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AKA GMP Certification: The Mark of Quality Kratom | Kratom Spot

American Kratom Association GMP Certification for Kratom Spot!

In the kratom world, finding high quality kratom is absolutely paramount. But with so many manufacturers and vendors to choose from, how can you be sure you’re getting a genuine quality kratom product?

In the kratom industry, one of the most important standards, by far, is AKA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification.

This article discusses the exacting standards required for this prestigious certification, why it’s important for users’ health and safety, and why you should only shop with AKA GMP certified vendors like Kratom Spot.

Why You Should Care About Quality Kratom

Although kratom has been used for centuries in its native Southeast Asia, it remains relatively new and uncommon in the western world. As a result, manufacturing, quality, and safety standards vary wildly across the industry.

Occasionally, these lax standards have led to unscrupulous vendors selling contaminated kratom or a “kratom” product laced with some other, more dangerous chemical.

Simply put, your health and safety are not worth the risk of buying anything but the best, most transparent, highest quality kratom.

For more on this important topic, see our guide to Why You Should Buy Only High Quality Kratom.

What is AKA GMP Certification?

To combat the problems of unscrupulous vendors selling low-quality kratom, the American Kratom Association (AKA) stepped up. By creating a set of exacting quality and manufacturing standards, they’ve helped to drive the industry towards greater transparency, safety, and quality.

Kratom vendors must, in order to become AKA GMP Certified, undergo rigorous, exacting standards for safety, testing, and manufacturing throughout every step of their process.

In order to achieve AKA GMP Certification, quality kratom vendors must demonstrate a proven commitment to the highest standards in the industry. These include, in part:

  • Exacting hygiene procedures for all equipment and personnel involved at any stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Use of cutting-edge machinery that minimizes kratom’s exposure.
  • Comprehensive, independent testing of every batch to ensure purity, potency, and quality kratom, both before and after the leaf is processed into kratom powder.
  • Established and well-documented procedures to produce consistent, quality kratom from batch to batch.
  • Absolute transparency regarding the origins of each batch of kratom leaf, establishing a transparent chain of possession for all raw and finished kratom materials.
  • Regular audits by independent inspectors who verify the integrity, transparency, and adherence to AKA protocol of the certified vendor.

In short? AKA GMP Certification is one of the highest marks for consistent quality kratom in the industry.

Kratom Spot Goes Above and Beyond for the Highest Quality Kratom

Vendors such as Kratom Spot, who have achieved AKA GMP Certification, have gone to great effort and expense to ensure that their products are of truly high caliber.

But, of course, AKA GMP Certification isn’t the only mark of exceptional, quality kratom. At Kratom Spot, we’re proud to hold ourselves to an even higher standard.

We’re proud to offer what can only rightly be described as the world’s very best kratom, from the farms we work with to our fair-trade practices, testing protocols, money-back satisfaction guarantees, and more.

For more on what we do to ensure you receive only the highest quality kratom, every time, see Kratom Spot’s About Us page.

Tips for Finding Quality Kratom Online

When buying kratom online, the name of the game is quality. Kratom isn’t the type of product you should get from a shady or disreputable vendor.

As discussed above, sub-par kratom products could expose you to potentially harmful contaminants, and your health and safety simply aren’t worth the risk. Here are a few of the most essential tips for evaluating online kratom vendors:

  • Shop only with reputable vendors like Kratom Spot, who can prove the quality of their products through comprehensive laboratory testing.
  • Look for the AKA GMP Certification logo or language about AKA GMP Certification on the vendors’ home or product pages.
  • Do your homework and look for independent reviews of the vendor and its community. Often, kratom discussion forums are a great place to examine the vendors’ reputation before you make a purchase.

Again, we strongly recommend against purchasing kratom from a vendor who does not satisfy these criteria. Buying cheap kratom from a sub-par vendor is a risky practice that can end in disappointment or even a chemically contaminated, unhealthy, and harmful product.