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How to Mix Kratom: Homemade Kratom Blends

How to mix kratom blends

You probably know that there exist three primary kratom strains: red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom. But did you know that these strains – along with products like kratom extracts – let you customize your experience?

By mixing your favorite kratom strains together, you can create personalized kratom blends that fit your individual needs! Today, we’ll learn how to mix kratom and discover the best kratom strains to mix at home. Not only that, but we’ll show you an insider secret: the best kratom strain mixes on the market!

At Kratom Spot, we are always working to improve your kratom experience. Kratom mixes offer a unique way to elevate your health and wellness, catered directly to your needs. Let’s get started!

What You Need to Know Before Mixing Kratom

We all know the three primary strains of kratom, but let’s review what each of them do.

  • Red Vein Kratom: perhaps the most popular strains on the market, red vein kratom is known for its calming effects. Users often utilize this strain to brew kratom teas, taken after a strenuous workout or before bed.
  • White Vein Kratom: considered the direct opposite of red vein, white vein kratom is known for energizing users. Because of this, it’s often taken in the morning or before a difficult workout.
  • Green Vein Kratom: a unique hybrid of red and white veins, green vein kratom offers both energizing and calming effects. This strain is perfect for kratom users that want the best of both worlds.

When thinking about how to mix kratom for your needs, you must remember each of these kratom strains. You do not want to create kratom blends using a strain you’re unfamiliar with. Remember that the best kratom strain mixes come from strains you already know and love!

What Are the Best Kratom Strain Mixes for Me?

Here are some of the best kratom strains to mix together, based upon your personal preferences:

  • Red & White Vein Kratom Blends: combining these kratom strains allows you to craft a blend similar to green vein kratom. However, unlike green vein kratom, this blend will offer more powerful effects.
  • Red & Green Vein Kratom Blends: so you enjoy red vein kratom, but find it makes you too sleepy or relaxed? Fear not, because red and green veins together can counter this sleepiness! How? Green veins reportedly have slightly energizing properties, countering the “heavier” effects of red kratom strains.
  • White & Green Vein Kratom Blends: do you like white kratom, but find that it can make you feel too energized? We have just the solution! Green kratom strains counter the energizing effects of white kratom just like they counter the calming effects of red kratom! This blend is for white vein lovers who don’t want to feel overly energized!

How Do Kratom Extracts Play a Role in All This?

So you’ve learned the best kratom strains to mix based on your preferences. That’s awesome! But what if you want to dive even further down the rabbit hole of kratom blends? Well, you can incorporate powerful kratom extracts into your health and wellness regimen!

Kratom extracts consist of concentrated kratom alkaloids, the natural chemicals responsible for the effects you feel when taking kratom. Manufacturers extract these alkaloids directly from the kratom plant, offering a more powerful experience overall. By creating kratom extract-infused blends, you’re able to create the best kratom strain mixes for your personal health regimen.

REMEMBER: kratom extracts will increase the overall strength of your kratom experience. If you’re new to kratom, we don’t recommend kratom extract blends as they may be too strong for newcomers. But don’t worry! When learning how to mix kratom, there are plenty of beginner-friendly kratom strains to try out for yourself.

How to Mix Kratom at Home

  1. Choose your blends! Follow the guidelines listed above and find the perfect kratom strains for you. For beginners, we recommend a red-and-white kratom mixture. For kratom enthusiasts, however, the best kratom strains to mix would have to include a kratom extract.
  2. Measure your kratom dose! Finding the right kratom dose for you is important so that you receive the right benefits. When blending strains, you should opt for a 50-50 split. If you prefer one strain over the other, you can also opt for a 60-40 blend.
  3. Blend them together! There are many easy ways to blend your kratom strains together. We recommend combining both kratom powders into a large bowl. You can easily blend your strains together using a fork or whisk. We don’t recommend mixing your kratom strains with an automatic mixer as this may be too strong for kratom powder.
  4. Ingest! How do you take your kratom? With kratom blends, you don’t have to change the way you use kratom, making it perfect for all users. Simply add your new kratom mixture to your coffee, tea, or whatever you prefer.

It’s that simple to make kratom blends! In addition to creating kratom blend powder, you can also craft your very own kratom blend capsules. How? Follow the above steps to formulate your kratom blends and then put them into your kratom capsule-filling machine. BOOM! Homemade kratom blend capsules, easy as that.

Why YOU Should Mix Your Kratom

So we’ve asked how to mix kratom, but what about why we should mix kratom in the first place? There are many good reason to create your own kratom blends at home:

  • Personalizing your kratom regimen to fit your every need!
  • Fighting off stagnant strain syndrome!
  • Learning more about individual kratom strains and how they work with one another!
  • Trying new things!
  • And last but not least, giving you something to do during never-ending quarantine!

We’re always publishing new DIY recipes and kratom guides, so stay up-to-date on all the latest kratom news with Kratom Spot!