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The Best Kratom Products and Accessories

Best Kratom Accessories

There are many reasons that users enjoy taking kratom and just as many ways to enjoy your kratom dose. While a high-quality kratom powder is the most important thing to ensure an enjoyable experience, we could all improve our experience with some of the best kratom products and kratom accessories!

And that’s precisely the point of this article! Read on, and you’ll find our recommendations for the most useful, convenient, and best kratom products and accessories. With these, you’ll be able to take your kratom game to the next level of ease, enjoyment, and even style. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into our list of the best kratom products and kratom accessories for every dosage method!

Kratom Capsule Filling Machine and Empty Capsules

Regular kratom users know: the ease and convenience of quality kratom capsules is unparalleled. But, over time, the extra expense of kratom capsules can add up! The solution? DIY kratom capsules!

With our Kratom Capsule Filling Machine, making your own kratom capsules is quick, convenient, and affordable! All you need is your favorite strain of high-quality kratom powder, empty kratom capsules, and a few minutes’ time to create perfect kratom capsules in bulk!

Find the prospect of making your own DIY kratom capsules a bit intimidating? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our guide on How to Use a Kratom Capsule Filling Machine, and you’ll be making perfect, consistent kratom capsules in no time.

But if DIY kratom capsules aren’t for you, we’re happy to provide you with the highest quality premade kratom capsules, made with all our favorite world-class kratom powders!

Digital Scale

Ask an experienced kratom user, and they’ll tell you: accurate dosing is paramount. With dosage-dependent substances like kratom, too little or too much can completely change your kratom experience and leave you with effects other than what you were seeking!

And when it comes to accurately measuring your kratom dosage, a digital scale is one of the best kratom accessories around. A quality scale will allow you to precisely measure your dose down to the tenths or even hundredths of a gram, giving you the consistent, accurate amount you need to ensure a quality kratom experience each and every time.

While Kratom Spot does not currently offer or endorse a specific digital scale, we can offer a few recommendations on what to look out for. When shopping for digital scales, make sure to purchase one that:

  • Can measure to at least tenths of a gram
  • Has a “tare” feature to zero-out the weight
  • Has enough surface area to support the container you use to weigh your dose.

Measuring Spoons

Digital scales are undoubtedly the best way to measure your dose of kratom, but they’re not the only option. For a quick-and-easy rough estimate, traditional kitchen measuring spoons offer an adequate, if approximate, alternative!

If using measuring spoons for your kratom dose, keep the following approximate guidelines in mind. Depending on the strain in question, measuring spoons of kratom powder translate to roughly the following weights:

Volume of Kratom Powder Grams of Kratom Powder
1 Teaspoon 2.0-2.3 grams
1 Tablespoon 6.2-7.0 grams

Note: these measurements refer to leveled table- and teaspoons of kratom powder, not “heaping” ones.

Most users find that a teaspoon and tablespoon measure are adequate for their needs, but the greater variety you have, the greater control you have over your kratom dose!

Oblate Discs

If you enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the toss and wash method or of “parachuting” kratom powder, then oblate discs are the perfect kratom accessories for you!

These simple kratom accessories are designed to help you take a small-to-moderate dose of kratom powder with minimal preparation and virtually no fuss. Oblate discs are typically clear, thin wrappers made out of gelatin or vegetable fiber. They provide a fast, convenient dosing method that completely eliminates the earthy, bitter taste of raw kratom powder.

While some users report using other common household materials, such as toilet paper, to imitate oblate discs, we absolutely do not recommend doing so. Quality oblate discs are designed for human consumption, are produced and packaged in controlled environments, and quickly and safely dissolve once ingested. This, combined with the convenient dosage they offer, makes oblate disks one of the very best kratom accessories!

Empty Teabags

Making a cup of kratom tea is one of the most popular (and delicious!) ways to enjoy your daily kratom dose. But raw kratom powder is more like “loose leaf” tea than teabags — meaning that you’ll have to go through the extra step of straining the kratom powder after your brew is done.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! By adding your dose of kratom powder to an empty tea bag, you can pre-measure your dose of kratom and minimize the cleanup phase of your kratom tea brew.

Empty tea bags are the perfect kratom accessories for those who prefer to brew kratom tea on the stove-top, as they minimize clean-up and allow the kratom powder to sit for the extended periods necessary for stove-top cooking. But if you prefer a faster kratom tea brew, the next product on our list might be more up your alley.

French Press

The traditional French Press gets a lot of attention from coffee lovers for its ability to quickly brew and filter even the finest brews. But it’s rarely brought up in kratom circles. That’s a pity, because a good French Press makes for a perfect kratom accessory for those who want quick, easy, small-brew kratom teas!

Some users will tell you that brewing kratom tea with a French Press is a bad idea. They’ll argue that French Presses don’t allow the kratom powder to steep for long enough to fully extract the kratom alkaloids. And they’re right! But that can be fixed with one simple trick:

If using a French Press to brew your kratom tea, be sure to add lemon juice, lime juice, or another edible acid base while the kratom powder is steeping! And just like that, you’ll accelerate the alkaloid extraction process and ensure your quick, easy kratom French Press brew is all that it can be!