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Introducing: Kratom Drink Mixes

At Kratom Spot, we’re always looking for new ways to make your kratom experience more effective and enjoyable. And today, we’re pleased to announce a new kratom evolution with our convenient Kratom Drink Mixes.

These innovative kratom products combine 2.5 grams of our legendary kratom powder with any of three tasty flavors. The result? A convenient, delicious way to get your kratom dose at home or on-the-go.

Our kratom drink mixes are quickly becoming favorites here in the office, and they might just change the way that you take kratom forever.

What Makes Our Kratom Drink Mix Special? Flavor, Flavor, Flavor!

Talk to any kratom user, new or experienced, and you’re likely to hear one key complaint about the kratom experience: kratom’s naturally earthy and bitter flavor.

We’ve solved the problem of bitter flavor once and for all by pairing kratom with an array of sweet, classic flavors. And while you may still taste a hint of kratom’s natural taste, it’s a night and day difference that transforms your dose into a tasty kratom drink that goes down easy.

Our kratom drink mixes are available in three distinctly delicious flavors to match any taste preference:

  • Island Breeze: A sweet fruit blend ready to whisk you away to a tropical kratom paradise
  • Caramel Apple: A classic confectionary blend that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Horchata: A distinctive blend of sweet rice and cinnamon flavor that’s a timeless classic

By fusing our legendary kratom powder with these delicious flavors, we’ve created a best-in-show offering that’ll make your kratom experience more enjoyable than ever!

How Strong Are the Kratom Drink Mixes?

We’ve formulated these drink mixes to deliver an effective single-dose experience. Each packet contains 2.5 grams of premium white vein kratom powder and should be potent and effective for the vast majority of users.

How to Use Kratom Drink Mixes

Outside of their tasty flavor, we were also focused on delivering one of the most convenient kratom experiences possible. And these kratom drink mix packets offer convenience in spades.

To use these kratom drink mixes, simply:

  1. Pick your favorite flavor.
  2. Tear the easy-rip tab off the top of the packet.
  3. Pour into 3+ ounces of water.
  4. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

And that’s it! With these discreet, convenient-to-use packets, it’s easy to enjoy your kratom dose wherever and whenever you choose. It just takes a few seconds to mix up your next dose and enjoy the tastiest flavors that any kratom product can offer.

Tips on Mixing

One of the frustrating things about traditional kratom powder is that kratom simply will not dissolve in water.

While our kratom drink mixes have improved upon that issue, you shouldn’t expect the kratom they contain to fully dissolve.

Thoroughly mixing your kratom drink mix will result in a consistent, well-integrated beverage — but you should still expect to see a few small clumps of kratom powder. This is because we refuse to use anything but pure, unadulterated kratom in our products, and that commitment to excellence comes with this small cost.

Nonetheless, you should find that the mixture is far better dissolved than with any traditional kratom powder, making our kratom drink mixes a perfect choice for anyone who wants to avoid that nasty kratom “sludge”.

If you’re having any trouble getting your mix on, these blending tips may be just the thing to get you where you’re going.

Finding The Right Flavor For You

As with most things kratom, finding the right option for you is the key to an enjoyable experience! And with these tasty flavors, there’s an option that should please any palate.

If one of these flavors sounds appealing to you, then odds are that that’s the best place to start. But variety is the spice of life, and you may just be surprised by which drink mix flavor works best for your taste buds.

Luckily, it’s easy and inexpensive to try each of them individually! We sell each of our flavored kratom drink mixes in single-pouch samples:

Once you’ve found the flavor you love best, you can stock up and save some green by grabbing a 30-pack box of your favorite! Convenient, delicious, and affordable: just another way that our kratom drink mixes are making the kratom world a sweeter place.

Island Breeze Kratom Drink Mix 1 pack

Caramel Apple Kratom Drink Mix 1 pack

Horchata Kratom Drink Mix 1 pack