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Does Kratom Dissolve in Water? Tips for Taking Kratom

How to Dissolve Kratom

How to get kratom to dissolve? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from the kratom community, and for good reason. If you’re a fan of drinking kratom with water or juice, then dissolving your dose of kratom would be ideal!

Well, we’ve got bad news and good news. Kratom powder simply does not dissolve — but there are absolutely easy ways that you can make drinking kratom smoother and more enjoyable!

This article delves into the best ways to drink your kratom. Because there may not be a good answer to the question, “how to get kratom to dissolve?”, there are great alternatives that can make drinking kratom all the more enjoyable. Let’s dive in.

Why Doesn’t Kratom Dissolve in Water?

No matter what form it takes, kratom is hydrophobic. That means that kratom does not dissolve or integrate well with water or other liquids.

The reason for this is simple: kratom is solid plant matter. So even when it’s ground into a fine powder, it keeps the physical properties of the plant it’s made from. And just like the raw kratom leaves don’t dissolve in liquid, neither does the powder made from them.

How to Get Kratom to Dissolve? 

Thus, the bad news: kratom powder simply won’t dissolve in water, juice, or the other liquids you might choose to take it with. If you read a source that claims to tell you how to get kratom to dissolve, that source is either mistaken or misleading.

Tips and Tricks for Drinking Kratom

The good news: there are tricks to get kratom powder to be temporarily suspended in water, which will make it dramatically more pleasant to drink your dose of kratom!

However, suspending kratom in your drink of choice is not the same as dissolving it. Eventually, the suspension will separate, and your kratom powder will pool together at the top or bottom of your drink (depending on which liquid you choose).

Nonetheless, making kratom powder suspend is a great way to make a pleasant kratom beverage because it is a great way to mask the taste of your dose of kratom.

Tip 1: Use Room Temperature or Warm Liquid

Most powders will mix more easily into warm liquids, and kratom powder is no exception. Simply warm up your chosen beverage a bit, then mix your kratom powder using the other tips below.

We do not recommend boiling your liquid. That’s a great option for making kratom tea, but not for making a kratom suspension. True, boiling water will allow you to mix the kratom powder more easily, but you won’t be able to drink it before the kratom separates! So save yourself the time and just use room temperature or warm liquid instead.

Tip 2: Use a Whisk or Blender Bottle

Mixing kratom powder into liquid is much easier if you’re using the right tools. Many kitchens will already have a whisk and that makes for a great way to mix kratom into your drink.

However, we prefer to use a blender bottle (and no, we don’t profit from referring you to that link). These are favorites of workout enthusiasts who regularly mix protein powders and other supplements, and they work just as well for kratom powder! They allow you to quickly and easily re-blend your kratom after it’s partially separated and prevent mess and spillage.

Tip 3: Add Liquid, Then Kratom Powder

Order matters. If you were to put kratom powder into the bottom of your glass or blender bottle, then add water on top? That’s a good recipe for clumps of dry kratom, poor integration, and a dusty, unpleasant drink.

By adding the water first, then adding kratom powder and quickly mixing, you minimize the potential for nasty clumps and will, overall, have a much better experience drinking kratom.

Tip 4: Use Proper Proportions of Liquid and Kratom Powder

If you use too much kratom powder, your liquid can become supersaturated and will not properly mix. In general, it’s good practice to err on the side of using too much liquid rather than too little. That said, it’s fairly simple to add a bit more liquid after the fact if you find that your kratom powder isn’t mixing properly.

Also, note that the proper proportion of kratom to liquid will vary depending on the beverage you choose. Water will generally be able to use the lowest proportion of liquid to water, but juice or other beverages will likely require significantly more liquid.

Mixing Kratom Drinks and Trying to Dissolve Kratom, In Closing

So, how to get kratom to dissolve? Unfortunately, you can’t. As raw plant matter, kratom powder is hydrophobic and simply will not fully dissolve in water-based liquids (that is, the type that’s safe and pleasant to drink).

But the good news is that you can easily make a kratom powder suspension, resulting in a well-integrated kratom drink that can mask kratom’s bitter taste and provide convenient on-demand kratom dosing.

Sure, kratom suspensions are imperfect. They work best with warm liquid and a bit of common mixing equipment; moreover, even after you mix them, they will eventually separate and require more mixing. But, with a little know-how, you can still produce a delicious kratom beverage that will improve your experience dramatically!

Of course, mixing kratom isn’t the only way to enjoy a delicious and convenient kratom beverage! For other options, consider: