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Should You Buy Kratom From a Headshop?

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Many people are first introduced to kratom at a headshop, only to wonder later, “how does head shop kratom cost so much?” The simplest answer can be summed up as overhead, but on closer examination, buying head shop kratom is much more complicated. That’s why people experienced in getting the most out of their Kratom research frequently avoid head shops and instead opt to buy kratom online. Buying your kratom online from a reputable dealer can ensure you get a better quality product and save money in the process. But for some people, it’s more convenient to get their first batch from smoke shops that sell kratom. 

What Is a Head Shop?

If you haven’t been to one, a head shop is a store that sells smoking products commonly used for cannabis, though they may not sell cannabis themselves. In some states, they label themselves as simply smoke shops or novelty stores with strict advice that their pipes, bongs, and other accessories are meant solely for tobacco. Their clientele generally understands this is a legal requirement and not necessarily the real intent of the products. Along with cannabis accessories, many branch out into other products, so you can find smoke shops that sell kratom, incense, and CBD. Part of the answer to how does kratom cost so much from a headshop is in the shop’s specialization in non-Kratom products.

Because it’s not their primary business, smoke shops that sell kratom usually will not carry a wide selection. Retail space is expensive to buy or rent, and that space has to be used to display all the products offered. This doesn’t allow for a true variety, so what they do carry needs to be selected to maximize the limited space they’re committing to Kratom. The usual result is they buy the Kratom that has the packaging they feel will most resonate with their typical customer base. This may be of poor quality or overpriced from their distributor.

Slow Sales Means Old Product

This creates a two-fold problem with head shop kratom: it’s not a product their customers are frequently looking to buy. This leads to product aging on the shelves. Kratom begins to lose potency after harvesting and processing, and after approximately one year, even the best-stored Kratom will offer degraded results. By the time customers searching for kratom pick it up off the head shop shelf, it may not offer the same results as fresh kratom, creating the second problem that even people looking for kratom don’t want to buy it from the head shop. If you find a smoke shop that sells kratom, ask which is their best seller—that strain may have a more consistently replenished stock and will be the best kratom to buy at head shops.

For a small business, waste can be a profit killer. So if you order a product that you know will age, forcing you to dispose of half your inventory, you have to raise prices to make money on it. This risk makes head shop owners ask, “How much is kratom going to cost me?” Leading to an increase in margins. This higher margin per package does explain how head shop kratom costs so much, in part. Rather than a 33% markup over cost, a store may use 66% or more simply to account for the waste.

Stores Have Higher Overhead

Browsing a head shop’s goods is a fun way to kill some time. The myriad of glass, sparkling colors, and fun contraptions they carry ensure that. To provide that atmosphere, the shop owner has to purchase or rent a retail space. It needs licenses, certifications, permits. Customers want a store with plenty of light, cool air conditioning, and possibly a wifi hotspot that lets them check-in and post on the ‘Gram.

All this costs money. A lot of money. It is not uncommon for a store to have more invested in its facility and infrastructure costs than the merchandise it carries at a given time. These costs are passed onto the customer in the prices of the goods they buy. It’s the only way the store can stay in business.

Buying From an Online Supplier

So, how much does kratom cost from a headshop versus buying from an online supplier? Usually quite a bit more. When you buy your kratom from an online supplier, the process is entirely different, and this difference affects not only the price but also your quality and selection.

  • Wider Range Of Kratom—Because their display space is digital, online suppliers can offer as many different strains and forms of kratom as they can produce. Different vein colors, powders, extracts, capsules, and topical preparations can all be sold by a single retailer.
  • Lower Rent Costs—Warehouse space costs less than premium retail space, and the savings get passed onto the buyers. In addition, because the customer is shopping from the comfort of their homes, there are lower utility requirements than what is needed to create an inviting in-store atmosphere. Rather only the utilities required to suit the needs of the staff and proper kratom storage are added to the cost.
  • Fresher Product—When you buy head shop kratom, you can be sure it passed through at least one middleman. This adds to the time from when it’s harvested until you have it in your possession. If it sat in a warehouse for the grower, processor, packer, importer, wholesaler, and retailer for just one-month each, you’re getting Kratom that is a minimum of six months old. A reputable online dealer shaves months off this time and ships directly to your door. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting last year’s product with a reputable supplier. You get fresher Kratom for better results.
  • Better Consistency—Experienced suppliers can deliver repeatable results because you will get the same quality product each time.

The Choice Is Clear

The proper question is not, “How much does kratom cost from a head shop?” But “How much is costing me not buying online?” We’re proud to work with the local growers and processors to bring you the best kratom on the market without the inflated head shop kratom prices. If you have any questions about our products, call our experts at (888) 510-2038. Browse our selection online and find the kratom you need with Kratom Spot today.