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What Are the Key Differences Between Kratom Strains?

A Bowl of Green Kratom Powder

More and more people are becoming interested in Kratom, but it can be hard to find information on Kratom strain differences. Rather than a single consistent plant, Kratom grows in several strains. These strains get their properties from their slightly different genetics and the different environments they’re grown in.

Why the Difference?

Some plants are predisposed to have higher levels of certain compounds. In addition, the nutrients they receive from the soil, the moisture they take in, water quality, and the degree of sunlight can all affect the development of the plant to its full potential.

One of the reasons it’s so important to choose a reliable Kratom supplier is so that you can take advantage of these Kratom strain differences. You want a supplier that knows how to cultivate, recognize, and process the different strains to maintain their specific chemical properties. This gives you potent Kratom options you can tailor to your specific needs.

What Goes Into a Strain?

Kratom is separated by the specific cultivar’s country of origin and the color of the veins found in its leaves. This is why some enthusiasts are disappointed when their results vary after searching for just Bali or just Red Kratom. They received a slightly different strain that offered different results.

This classification system results in a lot of Kratom strains with differences from the other strains to varying degrees. In addition, some extracts, concentrates, or Kratom containing powders are marketed misleadingly as strains, resulting in increased confusion, when in reality these are just further processed forms of a base strain. Choosing a reputable Kratom dealer will ensure you’re getting pure, uncontaminated strains that rely on Kratom, not additives.

Popular Strains

While there’s no way to offer a list of every possible strain of Kratom and their differences, these are some of the most popular varieties.

  • Red Vein – Often harvested from the tallest leaves on the tree that gets the most sunlight in densely packed jungles, Red Vein Kratom varieties lean towards a stronger, more robust aroma. (Check our top 5 red kratom strains)
    • Red Bali – The classic starting point for newer Kratom users. This popular strain comes from Bali and Indonesia.
    • Red Thai – Similar to the Red Bali strain, this strain comes from Thailand.
    • Red Indo – This strain is from Indonesia and is known for its invigorating aroma.
    • Red Maeng Da – Maeng Da is one of the most powerful varieties available, with a very stimulating aroma.
    • Red Malay – Noted for its more relaxing aroma, this strain is from Malaysia.
  • Green Vein – These leaves from low on the trees are favored for their more relaxing aromas. (Check our top 5 green kratom strains)
    • Green Bali – Grown and harvested on the island of Bali; this strain is known for its relaxing aroma.
    • Green Thai – From Thailand, this strain offers a milder aroma.
    • Green Indo – This strain is from Indonesia and offers a more soothing aroma.
    • Green Maeng Da – Maeng Da strains are popular, and the Green variety is no exception. This strain is known to have more of an energizing aroma but is not overly strong.
    • Green Malay – This strain is from Malaysia and has a more stimulating aroma.
  • White Vein – These leaves are from the middle of the tree. (Check our top 5 white kratom strains)
    • White Bali – From the island of Bali, the White Bali strain offers a milder aroma.
    • White Thai – This strain is from Thailand and is similar to the White Bali strain.
    • White Indo – From Western Indonesia, this strain offers a more stimulating aroma than White Bali and White Thai.
    • White Maeng Da – From the jungles of Indonesia, this strain offers a very stimulating aroma.
    • White Malay – Another strain that offers a more relaxing, soothing aroma. This strain is harvested from Malaysia.

It’s important to emphasize that the FDA has warned against using Kratom, and it has not been approved to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any illness, disease, or condition. It is presented for information purposes only to inform your own responsible research.

Educate Yourself

Due to the hostile environment surrounding Kratom, peer-reviewed studies are severely limited, leaving individual research as the only source of information many people have on Kratom, strains, and the differences they offer. Understanding more about the plant, its development, and how that development affects the indoles and alkaloids that give it its different results is a vital part of deciding for yourself whether Kratom is right for you.

A great place to start your research is the Kratom Spot blog. We strive to provide the latest news from Kratom research, science, and legislative actions that affect your Kratom and responsible access to it. We’re also proud to offer you the highest-quality, responsibly sourced Kratom on the market in a variety of strains. Whether you’re looking for powder, extracts, or capsules, we have fresh, potent product ready to ship. Browse our selection and explore Kratom for yourself today.