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Various Kratom Spot products on a bed of kratom leaves

The effects of kratom vary widely, depending on the strain and dosage you take. This customizability is one of the main reasons for the rise in American kratom popularity, with users of all stripes finding tailor-fit ways to fit kratom into their daily routines. Despite the growing popularity of kratom products, many users may be […]

Two kratom capsules next to a pile of kratom powder

Kratom use in the United States is at an all-time high, and more and more users are discovering how kratom can benefit their lives. But finding high-quality kratom, identifying the strains of kratom that work best for your needs, and finding reputable sources can be a headache for new users. In this blog post, we’ll […]

What is Kratom Tea Good For

Kratom is one of the most versatile botanicals on the market, and there are just as many ways to take kratom as there are reasons to take it. Taking kratom tea may be the most popular method — but what is kratom tea good for? What makes it unique when compared to the toss and […]

Red Vein Maeng Da, also known simply as red Maeng Da, is one of the most popular and potent strains on the market. It’s best for users looking for the highest levels of pain relief, fighting anxiety, or improving sleep quality and consistency. In this red vein Maeng Da review, we’ll cover everything you need […]

Kratom Hawaii Legality

Kratom is legal throughout the vast majority of the United States. What’s more, new laws are being passed to protect kratom users and the therapeutic kratom products they enjoy throughout the US. But that isn’t true everywhere. For example, is kratom legal in Hawaii? The short answer: Yes, kratom is 100% legal in Hawaii. In […]

Sweet Kratom Cooking

Even the most die-hard kratom fans tend to agree: kratom doesn’t taste great. On its own, kratom has a raw, earthy, bitter taste that fairly few users find palatable. But the good news is, you can make kratom taste good fairly easily! The trick, as with most edibles, is a bit of creative cooking. So […]

Freezing kratom. If you’re buying in bulk, taking a meaningful break, or otherwise want to keep your stash fresh for as long as possible, then putting your kratom on ice may be just the ticket! But is freezing kratom a good idea? In short: Yes, freezing kratom can protect the kratom alkaloids from degrading for […]

A spoonful of kratom honey poured into a white bowl

Even among kratom’s most diehard fans, you’re not likely to find many who enjoy kratom’s raw, earthy taste. It’s unsurprising, then, that the kratom community is abuzz with tips and tricks for combatting kratom’s flavor, either by masking it or mixing it with another complementary flavor. One of the most effective and enjoyable? Kratom honey […]

Kratom Legality Update

Is kratom legal in your area? It’s an important question! The short answer? Probably. Kratom is legal throughout the vast majority of the US, with no federal laws pending to list it as a controlled substance or otherwise ban it. Some states have limited kratom’s availability or even outright banned it, so it’s important to […]

Candied Oranges With Kratom Powder

It’s no surprise: here at Kratom Spot, we love all things kratom. And every time we find a new way to spice up our kratom routine, improve kratom’s effectiveness, or make kratom more enjoyable, we jump at the occasion. In this article, we present a delightful recipe for a candied kratom treat that’s sure to […]

A frustrated man rubs his nose

There are many different ways to take kratom, and they all offer different levels of convenience, fast-action, or other benefits. But some methods may also have their downsides, so it’s important to pick the right one. For users trying oral ingestion, one terrifically unpleasant sensation may emerge after taking kratom: a burning nose. There’s no […]

A bowl of finely-ground kratom powder in front of whole kratom leaves
October 25, 2022

What is Nano Kratom?

As the US kratom industry continues to expand, new types of kratom products are constantly emerging. From gimmicky “new strains” to entirely new lines of products like kratom-infused skincare, there’s no shortage of attention-grabbing new kratom entries. One emerging kratom product, in particular, is starting to get a bit more buzz: nano kratom. But what […]

A hand holds a cluster of green kratom leaves

Can you be allergic to kratom? The human body is a complex thing — and every single one of them behaves just a little bit differently than the next one. And for some kratom allergy symptoms may be a very real thing. After all, you could be allergic to virtually anything — even water can […]

Kratom capsules sit beside a cup of hot, fresh coffee

We’ve all felt it: that midday doldrums feeling that has you reaching for just one more cup of coffee. And while an extra cup of joe might keep you going for a couple hours more, it’s hardly the way to achieve lasting, sustainable energy. So, how to be less tired without coffee? Here are some […]

Two bars of kratom soap in a wooden bowl

The skincare industry is no stranger to unusual and innovative ingredients. But kratom? That’s not one we’re used to seeing in beauty and skincare products. Nonetheless, it seems that kratom-based soaps, scrubs, and more are starting to make an appearance. So, kratom skincare: is this the next big thing? Or just another in a long […]

American Kratom logo over the scales of justice

What happens if kratom is legal? It’s an odd question, particularly since kratom is technically legal throughout the vast majority of the US. And yet kratom is the subject of controversy, with the FDA repeatedly attempting to limit legal kratom access and even imposing restrictions on what vendors are allowed to say about kratom’s well-known […]

Kratom stored on a kitchen shelf

How does heat affect kratom? It’s a question with a lot of implications for how you should use and store kratom, so it’s only natural that we should hear a lot of different versions of the question. And according to who you ask, you may get very different answers. So, what’s the truth? Does kratom […]

A bowl of kratom seen through a magnifying glass

The kratom community is, unfortunately, no stranger to marketing gimmicks, ploys, and even outright scams. From time to time, a kratom vendor will come up with some new buzz term, such as “horned” kratom, “dragon” kratom, or the like. And, almost always, it’s a feeble attempt to sell second-rate products to unsuspecting customers. So, “hulu […]

Kratom capsules next to lion's mane and other kratom alternatives

Kratom users love kratom. There’s no surprise there. It’s a wonderfully versatile plant with a startling number of applications, both therapeutic and recreational. Kratom helps people, changes lives, and allows users to be their best, most unencumbered selves. But kratom is hardly the only nootropic botanical out there, and it pays to be informed about […]

Kratom and Bad Breath

For some who use kratom, bad breath may be an increasing concern. While rare, some concerned users report that using kratom — or using certain kratom ingestion methods — can cause notable bad breath. If you’re one of those who’ve experienced kratom-related halitosis, the good news is that there are a few effective methods that […]

Kratom capsules on a gray wood table

Kratom users are industrious sorts, and it seems like new ways to take kratom are popping up virtually every day. Many of these are brilliant ways to cover kratom’s taste, increase its effectiveness, or otherwise make your kratom dose more effective and enjoyable. Others, like “boofing” kratom? Well, they’re what we call “bad ideas”. This […]

A New York cityscape seen from the air

Although its acceptance is growing throughout most of the United States, kratom can still be a controversial topic. Kratom remains legal at the federal level, but several states and counties have enacted their own bans or restrictions. So, users need to understand local kratom laws before trying kratom for themselves. For those in the Empire […]

A blood pressure cuff being used to measure blood pressure

Kratom is used for many reasons by folks from all walks of life. But as kratom grows in popularity, more and more questions emerge as to how it can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Heart health is one of the most vital parts of your wellness, and so the question naturally arises: how does kratom […]

A woman sips on a kratom beverage

Kratom use is on the rise throughout America. One emerging trend is new users hoping to use kratom for depression, anxiety, and other aspects of their mental health. But is kratom a good option for self-managing depression and anxiety? In this blog, we examine all the available evidence to determine whether this new application is […]

A man ties his boots next to a bottle of liquid kratom

Running late? On the go? Out and about? No worries: Kratom Spot’s got you covered, ‘cuz you’ve got top-quality kratom on the go. Our liquid kratom extract shots are the perfect way to enjoy kratom on the go. Convenient, tasty, fast-acting, and potent — they’re the ultimate tool for enjoying kratom whenever and wherever life […]