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Boofing Kratom (And Why You Shouldn’t Do It)

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Kratom users are industrious sorts, and it seems like new ways to take kratom are popping up virtually every day. Many of these are brilliant ways to cover kratom’s taste, increase its effectiveness, or otherwise make your kratom dose more effective and enjoyable.

Others, like “boofing” kratom? Well, they’re what we call “bad ideas”.

This article covers what you need to know about boofing kratom. From the basics of what boofing is and how it’s done, we’ll get into the reasons that boofing kratom is a terrible idea that you absolutely should not try.

What is Boofing?

Boofing, sometimes called “plugging”, is the act of rectally inserting alcohol, drugs, or other substances that are not normally intended for rectal use. Put more simply, boofing means putting substances up your bum.

Boofing is most often done with liquids. For powdered substances like kratom, it’s done with kratom powder suspended in water or with a solution of water and kratom’s alkaloids.

Beyond that, if you positively must know the nitty-gritty details, you’re welcome to do your own research. This article is a caution against boofing, and not an instruction manual for how to do foolish things.

Why Boof?

The rectal cavity is highly absorptive and can therefore lead to the faster onset and heightened effects from a boofed substance. Boofing alcohol, for instance, supposedly leads to immediate, powerful intoxication, even with low doses of alcohol.

The supposed benefits essentially boil down to this:

  • Heightened intoxication from lower doses.
  • Feeling effects of the substance more quickly.
  • Saving money by requiring lower doses for similar effects.

Despite these supposed benefits, boofing is generally a bad idea. Boofing carries a number of risks (which we cover below) and should not, as a rule, be attempted — whether with alcohol, kratom, or virtually any other substance not meant for rectal use.

Why Would Users Consider Boofing Kratom?

The argument for boofing kratom is essentially identical to that for boofing any other substance. But when it comes to kratom specifically, there are a few other reasons people might consider boofing.

  • Some people dislike kratom’s taste. And, thank god, the bum doesn’t have taste buds.
  • Kratom can make some people nauseous. Bypassing the stomach could conceivably reduce or eliminate that nausea.

Let’s be clear: there are better ways to deal with kratom’s taste or nausea it can cause. Using kratom capsules or investing in oblate discs will completely eliminate the taste; modifying your dose, taking kratom on a full stomach, or an over-the-counter anti-nausea med will take care of queasiness.

There’s simply no good reason to boof kratom, particularly given the potential side effects and risks of boofing.

Why You Shouldn’t Boof Kratom

There are a wide variety of reasons that you shouldn’t boof kratom. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of the most important ones — but honestly, we’re sure you can come up with a few more all on your own. It’s not hard to imagine.

Boofing Kratom Might Not Even Work At All

Unsurprisingly, there hasn’t been any formal research into boofing kratom, but even user’s anecdotal reports suggest it might not work at all. Based on what we’ve read, many who try to boof kratom don’t even get the benefits they would from a normal dose, let alone the heightened benefits that are boofing’s key supposed draws.

Boofing Puts You at Risk of Infection

Your body is a delicate system, and introducing foreign objects is risky. Whatever device is used to boof would need to be absolutely sterile in order to avoid disrupting the body’s microbiome. Anything short of medical-grade sanitation could introduce harmful bacteria that could lead to dangerous and even life-threatening infections.

Boofing Can Cause Pain, Irritation, and Injury

Kratom powder is gritty, non-water-soluble plant matter. Inserting it into the rectal cavity… well, it might feel a lot like having grains of sand in your anus. That thought alone should be enough to deter you, but it’s worse than that. The skin around your anus is incredibly sensitive and very easily torn. And that, of course, only further heightens the risk of infection.

Boofing Increases Risk of Side Effects

Kratom use is generally safe when handled responsibly, but users can nonetheless experience unpleasant side effects from kratom use. Even if boofing kratom actually works for you (and again, most users say that it doesn’t), you’re putting yourself at a much higher risk of experiencing these side effects and likely increasing their severity to boot!

In Closing: Don’t Boof Kratom.

Boofing is the practice of inserting a substance such as alcohol into your rectum. It is an uncommon practice, but practitioners claim that it can increase the potency of intoxication caused by the boofed substance.

Boofing kratom is a bad idea. It puts you at risk of injury, possibly life-threatening infection, and heightened kratom side effects. On top of that, those who have tried it most often report that boofing kratom simply doesn’t deliver the desired effects.

If you’ve ever considered boofing kratom, just don’t. There are better ways to get whatever effect you’re hoping boofing might offer.

  • Trying to eliminate kratom’s taste? Try kratom capsules, use oblate discs, or enjoy a flavored kratom beverage.
  • Want to cut back on nausea? Lower your dose, take kratom on a full stomach, or stock up on Pepto Bismol or other similar anti-nausea tools.
  • Looking to experience more potent effects? Try a stronger strain, such as one of our Ultra Kratom Extracts.