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How is the FDA Affecting Kratom Prices?

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In its Southeast Asian region of origin, Kratom has an extensive history that spans centuries. However, the plant has only recently been introduced to the United States, where its sudden arrival and subsequent surge in popularity has stirred skepticism and concern amongst regulatory agencies.

In particular, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has actively discouraged Kratom use in the U.S. By controlling its importation and issuing warnings, the organization has had a demonstrable influence on Kratom prices and consumer interest.

Importation Seizure

As Kratom’s popularity with American consumers has grown, the FDA has issued multiple statements that challenge this botanical.

In 2016, the FDA released Import Alert 54-15, which granted districts the authority to detain imports containing mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) from various sources without physical examination. The FDA issued the alert in response to an increase of Kratom and Kratom-related shipments, citing a lack of evidence regarding the safety of Kratom as a dietary ingredient.

Prior to 2016, Kratom importation to the United States had largely been unfettered. Import Alert 54-15 threatened the supply of various Kratom vendors and sparked turmoil within the American Kratom community, affecting Kratom prices and demand.

Uncertainty in the U.S.

As a regulatory body, the FDA largely informs the decision making of many American citizens through various means.

Since 2016, the FDA has regularly deterred Americans from purchasing and using Kratom products, citing that “there are currently no FDA-approved therapeutic uses of Kratom” and “there are significant safety issues associated with its use.” The FDA has also categorized Kratom and Kratom products as “unapproved drugs” given a lack of internal research, which has damaged the credibility of the plant and affected Kratom prices.

In an FDA statement published on November 14th, 2017, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated “before it can be legally marketed for therapeutic uses in the U.S., Kratom’s risks and benefits must be evaluated as part of the regulatory process for drugs that Congress has entrusted the FDA with. Moreover, Congress has also established a specific set of review protocols for scheduling decisions concerning substances like Kratom.”

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Although plenty of foundational research on Kratom exists, the FDA’s strong condemnation of Kratom has caused uncertainty amongst Americans, creating a slew of news headlines that have affected prices and consumer interest. Due to the mounting regulatory pressure, some Kratom vendors have ceased operations while others have raised their Kratom prices.

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While the FDA pushes for stricter control motivated by consumer safety, the American Kratom industry remains largely unregulated. In its present state of leniency, consumer safety is ultimately dictated by consumer choice, which only highlights the importance of purchasing Kratom from reliable, reputable sources.

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