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5 Best Kratom Extract Tips for Beginners

5 Best Kratom Extract Tips for Beginners

What is kratom extract? This product has left the kratom community with far more questions than answers. Why? Because highly potent kratom extracts are primarily used only by fervent kratom aficionados. However, they don’t have to be exclusive to only the seasoned kratom users among us.

Quite the opposite, in fact: with a little bit of education, anyone can take kratom extract! Knowing how to properly handle kratom extract products can expand your kratom regimen. We should always strive to expand the tools that help us reach our wellness goals. That’s why we’re here today to teach you the 5 Best Kratom Extract Tips for Beginners! Through this guide, you’ll get to know a variety of tips that help you better understand the notorious kratom extract.

You’ll learn:

  1. The answer to the infamous question: what is kratom extract?
  2. How to compare kratom extracts to other kratom products.
  3. How to make kratom extract.
  4. How to take kratom extract.
  5. Proper dosage & how much kratom extract is right for you.

Remember: this guide is designed to help new users better understand a (sometimes) confusing product within the kratom marketplace. If you’re looking for more general tips on kratom use, don’t worry! We’ve published guides on that, too. With that in mind, let’s get started with the first of five best kratom extract tips

1.) Answer the Question: What is Kratom Extract?

The first of our best kratom extract tips might seem elementary. However, it’s vitally important to answer the question: what is kratom extract? If you’re new to kratom, the sheer volume of terminology can be overwhelming, especially considering how similar each product sounds.

To better understand kratom extracts, we must first understand botanical extracts as a whole. What are botanical extracts, exactly? Concentrated plant materials that provide therapeutic properties when ingested. One of the most prominent (and popular) examples of a botanical extract is tea. When brewing, you “extract” alkaloids – the chemicals responsible for the effects you may experience – from your tea leaves.

Kratom extracts work in a very similar way. Instead of offering the entire kratom leaf, extracts present a concentrated formulation of kratom alkaloids. There are a couple of different ways to extract the alkaloids from kratom.

First and foremost, answering the question – what is kratom extract? – is vital for beginners. In this way, you’ll know how to identify kratom extracts, as well as know if they’re right for you. Because of their alkaloid concentration, kratom extracts are stronger, more potent, and more powerful than other kratom products.

2.) Learn What Separates Kratom Extract from Other Kratom Products

We now know how to identify a kratom extract, but what if we’re looking at two different kratom products side-by-side? Let’s compare and contrast kratom extracts to kratom powders, perhaps the most popular product on the market. These two products are often mixed up by novice eyes, so it’s important to know how to spot the difference!

What characteristics define kratom powder?

  • Comes from the entire kratom leaf.
  • Created through a process in which kratom leaves are dried and ground.
  • Always comes in an ultra-fine powdered form.

Now we know that kratom extract and kratom powder share some similarities. Notably:

  • Both derive from kratom leaves. However, kratom powders come from the whole powdered leaf, while kratom extracts derive from select portions of raw plant material.
  • Kratom extract and kratom powder both contain alkaloids, responsible for the effects you may feel after ingestion. Note that kratom extracts are known to contain a higher concentration of these alkaloids.
  • Both products come in a powdered form. However, kratom extracts may come in the form of liquid kratom extracts or kratom oil.

So what differentiates these two kratom products? If you dumped powdered kratom extract and kratom powder on a table, side-by-side, how would you tell the difference? For starters, kratom extract is darker. It’s believed that this is caused by removing extraneous plant materials. This extra natural material is present in kratom powders, creating a lighter tone.

In addition to color, smell can play a huge role in identifying kratom extract vs. kratom powder. In general, extracts have a sharper aroma than their powdered leaf counterparts. This is likely due to the larger concentration of kratom alkaloids.

3.) Understand How to Make Kratom Extracts

When learning the best kratom extract tips for beginners, why not learn how to make kratom extracts? In this way, you can gain an inside look at how these potent kratom products are created. Remember: the goal of the extraction process is to extract the desired alkaloids from the plant material. Kratom leaves are known to contain more alkaloids than seeds or stems. Because of this, many kratom extract recipes recommend using kratom leaves!

What are the steps in learning how to make kratom extracts?

  1. Boil the plant material until the kratom leaves begin to break down. Your resulting solution should have the consistency of tea.
  2. Strain the solution, removing all residual plant material and solids.
  3. Simmer your solution over low heat. This will encourage the evaporation of water. Once the water has evaporated, you should be left with a concentration of alkaloids. The more you simmer, the more and more concentrated your kratom extract can become.
  4. Remove your paste from heat and lay it out to dry. It will dry in brittle sheets or clumps, which can then be ground into a fine powder.

When understanding how to make kratom extract, these four steps are crucial. From there, you can keep your extract in powdered form. You can also take it a step further! You can also process your extract into kratom tea or kratom oil, also known as liquid kratom extracts.

4.) Know How to Take Kratom Extract

So we’ve talked about how to make kratom extract, but what about how to take kratom extract? We’ve mentioned that you can use kratom extract to create a kratom tea or oil tincture. But let’s break down all the ways you can take this powerful product.

5.) Identify How Much Kratom Extract to Take for You

Now that we know how to take kratom extract, let’s discuss dosage. Unfortunately, as kratom vendors, we’re not allowed to tell you how much kratom extract to ingest per dose. Because kratom products have yet to be evaluated by the FDA, we are limited by advertising restrictions.

So why is this on our list of best kratom extract tips? Because we can offer resources for you to conduct your own research! We recommend checking out the American Kratom Association (AKA), the nation’s leading kratom advocacy group. They can help you determine how much kratom extract to take!

As always, we recommend that our users start slow, especially if you’re new to kratom products. As you now know, extracts can be a LOT stronger than powdered leaf kratom or kratom capsules. As such, you should get to know how your body responds to these products. Start with a small amount and work your way up in dosage.

Kratom Spot: the Right Place to Buy Kratom Extract

When looking to purchase kratom extracts, look no further than Kratom Spot! We mentioned that the AKA is the leading kratom advocacy group in the United States. In addition, they’ve also honored Kratom Spot as a GMP-certified vendor. This is a revered mark of quality, consistency, and accountability among the kratom market.

With our kratom extracts, you can easily create your own liquid kratom extracts or brew kratom tea. How to take kratom extract is up to you. But remember our best kratom extract tips so that you can elevate the effects of your kratom regimen!