fair-trade sourced from Indonesia
  • Lab-tested in California
  • Shipping in airtight, resealable bags to preserve freshness

Where Is Our Red Vein Indo Harvested From?

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