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How to Ensure You Have Authentic Kratom

Authentic kratom

Kratom users are picky, but rightfully so. It’s vital that you receive genuine, authentic kratom. And with so many strains of kratom to choose from, the question isn’t just what kratom products to buy, but who you buy them from.

Kratom Spot offers genuine kratom products straight from the source: the lush jungles of Southeast Asia. We pair our laboratory-tested products with top-notch customer service. As a trusted kratom vendor, it’s vital that we play our part in creating an honest, accountable, safe, and satisfactory marketplace.

However, not all kratom vendors think alike. We belong to an up-and-coming industry. As such, there exist sketchy players who simply wish to make money off the kratom craze. You must always verify you’re receiving authentic kratom, and we’re here to teach you how.

Sketchy Kratom Vendors: What to Look Out For

Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure you’re receiving genuine kratom products is knowing how to spot inauthentic kratom. Every profitable industry has its scammers, and unfortunately, the kratom industry is no exception.

There have been some far-reaching kratom scams in recent years, some of which are still going on today. It’s vital to learn about these scams so that you can avoid purchasing an untrustworthy kratom product and stick with the established strains of kratom we know and love.

What are these kratom scams?

The Red Horn Kratom Scam

In recent years, unsavory kratom vendors began selling a kratom product called Red Horn Kratom. This variety was much more expensive than other strains. What made it so expensive?

According to our analysis: absolutely nothing! Red horn kratom is identical to any red vein kratom already on the market. It’s derived from the Borneo region of Southeast Asia. Here, kratom leaves grow small “horns” at the edge of the leaf, contributing to this scam product’s namesake.

However, these horns don’t change the alkaloid content of the final kratom product. It’s not uncommon for plants to have regional forms, but these forms don’t change the genetic makeup of the plant itself. Furthermore, charging a lot of money for a red vein kratom with no additional special properties is a scam. Kratom vendors need to strive for honesty and integrity in order to keep our industry legal for generations to come, not the greed associated with the red horn kratom scam. 

The Yellow Kratom Scam

The red horn kratom scam teaches us about spotting genuine kratom among similar strains of kratom. What else did we learn? Follow the kratom science, and if there’s no science to support a particular product, avoid that product.

The yellow kratom scam acts in much the same way: a product that sounds good in theory, but doesn’t have science on its side. Yellow kratom apparently differs from the other, accepted kratom strains in that it derives from a unique drying process.


However, no data has been presented to support this origin. In fact, sketchy kratom vendors have proposed a variety of claims surrounding the origins of yellow kratom.

  • Kratom leaves are picked later in the plant’s lifespan, giving the leaves a yellow hue.
  • Red, white, and green vein strains of kratom are blended together and fermented, resulting in yellow kratom.
  • Red vein kratom leaves are dried for a longer duration of time, creating a yellow coloration.
  • White and green vein kratom leaves are blended together and dried outdoors instead of indoors, accounting for the product’s yellow color.

Kratom Spot urges users to stay away from products marketed as yellow kratom. They are likely blends of other kratom powders, meaning you won’t receive the safe, authentic kratom experience you were looking for.

How to Ensure You Have Authentic Kratom 

Now that we’ve examined what to avoid, let’s learn how you can always ensure you’re receiving genuine kratom products when shopping for kratom online!

At Kratom Spot, we believe it all starts with Fair Trade, ethically-sourced, and laboratory-tested kratom products. Kratom users depend on our products for benefits far and wide, so we always strive to give our Kratom Spot family the best kratom on the market!

Furthermore, we believe in outstanding customer service. If a kratom vendor’s customer service representatives cannot tell you, in detail, about a particular product, you should avoid their products altogether. Why?

Because we at Kratom Spot not only sell kratom, but use it. We have a vested interest in the future of the kratom industry, playing our part to create a regulated segment of our industry before regulations even exist.

That’s how much we care about you and your kratom experience. Our customer service team is available throughout the week to hear your requests and teach you about our amazing products.

What is the American Kratom Association?

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is another great resource for finding authentic kratom. The AKA is committed to championing progressive kratom legislation that not only legalizes kratom throughout the nation, but creates regulatory authorities to ensure you’re always buying genuine kratom.

Kratom Spot is partnered with the American Kratom Association. Is your kratom vendor?

Finding Authentic Kratom Near You

Kratom Spot offers 2-day shipping on all of your favorite kratom products. We value the importance of lab-testing our products to ensure the safety, efficacy, and standards of each and every powder, capsule, and extract that leaves our warehouse.

Nowhere else will you find a kratom vendor so committed to providing an authentic kratom experience. We have the future of the kratom industry at mind and the kratom community at heart. What does this mean? It means we’re working now to create the future standards of our industry.