Why Kratom is One of the Fastest Growing Natural Remedies for Pain Management

Growing Natural Remedies for Pain Management

Kratom offers a huge range of benefits. One of the most appealing to many kratom enthusiasts is that this miracle plant is one of the most effective natural remedies for pain management. Many people who suffer from chronic pains and aches prefer alternative pain management treatments over pharmaceuticals, and kratom is a much safer, more natural option that works.

Why Alternative Remedies Are Important

It’s no secret that traditional over-the-counter and prescription painkillers come with some serious drawbacks. While they can be helpful when taken as recommended, they can also be abused –– even accidentally. Millions of people who started taking painkillers properly have ended up with addictions, which can even lead to illegal drug use.

Using natural remedies for pain management also helps to prevent the short and long-term side effects associated with narcotic painkillers, including nausea, delayed reaction times, decreased motor functions, spasms, and dependence. Taking pharmaceutical painkillers may be helpful for alleviating pain at home, but it’s not an ideal option when you need to drive a vehicle, go to work, or do anything that requires a clear mind.

Of course, sometimes people who suffer from chronic pain need to find relief, especially when the pain becomes overwhelming. Rather than simply resigning to a lifetime of taking pills, many health-conscious chronic pain sufferers seek out alternative pain management treatments such as kratom.

Kratom’s Analgesic Properties

Kratom is one of the best natural remedies for pain management because it provides many of the same effects as opiates, without the negative aspects. Kratom contains two alkaloids –– mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine –– that bond to the body’s opioid receptors, providing much of the same analgesia without the risk of overdose, addiction, and harsh side effects, not to mention the steep price often associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

One of the most appealing aspects of kratom is that it’s one of the most functional alternative pain management treatments, allowing users to continue their day uninterrupted by intense side effects. While kratom can be a sedative in high doses, most users report having no problem continuing their day-to-day activities uninterrupted.

Kratom for Treating Opiate Addiction

It’s a sad truth that many people who are prescribed painkillers end up building a tolerance to them, which often leads to them seeking out harder, illicit drugs. Sometimes it’s because they’re not able to get relief anymore, and in other cases, it’s because they can’t afford to keep paying the steep cost of prescription drugs.

Besides being one of the most powerful natural remedies for pain management, kratom is often used to curb opiate withdrawals and help people to end their opiate addictions permanently. Countless opiate users have successfully transitioned to kratom, in many cases saving their lives.

Like any substance, it’s still important to use kratom responsibly and in moderation.

How to Use Kratom for Pain Management

Kratom is a very unique plant that affects people differently depending on their body chemistry, weight, and dosage, as well as the type of kratom they take. Some types of kratom are highly effective as natural remedies for pain management, and other strains are more suited for energy and focus.

There are three main types of kratom: green vein, white vein, and red vein. White tends to be the most stimulating and red tends to be most sedating, with green usually sitting somewhere in the middle. Most users find that red vein kratom provides the most analgesia, although results do vary from person to person.

If you’re planning on using kratom for alternative pain management treatments, it’s a good idea to start by purchasing a few different strains and then experimenting. In addition to trying different colors, you may also want to test out strains from different regions, as where the kratom is grown also affects its properties.

Recommended Strains for Pain Relief

If you’re just getting started, we recommend selecting a red strain for pain relief. If you’re looking for a bit more energy than a red provides, you can always blend it with a white or green strain for a pick-me-up. The great thing about using kratom as natural remedies for pain management is that you can create a custom regimen that fits your lifestyle.

Here are some of the best red strains for pain management:

If you’re looking for something stronger for intense pain, you may want to try an extract or an enhanced strain. Extracts are simply kratom leaves that have been boiled down into their purest form, creating a potent resin that contains highly concentrated amounts of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids. Our enhanced strains contain a blend of extract and raw leaf.

Dosing for Analgesia

In addition to experimenting with different types of kratom strains, you may also need to try various doses to find your sweet spot. Kratom is one of the most unique alternative pain management treatments due to how its effects change depending on how much you take.

Most users consider a low dose to be between one and two grams. For some people, that amount is plenty to provide pain relief. However, most people find that kratom is much more analgesic when taken in higher doses, usually around three to four grams.

If you’re seeking natural remedies for pain management that also provide pleasant sedative effects, a higher dose is ideal. If you need pain management without sedation, try to keep your dose as low as possible.

If you’re taking extracts or enhanced strains, you’re going to want to lower your dose accordingly. For example, if you’re taking a 10X extract, it’s going to be ten times more potent than raw leaf, so you should take one-tenth of a normal kratom dose.

As you experiment with doses and strains, we recommend keeping a journal that says how much you took, what type you took, and the resulting effects. That information allows you to continue adjusting your dose so you can find what works.

If you need to use kratom on a daily basis to manage pain, it’s a good idea to take a day or two off from taking kratom every week or so, if possible. This helps to keep your tolerance from getting too high. Additionally, if you’re using kratom for alternative pain management treatments, you may want to rotate among multiple strains. This also helps to keep tolerance down.

The Importance of Using Quality Kratom

Not all kratom is the same. When it comes to natural remedies for pain management, quality matters. After all, chronic pain can be very debilitating, and finding relief is often a difficult process.

While it may be tempting to simply buy the cheapest kratom you can find, there’s a very high chance that you will receive weak, low-grade kratom that won’t provide the relief you desire. Here at Kratom Spot, we test all of our products for potency, purity, quality, and consistency, ensuring that you always receive a top-shelf product.

Besides providing better effects, quality kratom is significantly safer than other options on the market. At Kratom Spot, our products are always all natural, and they never contain chemicals, fillers, or additives. When it comes to alternative pain management treatments, it’s absolutely critical that you know what you’re putting into your body.

Finally, you want to feel good about supporting kratom that’s ethically sourced. At Kratom Spot, we work directly with top farmers throughout Southeast Asia, and all of our kratom is Fair Trade. That means that the farmers are paid fair prices for their products, and you never have to worry about supporting inhumane working conditions.

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