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Kratom FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kratom?

Kratom (pronounced KRAY-tom) is a common name for the powders or leaves that come from the Mitragyna Speciosa Korthals, a member of the coffee (or Rubiaceae) family. When ingested, users have reported that Kratom expresses various medicinal qualities, from mild pain relief to enhanced energy levels, depending on the strain.

Is Kratom safe?

Like any other medicinal herb, Kratom is safe when used in moderation. If you have any concerns about using Kratom, consult your doctor.

How is Kratom used?

Most use Kratom in a capsule form or by mixing the crushed Kratom leaf powder with water to make a tea.

What kind of effects should I expect when taking Kratom?

The effect that Kratom has on your body largely depends on the dosage and strain that you choose. Kratom Spot, unlike most Kratom sites, exclusively sells XL capsules for your convenience. Additional dosage information can be found on our “Products” page.

We recommend that you review the product descriptions carefully to ensure that you’re choosing the strain that meets your specific needs. If you have any questions about which strain is right for you, send our customer service team a message and we can recommend a Kratom product that’s right for you.

Do you regularly test your products?

Yes, we test each new batch of Kratom as soon as we receive it to ensure purity, quality and consistency. Our Kratom is always all-natural, with no additives, fillers, or chemicals.

Is Kratom legal?

Kratom is legal in most of the United States, however, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, and Alabama have passed legislation banning the local sale and possession of Kratom.

At this time, we are also unable to ship to countries outside of the United States.

When will I receive my order?

Kratom Spot will always ship your order the (business) day it is received. We use USPS Priority day shipping and all orders are delivered within 2-3 business days, no matter where you ar in the country.

Do you offer discrete shipping?

All of our packages are boxed in unmarked USPS packages. Every order is shipped discreetly.

Why order from Kratom Spot?

At Kratom Spot, we take pride in the unmatched quality of our products and exceptional customer service. We source our products from the best farms in the world, abiding by Fair Trade practices and using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the purity and potency of our all-natural Kratom products.

If you have any questions about our products, simply email our customer support team and we will help you find the right strain of Kratom for you.

What forms of payment does Kratom Spot accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We also accept ACH transactions in the form of eCheck.

Is my payment secure?

We take extreme precautions to ensure that your information is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. When you provide us with your credit card information, the information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored with a AES-256 encryption. We follow all PCI-DSS requirements and we implement additional generally accepted industry standards. Our payment processor, is the leading payment gateway in the world in terms of security and reliability.

What browser is recommended for viewing your website?

The Kratom Spot website recommends using to use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari as your internet browser. Internet Explorer has known issues with logins and drop down boxes and is not recommended.

Where is your company located?

While we source our Kratom from farms throughout Southeast Asia, our processing, packaging and shipping takes place at our headquarters in Orange County, California.

P: 888-510-2038