Ultra Sample Pack

Ultra Sample Pack




Ultra Sample Pack

Big fan of Ultra Kratom Strains, but not sure which one to try? Now you can sample all of Kratom Spot’s high quality ultra line in one convenient package! The Ultra Sample Pack will help you pick which one is your favorite by sampling them all at a discounted price!

Try all of our all natural Ultra strains in one convenient package at a discounted price.

The Ultra Kratom Sample Pack includes ONE OUNCE of 6 different strains (6 ounces total)

Package includes one ounce of each of the following:

One ounce of each:

  • Ultra Indo
  • Ultra Maeng Da
  • Ultra Bali
  • Ultra Malay
  • Ultra Sumatra
  • Ultra Borneo

Note: This product is not enhanced by any chemical or extraction method. This product contains 100% harvested, dried and crushed kratom leaves. This product was previously called “Ultra Enhanced.” Kratom Spot does not want to suggest that this product has been enhanced in any way whatsoever from its raw form, therefore we have changed the name.


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