What is Red Vein Kratom and Where Does It Come From?

Kratom leaves

Kratom leaves

As kratom’s popularity within the United States and across the world soars, thousands of people are discovering the plant for the first time.

However, as many newcomers of the plant wade into its mysterious waters, they may find themselves confused and disoriented by the sheer variety of available choice. That’s because as a plant, no two kratom leaves are exactly alike.

Online kratom vendors sell kratom in various colors, but red-veined kratom is often considered to be the most popular among buyers. So, what is red vein kratom, and what distinguishes it from other types of kratom? Let’s take a look!

The History Of Red Kratom

The story of red kratom begins with the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, a plant that grows naturally within Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, native populations in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia have harvested the leaves of the kratom plant and utilized them for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

However, as farming and cultivation efforts persisted throughout history, these native populations discovered that the kratom leaves were not all exactly alike. Depending on when the leaves were harvested and how they were processed, the resulting kratom produced was distinctive in nature.

What Is Red Vein Kratom, And What Makes It Unique?

RED-VEIN-MALAY-CAPSULESThe actual differences between kratom colors present themselves in various ways. At harvest, the distinction between red, green, and white kratom is thought to be visually observable in each leaf. The leaves used to produce red kratom have a pronounced red coloration, while green and white-veined kratom leaves are also named after their respective vein colors.

Beyond the cosmetic differences of each kratom leaf, the vein coloration also purportedly suggests a difference in alkaloid composition. Alkaloids are naturally-occurring chemicals in plants such as kratom.

Unfortunately, research on the compositional alkaloid differences between kratom leaves is limited. However, the experience of kratom users seems to suggest that red vein kratom is typically more sedating and less stimulating when compared to white and green kratom strains.

Where Does Red Kratom Come From?

Like other kratom varieties, red kratom is most commonly cultivated and exported from Southeast Asia. The plant can be grown elsewhere provided that its environmental needs are met, but the hot and humid climate of regions such as Borneo and Bali allow the mitragyna speciosa plant to thrive organically.

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