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Strain Spotlight: Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo kratom. Just what makes this strain special? How does it compare to other kratom products? Is “super” all it’s cracked up to be, or is it just a marketing gimmick?

In this article, we dive into the world of Super Indo kratom. We’ll shine the spotlight on all things Super Indo, from the facts to the marketing hype — and why Kratom Spot chooses not to sell this supposedly “super” strain. Let’s dive in.

Super Indo Kratom Strain Origins

The kratom world is full of terminology that can confuse and frustrate new and old users alike. Strain names are one of the biggest sources of confusion, but understanding them is one of the most important ways to identify which strains will work best for your needs.

There are two terms to understand for Super Indo kratom: “Super” and “Indo”. While the “Indo” part is straightforward, the same can’t be said of the “Super”.

What Puts The “Indo” in Super Indo Kratom

Like most kratom strains’ names, Super Indo kratom includes a descriptor based on its geographic region of origin. This descriptor tells you something about where the strain originates and about its effects.

Like all Indo strains, Super Indo was originally cultivated in Indonesia. But that isn’t just a geographic factor; it also tells you something about the strain’s effects.

Indonesia’s unique environment and traditional farming practices result in a kratom strain with slightly different kratom alkaloid content, the natural compounds responsible for kratom’s unique and enjoyable effects.

For more on what makes Indo Kratom distinct and special, see our Indo Kratom spotlight.

What Makes Super Indo Kratom “Super”

The “Super” part of Super Indo kratom certainly sounds positive. And that’s the whole point: sounding good.

But the reality, sadly, doesn’t match up: “Super” strains like Super Indo kratom really aren’t anything special.

Depending on the source you get your info from, you might hear “Super” being described as:

  • A kratom strain harvested from larger kratom leaves (sometimes called “elephant kratom”)
  • A kratom strain with unusually high alkaloid content
  • An average strain that the vendor is trying to sell off by using a gimmicky marketing ploy

And there’s the rub: the “Super” in Super Indo kratom doesn’t mean anything in particular. A given vendor might be offering a quality product under that name, but there’s zero consistency about what puts the “Super” in Super Indo kratom.

Why Kratom Spot Doesn’t Sell Super Indo Kratom

Despite Super Indo kratom’s growing popularity, Kratom Spot has decided not to stock it — or any supposedly “Super” strain.

The reason is simple: our commitment to transparency, honesty, and quality.

Unfortunately, the kratom industry features a lot of vendors willing to mislead customers about the origins, effects, and distinctive features. We’ve published several blogs exposing these marketing scams, including:

As discussed above, the “Super” in Super Indo kratom is confusing, inconsistent, and misleading. It’s simply not up to our standards, and the “Super” marketing gimmick doesn’t mean anything.

We’re committed to one thing: bringing you the world’s finest kratom. Supposedly “super” Indo kratom strains? It’s just a marketing ploy, and it certainly doesn’t meet our quality criteria.

Looking for Something Truly Super? Try Our Ultra Kratom

Super Indo kratom is just a marketing gimmick. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that all kratom strains are created equal, and it certainly doesn’t mean that all labels are meaningless.

Most users looking for Super Indo are looking for a strain of Indo kratom with unusually high alkaloid potency. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered.

Our Ultra kratom strains are all-natural kratom powders that have significantly higher alkaloid content than their traditional strain counterparts. If you’re looking for something truly super, our Ultra Indo Kratom is the option nonpareil.

“Ultra” might seem like another marketing gimmick, but we’ve got the test results to back up our claims. Every batch of kratom we sell is backed by comprehensive, 3rd party lab testing that proves the batch’s quality, purity, and potency.

It just proves the truth of the kratom industry’s golden rule: trust only reputable vendors, and don’t blindly trust the hype.