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Vietnam Kratom: Fact or Fiction?

Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam kratom doesn’t get the attention of some other regional strains, but certain pockets of the kratom community are abuzz with it. Are Vietnam kratom strains the real deal? Or are they just another marketing gimmick?

Unfortunately, it may be a little bit of both.

In this article, we go into the ins and outs of this uncommon regional kratom strain. We’ll get you up to speed on all things Vietnam kratom, with the particular issues you need to look out for when deciding whether Vietnam kratom strains are right for you.

Is Vietnam Kratom a Scam?

Unfortunately, the kratom industry is plagued with a growing number of counterfeit products, dishonest marketing ploys, and outright scams. At Kratom Spot, we’ve already covered a good number of them, including:

In all those cases, we exposed gimmicky, misleading, and even dangerous products and trends in the kratom industry.

Is Vietnam kratom just another one?

No. At least, not really. Kratom does grow natively in Vietnam, and strains from that region do have their own signature alkaloid profile.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of good reasons that you should be wary of products marketed as “Vietnam kratom” — and while the first is no surprise, the second is a real problem.

Vietnam Kratom is Most Often NOT From Vietnam

That’s right: even though Vietnam does natively produce a good deal of kratom, the “Vietnam kratom” you’ll find online is almost never from that location.

But that’s unlikely to surprise many experienced kratom users. In fact, it’s fairly well known that most commercially available kratom is produced in Indonesia or Bali, regardless of the region it’s named after.

That’s right: most vendors’ regional strains aren’t actually from the region they’re named after, and that’s not just true for Vietnam kratom.

Is that a problem? Not necessarily. As long as kratom farms use the agricultural practices and environmental conditions that are native to the regional strain they’re growing, those farms can produce a “Vietnam” kratom that’s virtually identical to kratom actually grown in Vietnam!

“Vietnam” Kratom is Unpredictable and Less Consistent

Here’s the real hitch: Commercial vendors selling “Vietnam” kratom seem to be selling wildly different products, with virtually no consistency between their strains and varieties.

Depending on the source, you’ll hear reviews that are all over the place and demonstrate that there’s virtually no consensus on what makes “Vietnam kratom” a distinct strain.

Some will tell you it’s a relaxing strain, others energizing. Some reviews state that it’s a rebranded Bali strain, some that it’s a mix of multiple regional varieties. The inconsistencies and varying accounts are enough to boggle the mind.

There’s only one clear conclusion from all these accounts: the products being marketed as “Vietnam kratom” are often actually different strains being deliberately mislabeled.

That’s not to say that everyone selling Vietnam kratom is mislabeling their product, and it’s certainly not to say that you should avoid the strains entirely. But, if you are in the market for Vietnam kratom strains, it’s more important than ever to do your homework and select the right vendor.

Why Kratom Spot Does Not Sell Vietnam Kratom

At this time, Kratom Spot does not sell any Vietnam kratom strains. Although a handful of our customers have inquired about Vietnam kratom, we do not intend to add these strains to our catalog in the near future, and for good reason.

Kratom Spot is committed to providing only the highest quality kratom strains grown by reputable farmers who can provide a consistent, quality product. We’ve partnered with the most experienced farms throughout Southeast Asia, each specializing in their region’s signature strains of kratom.

When it comes to Vietnam kratom strains? We haven’t yet found a source that we’re satisfied with. Coupled with the strain’s limited popularity, it’s simply not viable to offer Vietnam kratom strains at this time.

Though some other vendors may misleadingly label blends of other strains as “Vietnam” kratom, we’re unwilling to compromise on the quality and transparency of what we offer. Everything you find in our stock is all-natural, pure, and a single-strain product that contains exactly what it says on the label.

In short: Kratom Spot will always be dedicated to providing you the highest quality kratom strains available, and we refuse to bring you an inferior or misleadingly labeled product.