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Where Can You Buy Kratom?

Three pouches of Kratom products behind a bowl filled with Kratom capsules

While Kratom is legal in all but a few areas of the country, many people don’t know where you can buy Kratom that is of a high quality for a price point that gives you real value. This is because in many areas where Kratom is readily available, a mix of both high and low potency strains, often with the same branding or from the same retailer, are sold with no discernable difference to let customers know what they’re buying.

This reality can lead to dangerous situations with consumers getting too strong results in their Kratom research when sold higher potency Kratom while conversely getting too weak results when being sold low-potency material. Understanding how to spot a reputable dealer where you can reliably buy Kratom can help you get consistently high-quality, potent Kratom products for more consistent results.

Kratom’s Legality: Why Kratom Potency Varies So Much

To understand why Kratom potency varies so much, it’s important to understand that Kratom is not a drug. Pharmaceutical drugs have stabilizers added to help maintain their potency, which still degrades over time, albeit slowly. Instead, Kratom is an ethnobotanical—specifically the powder or extract of the Kratom plant—and, as such, it loses potency much faster. Kratom that is over a year old has significantly less potency, which is why you should look for a knowledgeable and reputable dealer where you can buy Kratom that is monitored through the growing, processing, and importation process to ensure you are getting the freshest products possible. It’s a level of scrutiny that your local convenience store or head shop while selling legal Kratom, does not and cannot maintain.

The Kratom plant, Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree related to the coffee plant that is native to the tropical forests and jungles of Southeast Asia. Nourished by the warm, misty environment and heavy mineral deposits from the ocean and volcanoes that formed this region, its leaves grow rich in two primary active compounds, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are the components that give it its potency when you find a supplier where you can buy Kratom that is fresh.

A map showing the areas of Southeast Asia we get premium Kratom from

Why Most Kratom Can’t Meet This Standard

When you buy legal Kratom at a retailer, such as a head shop or convenience store, they are far removed from the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of your Kratom products. Many will only know what they’ve read in the media or marketing brochures about Kratom, much of it inaccurate. This creates a situation where you, the consumer, may be far more knowledgeable than the seller, which is never a good situation if the quality of your product depends on the details of its origin, production, or manufacture. If you don’t have that information, you’re not where you can buy Kratom with confidence.

These retail outlets order their legal Kratom from a third party, often the cheapest they can find, to allow for greater profits. Kratom is largely considered non-perishable, so these retailers will usually hold their Kratom in warehouses without temperature control. The Kratom will then sit there from the time it’s received until it is sold to a retailer. With poor quality Kratom, however, that isn’t the first warehouse that Kratom has seen.

The wholesaler bought the Kratom from a manufacturer, usually the cheapest they can find, so they can pass the savings onto their retailers, who want to offer lower prices so they can be where you buy Kratom from while still turning a profit themselves. This manufacturer buys Kratom in bulk, formulates it into products, and packages it for retail sale before preparing it for wholesale shipping. In order to make sure they can turn a sufficient profit, this bulk Kratom is bought for the lowest rate possible from a supplier or importer.

The supplier buys Kratom from local farmers and processors. It’s stored in their facilities until sold. Premiums are charged for particularly fresh and potent leaves, however, no leaves are wasted because they’ll all be sold eventually. Old leaves or powder from previous harvests are sold at discounted rates. These rates make the product attractive enough that manufacturers concerned more with profit than quality will order it to round out their inventory for cheap. As this substandard powder works its way through the supply chain, it eventually ends up in products that can’t be counted on to provide consistent quality, potency, or results.

Why We’re Different

When you want Kratom you know is fresh, Kratom Spot is where you can buy Kratom products you can trust. We work with the local Kratom farmers who cultivate both small backyard garden-farms and plants found in the wild surrounding their villages. This largely generational profession gives us access to fresh, legal Kratom while our fair-trade practices provide the capital they need to raise the next generation of Kratom farmers and fend off less environmentally-friendly oil palm, latex, and timber farms which can lead to rapid deforestation. These farmers hand-pick the ripe leaves needed for harvest, leaving the remainder to keep the tree strong and healthy for future harvests.

These leaves are then dried, deveined, and ground into a fine, fluffy powder. Alternatively, they may be turned into an extract or encapsulated to provide a consistently portioned amount for research. This Kratom is then imported, packaged, and shipped to our customers. That’s why they always know where you can buy Kratom products you can count on.

If you have any questions about our processes or legal Kratom products, call our Kratom experts at (888) 510-2038. We’re proud to talk about our quality products and the work we do in the Kratom communities in the U.S. and in our source countries. Order your premium Kratom products online from Kratom Spot today!