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Who Is The American Kratom Association — And Are They Legit?

Is the AKA Legit

Is the American Kratom Association legit? It’s a common question, especially among those who are new to the wide world of kratom. Moreover, with all the buzz one hears about the group, it’s an important question to ask.

So let’s dispel all doubt: not only is the American Kratom Association legit, they’re one of the most important factors in the fight to keep kratom legal, safe, and available throughout the United States.

Who Is the American Kratom Association?

Anyone who’s been in the kratom community for long has almost certainly heard of the American Kratom Association, or the “AKA”. Even if you aren’t familiar with them by name, you’re almost certainly a beneficiary of their work.

The AKA is a passionate group of kratom advocates. They work throughout the United States to bring greater awareness of kratom’s benefits, create legal protections for kratom use, and fight against groups seeking to tarnish kratom’s reputation.

The group’s goals are mainly legal reformations, won through developing new legislation and appealing to state and local lawmakers.

But the AKA’s efforts aren’t just about passing laws. Their focus also includes:

Developing Industry Standards

One of the AKA’s most important contributions has been pushing the kratom industry towards greater quality and transparency standards.

Although kratom has been used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia, it has only recently gained popularity in the United States.

The birth of the US kratom industry wasn’t without its issues. Kratom was entirely unregulated, which created an opportunity for dishonest manufacturers to sell inferior, even dangerously tainted “kratom” products.

But the AKA helped to change all that. By establishing an industry-wide set of standards, they have helped to make kratom safer, more effective, and more accessible throughout the United States.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The AKA has also been one of the main factors pushing for legal change and protections for kratom users.

Through grassroots outreach, public awareness campaigns, and meeting with state and federal legislators, AKA representatives and supporters have helped to push the Kratom Consumer Protection Act into law in many jurisdictions.

This important piece of legislation accomplishes many things to both protect kratom users and ensure the future of kratom in the US. Some of the most important include:

  • Establishing quality standards for all kratom products
  • Requiring comprehensive testing for kratom products
  • Implementing a minimum age of purchase
  • Creating significant legal penalties for manufacturers defying the Act’s requirements

While many states have implemented their own version of the KCPA, the efforts continue apace. The AKA is working in virtually all areas of the US to ensure that similar legislation is passed to protect kratom consumers and the industry as a whole.

AKA GMP Certification: The Key to Quality Kratom

The American Kratom Association’s quality standards are defined by their Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) credentialing process.

Certification requires that manufacturers adhere to strict manufacturing procedures, all the way from seed to shelf. These include:

  • Exacting hygiene procedures for all equipment and personnel involved at any stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Use of cutting-edge machinery that minimizes kratom’s exposure.
  • Comprehensive, independent testing of every batch to ensure purity, potency, and quality kratom, both before and after the leaf is processed into kratom powder.
  • Established and well-documented procedures to produce consistent, quality kratom from batch to batch.
  • Absolute transparency regarding the origins of each batch of kratom leaf, establishing a transparent chain of possession for all raw and finished kratom materials.
  • Regular audits by independent inspectors who verify the integrity, transparency, and adherence to AKA protocol of the certified vendor.

It’s no small task to become one of AKA’s Certified GMP vendors, but that achievement is the best way to ensure that a vendor is a true exemplar of what the industry should be.

Kratom Spot is proud to be an AKA GMP Certified Vendor, and we’re committed to going above and beyond, providing you with what can truly be called the world’s best kratom.

Support the AKA, Protect American Kratom

This article started with a simple question: is the American Kratom Association legit? The answer is an emphatic yes.

No other group has done as much to improve the kratom industry throughout the US. They’ve worked to spread the word about kratom’s benefits, protect access to safe, legal kratom, and worked to pass legislation that ensures access for years to come.

They’ve also driven the industry towards greater quality, transparency, and safety through their AKA good manufacturing procedures certification. That alone has been a massive contribution, for which kratom users owe the AKA a deep debt of gratitude.

You can help support the American Kratom Association without spending a dime.

By submitting your kratom testimonials or getting the AKA’s grassroots advocacy resources, you can do your part to further AKA efforts and keep kratom safe, effective, and legal for all in the US.