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Two bars of kratom soap in a wooden bowl
October 3, 2022

The skincare industry is no stranger to unusual and innovative ingredients. But kratom? That’s not one we’re used to seeing in beauty and skincare products. Nonetheless, it seems that kratom-based soaps, scrubs, and more are starting to make an appearance. So, kratom skincare: is this the next big thing? Or just another in a long […]

American Kratom logo over the scales of justice

What happens if kratom is legal? It’s an odd question, particularly since kratom is technically legal throughout the vast majority of the US. And yet kratom is the subject of controversy, with the FDA repeatedly attempting to limit legal kratom access and even imposing restrictions on what vendors are allowed to say about kratom’s well-known […]

Kratom stored on a kitchen shelf

How does heat affect kratom? It’s a question with a lot of implications for how you should use and store kratom, so it’s only natural that we should hear a lot of different versions of the question. And according to who you ask, you may get very different answers. So, what’s the truth? Does kratom […]

A bowl of kratom seen through a magnifying glass

The kratom community is, unfortunately, no stranger to marketing gimmicks, ploys, and even outright scams. From time to time, a kratom vendor will come up with some new buzz term, such as “horned” kratom, “dragon” kratom, or the like. And, almost always, it’s a feeble attempt to sell second-rate products to unsuspecting customers. So, “hulu […]

Kratom capsules next to lion's mane and other kratom alternatives

Kratom users love kratom. There’s no surprise there. It’s a wonderfully versatile plant with a startling number of applications, both therapeutic and recreational. Kratom helps people, changes lives, and allows users to be their best, most unencumbered selves. But kratom is hardly the only nootropic botanical out there, and it pays to be informed about […]

Kratom and Bad Breath

For some who use kratom, bad breath may be an increasing concern. While rare, some concerned users report that using kratom — or using certain kratom ingestion methods — can cause notable bad breath. If you’re one of those who’ve experienced kratom-related halitosis, the good news is that there are a few effective methods that […]

Kratom capsules on a gray wood table

Kratom users are industrious sorts, and it seems like new ways to take kratom are popping up virtually every day. Many of these are brilliant ways to cover kratom’s taste, increase its effectiveness, or otherwise make your kratom dose more effective and enjoyable. Others, like “boofing” kratom? Well, they’re what we call “bad ideas”. This […]

A New York cityscape seen from the air

Although its acceptance is growing throughout most of the United States, kratom can still be a controversial topic. Kratom remains legal at the federal level, but several states and counties have enacted their own bans or restrictions. So, users need to understand local kratom laws before trying kratom for themselves. For those in the Empire […]

A blood pressure cuff being used to measure blood pressure

Kratom is used for many reasons by folks from all walks of life. But as kratom grows in popularity, more and more questions emerge as to how it can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Heart health is one of the most vital parts of your wellness, and so the question naturally arises: how does kratom […]

A woman sips on a kratom beverage

Kratom use is on the rise throughout America. One emerging trend is new users hoping to use kratom for depression, anxiety, and other aspects of their mental health. But is kratom a good option for self-managing depression and anxiety? In this blog, we examine all the available evidence to determine whether this new application is […]

A man ties his boots next to a bottle of liquid kratom

Running late? On the go? Out and about? No worries: Kratom Spot’s got you covered, ‘cuz you’ve got top-quality kratom on the go. Our liquid kratom extract shots are the perfect way to enjoy kratom on the go. Convenient, tasty, fast-acting, and potent — they’re the ultimate tool for enjoying kratom whenever and wherever life […]

What Affects Alkaloid Content

Alkaloids: they’re the potent natural chemicals that give kratom its distinctive effects. The higher the kratom’s total alkaloid content, the more potent the batch! So when it comes to producing the world’s best kratom, alkaloid content is king. Improve the plant’s mitragynine and other alkaloid levels, and you’ll have a higher quality kratom leaf. But […]

A map of Southeast Asia with a bowl of kratom

Kratom comes originally from a number of Southeast Asian countries, and its history in that region is long and storied. But just like kratom itself, kratom use in Southeast Asia has been largely ignored here in the States. And yet, new interest in the region’s relationship with kratom is emerging, and a number of studies […]

White Vein Kratom Products on a dark table

In this week’s blog, we tackle a rather straightforward question — but one that we hear pretty frequently from members of the Kratom Spot community: “why are so many kratom-infused products made with white vein kratom?” And it’s true! Both here at Kratom Spot and elsewhere in the wide world of kratom, you’ll find that […]

Bags of Kratom Next to Iced Tea Soda

Kratom iced tea soda. Madness? Or Genius? There are some in the kratom community who will try to warn you off of such a daring combination. Some may even tell you to never mix kratom and carbonated beverages. To those naysayers, I say, “Bah! You know not of which you speak, because this kratom iced […]

A glass of kratom tea with lemon and herbs

Looking to make your dose of kratom go just a bit further? Lemon juice might be just the ticket!  If you’re just here for the endorsement, here it is: Kratom and lemon juice make for an exceptional combo, both in terms of flavor and enhanced effects. That’s one reason why you’ll see them paired in […]

Kratom Fertilizer

Anyone who’s spent time in the garden will likely know: good soil means healthy plants. Likewise, farmers need to care for their soil in order to increase yields, produce a more vibrant harvest, and promote the nutrient content of their crops. But when the soil is lacking? Well, then you turn to a nutrient-rich fertilizer […]

Two kratom capsules in the palm of a hand

The liver is a busy organ! From fatty foods to acetaminophen and alcohol — everything we eat or take goes through the liver. Over time, the strain we put on the liver can cause real complications and health concerns. So, how hard is kratom on the liver? Will regular kratom use put an undue strain […]

Two bowls of analgesics, doing their thing.
April 15, 2022

What Are Analgesics?

Pronounced “Ah-nuhl-jeez-icks,” this term is used to describe pain-relieving medications, supplements, prescription drugs, and more. There are many different types of analgesics. For example, oral analgesics are taken—you guessed it—orally. Topical analgesics, on the other hand, are applied directly to the skin where areas of pain are most intense. The key factor here is pain-relieving. […]

Kratom and Sport

When it comes to kratom, sports enthusiasts, athletes, and casual gym-goers all have their opinions. Some say that kratom is a great pre-workout, others that it helps them with the aches and pains of the recovery period. But when it comes to kratom and sport at the highest level, it’s important to clear up a […]

Loose Leaf vs. Powder Kratom

Kratom (scientific name: Mitragyna speciosa) is an ethnobotanical herb native to Southeast Asia. The plant shares a rich, sometimes controversial history in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Civilizations here have used the plant as a therapeutic medicine for thousands of years. Even where legislation bans the use of kratom products like crushed leaf kratom […]

At Kratom Spot, we’re always looking for new ways to make your kratom experience more effective and enjoyable. And today, we’re pleased to announce a new kratom evolution with our convenient Kratom Drink Mixes. These innovative kratom products combine 2.5 grams of our legendary kratom powder with any of three tasty flavors. The result? A […]

Top kratom activities per strain

One r/kratom reddit user said it best: “After I take kratom I like to shop online for more kratom.” We agree! But jokes aside, there are many great activities to do while using kratom products. Let’s split these pro-kratom activities into three categories: White Vein Kratom: known for increased energy and stimulating effects. Red Vein […]

KSpot St Patrick's Day Sale

Bust out your green (or orange, we don’t discriminate) clothing, ’cause St. Paddy’s is just around the corner! And here at Kratom Spot, we’ll be enjoying this celebration of all things Irish with a heaping helping of holiday savings. That’s right: the Kratom Spot St. Patrick’s Day Sale is here! We’re offering a special 25% […]

High-quality kratom by Kratom Spot

When looking to buy kratom online, consumers run into a fundamental problem: How do you know if you’re receiving high-quality kratom or low-quality kratom? The answer isn’t so obvious. Why? Because online vendors don’t follow the same quality standards industry-wide. No factions of the US government—hesitant to regulate kratom like other beneficial substances—require universal lab […]