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Can You Freeze Kratom? Do’s and Don’ts

Freezing kratom. If you’re buying in bulk, taking a meaningful break, or otherwise want to keep your stash fresh for as long as possible, then putting your kratom on ice may be just the ticket!

But is freezing kratom a good idea?

In short: Yes, freezing kratom can protect the kratom alkaloids from degrading for significantly longer than leaving your kratom at room temperature.

But if you do it carelessly, freezing kratom may do more harm than good! So here are some tips and tricks covering everything you need to know about (semi) long-term kratom storage in your home freezer.

How Long Does Kratom Last? In and Out of the Freezer

Like food products, those interested in freezing kratom powder are typically interested in keeping it fresh and usable for an extended time. And the good news is: freezing kratom does exactly that!

Generally speaking, kratom has a shelf-life of about 3 months if left at room temperature. That assumes that the kratom is kept in an airtight, dry container, isn’t exposed to too much sunlight, and is otherwise well-kept. After that, the alkaloids in kratom start to break down, and your supply will lose its potency.

But if you freeze your kratom, you may be able to extend that period of freshness to up to a year. Of course, that’s assuming optimal conditions — and even so, you’ll likely lose some alkaloid potency. But nonetheless, if you’ve got more kratom than you’ll use in that 3-month window, then freezing kratom is the best bet to preserve your supply for down-the-line.

How Does Freezing Kratom Work?

Freezing slows the degradation of kratom’s alkaloids in a similar way to how it preserves food. In short, low temperatures slow the temperature of the molecules in your kratom, which in turn slows the aging process and effectively preserves your supply.

But some other things happen when you freeze kratom — and some might change the kratom experience a bit.

Remember: kratom powder is ground-up plant matter. And when you freeze plant matter, it can break down the cell walls in a process known as lysis.

This can alter the consistency of your kratom powder and alter its texture when you unfreeze it. According to some users, it also can slightly modify the kratom’s effects.

Despite these secondary effects, the core fact remains: freezing kratom is an effective way to keep your supply fresh for far longer than is possible with traditional storage.

Essential Tips for Freezing Kratom

If you want to get the most out of freezing kratom, it’s not quite as simple as throwing your kratom powder in the freezer. I mean — sure, it all comes down to that eventually, but there are a few easy tips you can follow to ensure that the process best preserves the alkaloids in kratom that make it work.

The Do’s of Freezing Kratom:

  • Store your kratom in an airtight container: Exposing kratom to air will subtly and slowly degrade it, and that’s true even when you’re freezing your supply! So before freezing it, store your kratom in an airtight container and, if possible, remove all air from the container before sealing it.
  • Keep the temperature stable: Ideally, you want to store your stash in a freezer that you won’t be opening and closing until you need to remove the supply. Every time you open the freezer, it raises the temperature and may slightly thaw your supply; through repeated thaws and freezes, lysis can have a greater impact on your stored kratom.
  • Store it in the dark: Similar to the above tip, you don’t want to expose your frozen kratom to UV or natural light. Lights can accelerate the rate at which kratom alkaloids degrade, so every exposure reduces the effectiveness of your kratom storage.
  • Keep your kratom dry: Experienced kratom users won’t need the reminder, but here it is — kratom powder and moisture are not friends. You want to ensure that there is no liquid in the container you’re using to store your frozen kratom. Moreover, it’s another reason why it’s so important to keep your kratom in an airtight container before putting it in the moist conditions of a freezer.

The Don’ts of Freezing Kratom

In effect, following the above “Do’s” will set you up for a successful freezing experience. But to recap:

  • Don’t let any moisture into your kratom container.
  • Don’t expose your stored kratom to repeated fluctuations in temperature.
  • Don’t store your kratom in anything less than an air-tight container.