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The Top 4 Kratom Potentiators

Kratom Potentiators

Looking to make your dose of kratom go farther? It’s a great way to keep your tolerance low, your pocketbook full, and your stash of kratom powder brimming! And there’s good news: with common kratom potentiators, it’s easier than you might think.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about how to potentiate kratom. It’s a great resource for both new and experienced users looking to get the most out of their regular kratom dose.

Let’s jump right in with our guide to the top kratom potentiators!

What Are Kratom Potentiators, And Why Use Them?

Put simply, a potentiator is a substance used alongside another substance (such as kratom) to improve the latter’s performance.

By pairing a potentiator with kratom, you can improve your experience in several ways, including:

In short, kratom potentiators allow you to get more bang for your buck, avoid getting your tolerance too high, and generally improve your kratom experience overall. It’s a win-win that’s absolutely worth exploring!

So what are the best kratom potentiators? We’re glad you asked.

The Most Effective Kratom Potentiators

There are a wealth of kratom potentiators out there, but some have emerged as stand-outs. Each has its own merits, and they’re worth looking at individually.

Note that different potentiators may be best with different ingestion methods. For tips on how to take your dose, see our Guide to Kratom Preparations.

Whether for their effectiveness, enjoyability, or any other criteria, here are some of the kratom community’s favorite kratom potentiator options:

Grapefruit (or Other Citrus) Juice

Grapefruit juice is, without doubt, the most widely-regarded kratom potentiator. Its highly acidic nature, coupled with the rich dose of Vitamin C that it offers, makes for a great potentiator option.

Notably, other citrus juices can offer similar benefits, but general consensus suggests that grapefruit juice will be the most effective. Still, if you dislike grapefruit juice, try a classic glass of OJ with your next dose!

Tips on using grapefruit: Part of grapefruit juice’s popularity is that it’s easy and enjoyable to take. Just use the toss and wash method with a tall, healthy glass of grapefruit juice, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success!

Turmeric Powder

Adding turmeric powder to your diet is one of the most popular and efficient ways to improve your health. To make matters even better for kratom users, turmeric has been found to be a remarkably effective kratom potentiator!

This is one of the best wellness-boosting potentiators around. Not only will it boost the duration and effectiveness of your kratom dose, but it will also offer a host of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for your whole body.

Tips on using turmeric: Some users may find the taste of turmeric a bit unpleasant — but kratom users are no strangers to this problem! Great options include making your own kratom + turmeric capsules or using either oblate discs or the parachute method.


A mainstay of the American lifestyle, caffeine is also a remarkable kratom potentiator! If you’re looking to get the most out of an uplifting white or green strain, a bit of caffeine can be a great option for kicking your dose into overdrive!

Caffeine comes in many forms, including your favorite brew of coffee. Some users have even paired kratom with energy drinks! Whatever way you choose, the results should be similar — but make sure to avoid particularly high doses of caffeine, which can cause issues all on their own.

Tips on using caffeine: This is one combination for which we recommend exercising some caution. Even on its own, caffeine can cause the jitters, stomach discomfort, and a wide variety of other unwanted issues. With kratom, that potential is all the greater, so be sure to start small and listen to your body!


The calming flip-side of our caffeine recommendation, chamomile may be the ideal kratom potentiator if you’re looking for an enhanced, relaxing kratom experience. It’s also remarkably common, as it’s one of the most popular types of traditional tea out there!

Chamomile is a gentle, natural sedative that can help enhance the calming effects of some kratom strains or help to balance-out more uplifting and energizing ones. But regardless of the pairing, chamomile has emerged as one of the most popular and widely-regarded of all kratom potentiators.

Tips on using chamomile: Unsurprisingly, chamomile tea is probably the easiest and most enjoyable way of using chamomile as a kratom potentiator. Our loose-leaf kratom is an ideal option for brewing kratom tea, and we’ve got several Kratom Tea Guides to help you get started-off right!

Other Kratom Potentiator Options

The potentiators we’ve listed above are probably the most common in the kratom community, but they’re far from the only options!

Several other potentiators are widely available. Some include:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Similar to grapefruit juice, it offers an effective acid content to improve absorption and may offer a number of other health benefits to boot!
  • Akuamma seed: A natural relaxation booster, akuamma is also said to enhance kratom’s effects. Several users report that akuamma heightens the intensity of your dose without prolonging it. Your mileage may vary.
  • Magnesium: Some users have reported success with magnesium-rich foods such as bananas or avocados. Using those to make a magnesium-rich kratom smoothie is a delicious and effective option.
  • Cat’s Claw: Cat’s claw is a common wellness supplement, and several kratom users have suggested it as an effective kratom potentiator. Probably best taken for its other benefits, but it never hurts to boost your kratom dose at the same time!

An Important Note on Using Kratom Potentiators

Any time you introduce a new supplement into your wellness regimen, it’s essential to do your homework. Even the most everyday kratom potentiators may have unexpected effects, so it’s important to consult your healthcare provider before making any decisions.

Even grapefruit juice, which many users wouldn’t think twice about, should be taken with care! In fact, grapefruit can interfere with the effectiveness of many common medications, including blood thinners, blood pressure medications, and several anti-anxiety drugs.

No matter which kratom potentiator you’re using, do your research and consider speaking to your healthcare provider about your use goals, pre-existing conditions, and any medications you may be taking.