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What is a Certificate of Analysis?

Kratom Certificates of Analysis

What is a Kratom Certificate of Analysis (And Why They’re Important)?

The kratom certificate of analysis. It might just be the single most important tool to help you identify the best kratom vendor and products on the market. But unfortunately, certificates of analysis (CoAs) don’t get the attention they deserve, and many users aren’t even sure what they are!

So just what is a certificate of analysis? Why are they so crucial to the kratom community? And what should you look out for when selecting the right kratom vendor based on their CoAs?

This article goes in-depth on all the most crucial information about kratom certificates of analysis. It’ll get you up-to-speed so you can identify the best kratom products and choose the purest, highest-quality kratom on the market.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A certificate of analysis is the end result of laboratory testing on a finished product. Reputable kratom vendors will regularly send out their raw kratom leaf and finished kratom products to be chemically analyzed and identify the compounds that those products contain.

Certificates of analysis display the results of these tests and allow users to see the potency and purity of the products they are considering.

Without CoAs, it would be virtually impossible to compare kratom products without sampling them firsthand. And when it comes to health and wellness products like kratom, knowing what’s in the products you choose is the most important thing for ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Why are Kratom Certificates of Analysis Important?

Lab testing serves many important purposes for ensuring both the effectiveness and safety of your kratom products. The CoAs that result from lab testing prove the quality and purity of vendors’ kratom products, and they are the only way for users to be sure of the product they’ll receive.

1. Lab Testing Proves Purity and Safety

Most importantly, kratom certificates of analysis check for the presence or absence of harmful contaminants. These can include heavy metals like lead, residue from pesticides that may have been used in the kratom farming process.

Contaminants such as these can be harmful to the body if ingested, so comprehensive laboratory testing is vitally important to ensure kratom users’ safety.

2. Lab Testing Proves Quality and Consistency

Kratom certificates of analysis also ensure that kratom products are potent, consistent, and will deliver an enjoyable experience. Different kratom crops will have different ratios of kratom alkaloids, the natural plant compounds responsible for kratom’s effects. Each batch will have slight differences in alkaloid balance, and agricultural practices, environmental factors, and even seasonal conditions can affect a kratom crop’s potency.

Kratom certificates of analysis are essential for ensuring you have a pleasant experience with each kratom strain you choose. They help users and vendors to ensure that their kratom strains are consistent, potent, and offer a quality experience when used.

How Certificates of Analysis Help Selecting Kratom Vendors

Many kratom vendors advertise that their products are laboratory tested. And that’s vitally important, both for the health of their users and the health of the kratom industry as a whole.

But unfortunately, not all “lab testing” is created equal, and users should be sure to look for several key factors before choosing a kratom vendor.

Look for: American Kratom Association GMP Certification

The best kratom vendors go above and beyond with the quality and testing standards for their products. The American Kratom Association (AKA) has an exacting certification process that helps users identify the industry’s quality and transparency leaders.

Unsurprisingly, comprehensive, independent lab testing is one of the most important hallmarks of AKA GMP certification. If you see the AKA GMP certification seal, it’s one of the easiest, surest ways of ensuring you’re working with a quality kratom vendor.

Kratom Spot is honored to be among the select few kratom vendors to achieve full AKA GMP certification. We’re committed to upholding the industry’s highest quality standards, and our comprehensive, independent testing is an important part of that.

Look for: Independent Laboratory Testing

Lab testing means nothing unless you can trust the source. The most crucial factor is that the testing is performed by a reputable, third-party lab that isn’t tied to the vendor itself.

Unfortunately, some kratom vendors’ lab testing is… less than reputable. Some vendors perform their lab testing in-house; while these results can still be accurate, it raises questions about the validity and transparency of the kratom certificates of analysis that they release.

When certificates of analysis come from reputable, independent labs, the results are the results. Independent testing removes the possibility of fudging numbers and misleading customers.

Look for: Comprehensive CoAs for Each and Every Batch

When reviewing kratom vendors, ensure that they test every batch of kratom and can provide CoAs for the exact product you’ll receive.

Sometimes vendors fail to test every batch and will only provide a “clean” certificate of analysis for an old batch. When that’s the case, you can never be sure what you’ll actually receive.

Always verify the dates on your CoAs and ensure that they match the product batch you’re selecting.

Kratom Spot Certificates of Analysis

Kratom Spot is proud to offer you only the best of the best. All of our products are backed by comprehensive, independent laboratory testing with CoAs that prove the unimpeachable quality of our products. When you shop Kratom Spot, shop with full confidence that you’ll receive what can only be called the world’s best kratom.

If you’re ever interested in examining the certificates of analysis for any of our products, just reach out to our Customer Support team, who will be happy to provide them for you.