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Enhanced Kratom: What’s the Difference?

Enhanced Kratom Blog

When you’re in the market for kratom, you’ll inevitably encounter a wide variety of strains, labels, and titles. Red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom are confusing enough for new users ⁠— and that’s to say nothing of more unusual varieties such as ultra kratom, kratom extracts, and enhanced kratom.

Today’s article will help to disambiguate the many strains of kratom by finally answering the question, “what is enhanced kratom?”

And it’s a question that needs answering. As we’ll see, the industry has used it inconsistently, and understanding the products you’ll receive is vitally important for ensuring you’ll get the best kratom for your needs.

Enhanced Kratom? Buyer Beware

While the term “enhanced kratom” is certainly an exciting one, users should carefully research any manufacturer using it to advertise their kratom products. Unfortunately, there is no single definition for enhanced kratom, and some manufacturers even use it for marketing contaminated and harmful kratom products!

Here’s what you need to know about supposedly “enhanced” kratom.

The Problem with “Enhanced Kratom”: One Name for Many Different Products

Many different kratom products have been marketed under the moniker “enhanced kratom”, and there is startlingly little consistency between them. Generally, the term “enhanced kratom” will refer to one of the following:

  • A strain of pure, natural kratom powder with an unusually high alkaloid potency (such as the Ultra Kratom strains you’ll find here at Kratom Spot)
  • A finely powdered kratom extract whose potency has been artificially increased through a series of chemical procedures
  • A mixture of kratom extract and natural kratom powder
  • A synthetic form of kratom
  • A natural kratom powder that has been adulterated with chemical additives

With such startlingly different kratom products being labeled “enhanced kratom”, it’s only natural that even veteran users would get a little confused.

The bottom line is that “enhanced kratom” can refer to a wide variety of different products, some of which are unsafe. When you’re shopping for quality kratom powder and capsules, it’s vital to shop with only reputable vendors.

If you choose to shop with a vendor marketing a supposedly enhanced kratom product, a bit of research into their methods, techniques, and products is of the utmost importance. Depending on the type of “enhancement” the vendor is marketing, it could deliver unwanted results — or even be harmful to your health.

Why Kratom Spot Doesn’t Sell Enhanced Kratom

At Kratom Spot, we’ve always been dedicated to giving our customers pure, unadulterated kratom products. When you shop here, you know what you’re getting: natural kratom powder and capsules from the most expert kratom farms in Southeast Asia.

But the term “Enhanced Kratom”, as discussed above, is a problematic one. As the industry has grown, some manufacturers have confused the term for the sake of profit, selling contaminated, synthetic, or otherwise adulterated kratom products under the exciting “enhanced” label.

For the sake of transparency and clarity, we’ve decided to do things differently. Back in 2018, when the industry was starting to become flooded with adulterated but supposedly “enhanced” kratom, we changed our labels to more accurately and clearly reflect what our customers would receive: pure, natural kratom of unusually high potency.

Kratom Spot’s Ultra Kratom Powders: a Safe, Transparent, and Natural Alternative

If you’re looking for kratom powder of the highest potency and quality but want to avoid the misleading and sometimes dangerous products often labeled “enhanced”, consider Kratom Spot’s line of Ultra Kratom Powders.

Our ultra kratom products boast an unusually high alkaloid potency, but we take no shortcuts on the road to excellence. Our ultra kratom powders are pure, natural kratom with absolutely no additives or chemical adulteration. Their extra strength is the result of expert farming practices, rare seasonal growing conditions, and carefully-timed harvests.

We offer a number of ultra kratom strains for users of all needs, including:

We’re extraordinarily proud to offer only the world’s very best kratom capsules and powders. Everything on our site is guaranteed pure, potent, and made from 100% natural kratom leaf. We make our customers’ health and safety paramount, and we prove the purity of each of our kratom products with comprehensive, independent laboratory testing.

The Bottom Line on Enhanced Kratom

While the label may sound appealing, buyers should beware of products marketed under the label “enhanced kratom”. Manufacturers and kratom vendors use the term very differently, and there is virtually no consistency between the many supposedly “enhanced” kratom products.

While some are natural, alkaloid-rich kratom powders, others may be synthetic, contaminated, or otherwise adulterated kratom products. Because of these wild inconsistencies, it is extraordinarily difficult to be sure that the product you’ll receive is safe and will act as advertised.

As always, carefully sourcing your kratom is of the utmost importance. Be sure to shop only with reputable vendors who can prove the purity and quality of their kratom products. If you are tempted by the claims of other vendors selling supposedly “enhanced” kratom, be sure to carefully research their farming methods, products, and reputation in the community. Your health and safety may well depend on it.

If you have any questions about enhanced kratom, Kratom Spot’s ultra kratom products, or would like to review our Certificates of Analysis, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support staff. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to address your concerns.