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The Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Kratom

Kratom Spot bag of Mounds of Kratom Powder

In today’s online kratom marketplace, buyers can purchase kratom from a wide variety of sources in various product sizes and formats.

And although a broad spectrum of consumer choice is ideal, the prices aren’t always in your favor. In fact, depending on how you’re buying your kratom, you might actually be spending more and saving less than you could be.

However, by buying kratom wholesale, you can maximize the value of your kratom and save money, time, and energy in the process!

More For Less

In the United States, kratom powders are typically sold per ounce, with 1oz of kratom selling for about $15. Some vendors offer slight discounts depending on the number of ounces purchased. However, in general, purchasing kratom per-gram or per-ounce can quickly become expensive, especially for repeat buyers or businesses looking to resell kratom products.

Fortunately, by buying kratom wholesale, you can obtain large quantities of kratom inexpensively and pass the savings on to your customers!

More Kratom, Fewer Shipments

Running a successful retail business revolves around the meticulous art of timely inventory management. With kratom, timing is of particular importance, as kratom’s shelf-life is finite due to the botanical nature of the product. Throw in the variable of customer demand, and it’s easy to see why kratom resellers often find themselves short-supplied.

However, by buying kratom wholesale, you’ll have a larger quantity of kratom available at all times and therefore minimize your chances of running out of stock prematurely. Wholesale buyers can also cut down on the repeat shipping and transportation costs that often accompany smaller shipments.

Preserve Freshness and Potency

A wooden bowl filled with Maeng Da capsules in front of a bag of Maeng Da capsules.

As a naturally-occurring substance, kratom is only ideal when its freshness is carefully preserved. Negligent storage practices can quickly degrade the quality of the product, and as a result, customer satisfaction can suffer.

That said, buying kratom wholesale is a great way to mitigate the risk of encountering issues with product quality and potency. By storing a larger bulk quantity of kratom and retrieving kratom from a smaller container only when needed, you can protect your supply from repeat exposure to air, dust, sunlight, and contaminants – all of which can affect the quality of the kratom in question.

Purchase Quality Wholesale Kratom

Looking to purchase all-natural, additive-free kratom for your retail business? For buying kratom wholesale, look no further than Kratom Spot!

Our laboratory-tested kratom is now available for purchase in large quantities for resellers. We offer a broad range of kratom strains sourced directly from Southeast Asia, including fan-favorite whites, reds, and greens, along with other specialty strains. All of our products are packaged and shipped air-tight to ensure quality and freshness upon delivery.

To see if you qualify for our wholesale program, get in touch with us –– we look forward to hearing from you!

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