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What to Know About Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo Kratom

For kratom enthusiasts, finding the right strain is key. For both color and regional variety, your choice of kratom strain can have a big effect on the experience you enjoy. To help you make the best choice of strain, this article shines the spotlight on one in particular: green Borneo kratom. 

Just what makes this strain special, and why do some users prefer green Borneo kratom? Benefits vary from user to user, but some general conclusions can be drawn.

So let’s dive in and figure out just what makes green vein Borneo kratom special, including what you can expect from the region and color. And, if some or all of the green Borneo kratom effects appeal to you, we’ll help you pick the right strain from our stock of top-class kratom options!

What Puts the “Green Borneo” in Green Borneo Kratom?

As with most strains, green Borneo kratom’s name is divided into two useful parts: a color and a region name.

The “green” in green Borneo kratom refers to the color of the veins in the kratom leaf from which the powder is made. As kratom ages, the color of these veins changes from white to green to red.

But this color change isn’t just aesthetic! It’s actually the result of gradual changes in the kratom leaf’s alkaloid profile, which is responsible for kratom’s effects. As a result, the different colors will offer different results for the user.

White strains, which are harvested early in kratom’s life cycle, tend to be more energizing. Red strains, which come from late kratom harvests, tend to be more relaxing. Green vein strains are harvested smack-dab in the middle, and their effects follow suit.

In general, green strains tend to offer a middle ground between relaxing and energizing. Users who want a middle-of-the-road experience tend to favor green vein kratom strains for this reason.

The “Borneo” in green Borneo kratom refers to the strain’s geographic region of origin in, you guessed it, Borneo. No surprise there, right?

Not all Borneo kratom is actually grown in Borneo, however. Farms throughout Southeast Asia can use the soil and farming practices indigenous to Borneo and, as a result, create virtually identical kratom crops deserving of the Borneo label. In short, regional strains like Borneo kratom are grown with the techniques and environmental conditions of the region, but they are not necessarily grown in that region.

Just like a strain’s color, its region of origin will affect the alkaloid content and resulting effects. However, the region of origin has a much lesser impact than does the strain’s color.

In general, Borneo strains tend to offer a more energizing effect than many other regions. But Borneo regional varieties are often considered somewhat mild and do not tend to be as popular as many other regional varieties of kratom.

Green Borneo Kratom Benefits: Picking the Right Strain

So is green Borneo kratom the right choice for you? Maybe, but odds are that you’d be better served starting with a more specialized strain.

As discussed above: because Borneo kratom is more energizing while green vein kratom tends to be more balanced, green Borneo kratom is a somewhat contradictory and less popular strain. The energizing Borneo effects pull against the balanced effects of green veins, making it less of a “jack of all trades” and more of a “master of none”.

That’s not to say that it’s the wrong pick for a given user, but you may be better suited experimenting with a different, more specialized strain.

For more on selecting the right regional kratom strain, learn about What is the Strongest Kratom. For help selecting between green vein strains, see our list of the Top 5 Strains for Green Kratom Lovers.

Green Borneo Kratom: In Closing

Green Borneo kratom is a somewhat less popular form of green kratom. On the one hand, Borneo strains tend to be more energizing, while green strains attempt to achieve a middle-ground between energizing and relaxing.

As a result, green Borneo kratom benefits are somewhat contradictory, as the strain’s distinctive alkaloid profile pulls in two different directions.

So why choose green Borneo kratom? Effects will vary from user to user, and some will find this “master of none” strain to be right up their alley. If you’re looking for a mild strain that leans ever so slightly towards energizing, then green Borneo kratom effects may be right for you.

However, most users will benefit from exploring other, more specialized options. As always with kratom, only first-hand experience can determine the best strains for your needs.

No matter your preference, Kratom Spot has all the most popular and effective kratom powders, capsules, and extracts. We stand by each of our products as the best in the world, and we’re sure you’ll find the ideal strain for your unique needs.