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The Emergence of Kratom Edibles

A hand holding a handful of green kratom edibles atop a bag of Kratom Spot kratom.

Let’s take a moment to remember the early kratom market. You could easily find kratom powder or kratom capsules for sale, but was there any variety outside of these two products? No, not really.

We’ve come a long way since those early days. Kratom, once an obscure wellness supplement turned household name, is now available in any number of formulations. As the kratom industry grow in popularity nationwide, we’re beginning to see more unique kratom products flooding the market.

This is great news!

Seasoned kratom users now have more options than ever before, able to choose from classic kratom strains or exciting new products like Kratom Shots. On the other hand, newcomers are finding it easier than ever to start kratom regimens because of this variety.

There’s one kratom variety, in particular, that has us ranting and raving: kratom edibles!

What Are Kratom Edibles?

Kratom edibles are delicious, kratom-infused edible goods. They can take many, many forms. Think about it like this: if you can cook it, you can likely infuse it with kratom! Pretty neat, huh?

Some of the most popular DIY kratom edibles include kratom milkshakes, kratom-infused acai bowls, even chocolate chip kratom cookies. We’ve published various kratom recipes for your enjoyment, but the world of kratom edibles goes much deeper than what we’ve covered in the past.

Why Are Kratom Edibles Becoming So Popular?

One of the biggest complaints we hear about kratom? The taste. Kratom is a natural substance, created from the dried leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. Many plant-derived substances tend to offer a bitter taste. Kratom is no exception: the taste is often described as bitter, earthy, and a little sour.

The bitter taste of kratom can potentially turn some new users away from the plant. However, with kratom edibles on the rise, it’s now easier than ever to overcome this bitterness. In fact, if you make your own kratom edibles, you can transform your daily dose of kratom to match your palette!

But taste isn’t the only reason users are turning to kratom edibles. Another reason: convenience! You see, kratom edibles are one of the easiest on-the-go kratom products. Traditional kratom powder is much more difficult to use outside your home. Kratom edibles can be eaten like any other snack!

How Do Kratom Edibles Work?

Believe it or not, kratom edibles work similarlyto other kratom varieties. As you may already know, the effects of kratom are brought about by kratom’s alkaloids, unique chemical compounds found within the plant. Kratom’s alkaloids include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Once ingested, these alkaloids target internal receptors to activate the calming, energizing, and otherwise beneficial effects of kratom.

When you eat a kratom edible, these alkaloids will enter your system through metabolic digestion. The same goes for ALL orally-ingested kratom products, including kratom powder, capsules, shots, tea, and others.

This may differ from other health and wellness supplements known for edible concoctions. Let’s take a look at the CBD industry for reference, another health-focused industry that deals heavily in edibles.

CBD edibles work similar to kratom edibles: they enter the system through metabolic digestion. However, other CBD products (like CBD oil) are taken sublingually (held beneath the tongue). Sublingual receptors are said to offer quicker ingestion of compounds like CBD, but kratom is not commonly taken through sublingual ingestion. This is why most kratom products function  the same, while CBD edibles may work differently than other CBD products.

How to Make Any Kratom Edibles Your Heart Desires

Now that we’ve learned the ins and outs of what constitutes a kratom edible let’s take a look at how to make your very own kratom edibles! We’ve mentioned that almost anything can be turned into a delicious, kratom-infused treat. What will you need to get started? A recipe!

Find a recipe for anything you’d like to make. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, as well as your favorite kratom powder! When making kratom edibles, we recommend using kratom powder over other types of kratom because it can be easily introduced to most recipes.

Now that you have your recipe and ingredients, here’s what you’ll do:

  • FOR BAKED GOODS: Add kratom powder to the dry goods found in your recipe. Most baked goods require you to mix wet and dry ingredients separately. Kratom should first be mixed with things like flour, baking powder, sugar, or whatever else is in your recipe.
  • FOR DRINKS, MILKSHAKES & SMOOTHIES: Mix kratom powder directly into your drink, milkshake, or smoothie. Easy as that! It is perfectly okay to add uncooked kratom powder to any drink, milkshake, or smoothie recipe of your choice.
  • FOR SAUCES: Kratom-infused sauces allow you to drizzle kratom atop any dish! To create a kratom-infused sauce, we recommend mixing kratom into the simmering sauce near the end of its cook time.
  • FOR GUMMIES: Gummy candies like gummy bears are a common edible infusion. In a gummy recipe, you’ll want to add your kratom alongside the sugar found in the recipe. Couldn’t be easier!

There are many ways to effectively use kratom to make kratom edibles. Have a favorite candy, snack, or sauce? Kratom belongs inside! But remember this: kratom powder possesses an earthy taste. Some recipes may not mesh well with the taste of kratom.

The Best Kratom Flavor Combinations

Bitter flavors are best balanced by sweet, fatty, and salty flavors. Whatever kratom edibles you decide to make, we recommend incorporating something sweet, fatty, or salty. You can also combine two bitter flavors together, which tends to cancel out the bitterness (believe it or not). The best flavors to use in combination with kratom include:

  • Avocado
  • Bacon
  • Citrus (especially grapefruit)
  • Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fruit
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Nuts
  • Oatmeal
  • Sea Salt
  • Tea

Kratom Edibles: Are They for You?

To know for sure if kratom edibles are right for you, let’s review what we’ve learned. For starters, a kratom edible is defined as any edible product that’s been infused with kratom. These edibles contain the kratom alkaloids responsible for kratom’s desired effects. Furthermore, kratom edibles enter your system orally, the same as most other kratom products.

To make your own DIY kratom edibles, you simply need to incorporate kratom powder or extracts into your favorite recipes. There are many easy and effective ways to do this (see list above). However, the most common kratom edibles include: baked goods, drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, sauces, and gummies.

Are kratom edibles right for you and your kratom regimen? It’s entirely up to you! However, we believe kratom edibles are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, those who use kratom on-the-go, and those who love getting crafty in the kitchen!