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The Best Kratom Recipes: Kratom Honey Balls

The ingredients for delicious kratom honey balls laid out on a gray surface

On a quest for the best kratom recipes? No one could blame you. Kratom’s earthy, somewhat bitter taste isn’t for everyone, and finding that perfect dish can dramatically improve your kratom experience.

While many users adore a delicious cup of kratom tea, perhaps you’re in the mood for something more substantial? Enter the kratom honey ball, a simple and delicious recipe that will transform your dose of kratom powder into a tasty treat you’ll love to eat!

What are Kratom Honey Balls, and Why Should You Try Them?

Simply put, kratom honey balls are one of the best kratom recipes you can make. They’re a simple blend of raw kratom powder and honey, pressed together into a dense, delicious ball. 

Kratom honey balls work faster than capsules (because the body doesn’t need to break down a gel capsule). They’re quick and easy to make, store well in a freezer, and near-perfectly cover the bitter taste of kratom powder.

For these reasons, kratom honey balls (sometimes affectionately referred to as “kratom honey turds”) are an absolute favorite in the kratom community. They’ll turn your regular kratom dose into a truly tasty treat!

How to Make Kratom Honey Balls

Of all the community’s best kratom recipes, kratom honey balls might just be the simplest and easiest. They require only two ingredients and can be made with your favorite strains of white, green, or red vein kratom powder.

In addition to the basic kratom honey balls, we’ll also provide a few tips and tricks for customizing these treats to your liking. Not a fan of honey? Why not try peanut butter, chocolate, or other delicious ingredients? Read on for more!

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite strain of kratom powder
  • Honey
  • A medium-sized mixing bowl
  • A spoon or mixing spatula
  • Parchment paper (for rolling and storage)

Optionally, you might also use:

  • Powdered sugar
  • Melted chocolate
  • Peanut butter

How to make kratom honey balls:

  1. Measure out your dosage of kratom powder; for a single serving of kratom honey balls, use the amount of kratom powder you typically take as a single dose.
    * Tip: it’s usually best to mix several “doses” of honey balls at once, as they keep very well in a freezer for later use. When you’re first trying this recipe, it’s fine to make a single batch — but later on, you’ll likely want to make several servings at once.
  2. Add the kratom powder to your mixing bowl.
  3. Add a small amount of honey to the kratom powder. A little will go a long way. To start, try 2-3 drops of honey per gram of kratom powder.
  4. Thoroughly mix the honey and kratom powder until it is fully integrated. The result should be a sticky paste with a rough and crumbly texture. If the mixture feels dry or is not clumping properly, add a few more drops of honey. If it is too wet, add more kratom powder (keeping track of the amount you add for later).
  5. Lay your parchment paper out on a counter.
  6. Place the kratom and honey mixture onto the parchment paper. Wrap the mixture in the paper, then roll it into a thin cylinder.
  7. Place the rolled parchment containing the kratom and honey mix into the refrigerator. Allow it to sit for a few hours until thickened.
    * Tip: To speed this process, you can instead place the cylinder in the freezer.
  8. Remove the cylinder from your refrigerator or freezer and place it on a cutting board.
  9. Using a sharp knife, slice the cylinder into even pieces containing your desired dose of kratom.
    * Example: if you used 10 grams total of kratom powder and want each honey ball to have a 2-gram kratom dose, divide the cylinder into five even pieces. Be sure to adjust your calculations if you added additional kratom powder in Step 4.
  10. Enjoy your delicious kratom honey balls, and store any leftovers in the freezer for later use! 

Tips for Customizing Your Kratom Honey Balls

As with any dish, the best kratom recipe is one that fits your unique palate! Luckily, kratom honey balls are easy to customize, and the above recipe can be tweaked to match your taste preferences.

If you’re not a fan of honey, consider using peanut butter instead! Many users find peanut butter to be an ideal taste complement to kratom’s bitter taste.

To make kratom peanut butter balls, simply replace the honey in the above recipe with creamy peanut butter or a mixture of peanut butter and honey. Be sure to start small, as a little bit of peanut butter will go a long way!

For a particularly decadent treat, some users also enjoy a thin coating of chocolate or powdered sugar. To indulge your sweet tooth, simply dip your finished kratom balls in melted chocolate of your choice, or gently roll them in a thin layer of powdered sugar.

However you choose to prepare your kratom balls, we’re sure you’ll find them a delightful treat. With a dish so easy to make and customize, these honey (or peanut butter!) balls are genuinely among the very best kratom recipes.