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What is Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

Hulu Kapuas kratom capsules in a bowl next to some kratom powder and kratom leaves.

If you ask this question to kratom enthusiasts or kratom sellers, you’ll get two completely different answers. In reality, Hulu Kapuas is a kratom strain named after the region it originates. The Kapuas River begins near the geographic center of Borneo, Indonesia, flowing west into the South China Sea. This area is known as the Kapuas Hulu Regency. However, we know much more about this Indonesian region than we do Hulu Kapuas kratom. So this begs the question: is Hulu Kapuas yet another kratom scam? Let’s find out!

What We Know About Hulu Kapuas Kratom

It is sometimes difficult to research kratom strains. There’s a lot more marketing than there are comprehensive ethnobotanical studies (thanks, FDA). Let’s look at what manufacturers have to say about Hulu Kapuas. These are direct quotes from retailers without mentioning anyone by name (we trust you can look these up for yourself).

  • “Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom [is] only found along the Kapuas River.”
  • “Exceptionally rare, rarer than most green vein kratom strains.”
  • “Different from the other usual strains.”
  • “Actually a fusion kratom.” (The seller does not explain what this means.)
  • “A rare yet special type of green vein kratom.”
  • “Extremely balanced in terms of its potential benefits.”
  • “Not that easy to get your hands on.”
  • “Rare and not offered by all vendors.”
  • “Comes with major benefits.”
  • “Quite difficult to get.”
  • “Ever-elusive.”

What does this list teach you about Hulu Kapuas? Do you trust this mysterious kratom strain after reading these quotes? One kratom retailer even mentions that you can smoke Hulu Kapuas kratom, which is NOT a good idea. DO NOT SMOKE KRATOM, period. Not to mention that every retailer uses the word “rare” at least a few times when describing Hulu Kapuas. If it’s so unbelievably rare and hard to find, why can you buy it from dozens of kratom vendors for less than $15? We’ll let you ponder that question on your own.

How Authentic is Hulu Kapuas, Really?

As kratom vendors ourselves, we get it. Marketing is part of the job. However, how we choose to market ourselves in this relatively unregulated industry helps helps shape our industry’s future. We believe in honesty, transparency, and trust above all else. When manufacturers use buzzwords like “rare” and “elusive” to describe this informationless strain, it does not build trust. In fact, the opposite occurs: it erodes trust in the kratom industry. It also provides the FDA with firepower against funding kratom studies.

Let’s be clear: Hulu Kapuas is a real kratom strain. It grows along the riverbanks of the Kapuas River. However, Hulu Kapuas kratom is NOT the extraordinary miracle strain it’s made out to be. In terms of strength, effects, and potency, it’s identical to Indo kratom. In terms of rarity, it’s in the same ballpark as other Borneo-derived kratom strains.

Comparing Hulu Kapuas to Known Kratom Scams

We have covered quite a few kratom scams in their time writing for the kratom industry. What have I learned? That marketers implement similar tactics to sell you on new kratom products all the time.

  • Red Horn Kratom: some kratom trees that grow “horned” leaves. However, this regional variant does not change the effects of kratom. Regardless, untrustworthy kratom sellers continue to offer horned kratom strains at a higher price.
  • Yellow Kratom: there are three known types of kratom: red vein, white vein, and green vein. However, sellers invented a fourth type, “yellow” kratom, as a way to offer a new and exciting product to consumers. There is still no evidence that yellow kratom actually exists.
  • Train Wreck Kratom: manufacturers combined 11 different kratom strains to create an amalgamation of different strains. This unholy combination was marketed as the strongest product on the kratom market. However, no one actually knows what goes into this strain, making it extremely unsafe for use.

These are just some examples of past kratom strains. Do you see any similarities to Hulu Kapuas kratom? We do:

  • Like red horn kratom, Hulu Kapuas uses a regionally variant kratom plant (found in a difficult-to-reach area) to sell you the same kratom you’ve been using for years (Indo kratom).
  • Like yellow kratom, manufacturers taunt Hulu Kapuas as an exciting, get-your-hands-on-this product. This is despite the fact that many users reportedly can’t tell the difference between green Hulu Kapuas kratom and other green veins.
  • And like train wreck kratom, no one actually knows the difference between Hulu Kapuas and other Indo kratom strains. Some kratom users even praise its rarity without explaining how it’s different from other strains.

Our Final Thoughts on Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Like we said, there isn’t much available research on Hulu Kapuas. We know where it grows, but apart from that, all information leads us to believe that it’s IDENTICAL to Indo kratom. Until comprehensive, scientific information emerges validating the Hulu Kapuas claims, we suggest that you use kratom strains you’re familiar with.

Learn to look through buzzwords like “rare” and “elusive” and find authentic strains that genuinely work for you. Understand what’s legal vs. illegal in kratom advertising so you can learn which products are genuine. And as always, stick with what you know! You are the best advocate for what your body needs. Do not let marketers tell you which strains you need to spend your money on.