Three sealed packages of Kratom

Kratom is growing in popularity, and understanding how storing Kratom properly can keep it more potent for a longer period of time is important. If not kept in proper conditions for storage, Kratom can begin to degrade quickly. That wastes your money and potentially leaves you with sub-standard Kratom when you need it the most. […]

Lush, green leaves

As more and more people decide that Kratom is right for them, interest in growing Kratom at home is skyrocketing. Whether growing Kratom indoors or out in a garden, it’s a possibility most Kratom advocates will look into at some time or another. Let’s look at both whether you can and whether you should grow […]

A homemade bar of soap
April 22, 2019

DIY Kratom Soap

Help your skin feel clean and healthy with the power of Kratom soap. DIY soap is a great way to study the effects of Kratom. DIY soap is easy to make, and it offers you the ability to know exactly what you’re putting on your body. From adding your favorite fragrances to adding potent botanicals, […]

A wooden plate and spoon overflowing with Kratom powder

If you’re looking for a new way to take care of your skin, Kratom beauty products may be the right choice. Now found in everything from Kratom bath bombs to Kratom essential oils, it is fast becoming a popular addition to people’s daily care regimen. What Is Kratom? Kratom is a species of evergreen found […]

A bowl filled with Kratom powder on green Kratom leaves

If you’re new to Kratom, you might not know how to buy Kratom. It sounds simple, but too many newcomers get suckered in by “budget” sites that don’t meet their needs. Discouraged, they give up on their research into Kratom and choose other, often fruitless paths in a quest to support their health and wellness. […]

A lush green valley leading to a beautiful waterfall

As people conduct their own independent research, they’re looking for ways to balance their health and wellness with help from Kratom, Kratom alternatives, and the best natural products on the market. It’s understandable. With concerns about the addictive chemicals found in modern medicine, the interest in natural health and wellness is skyrocketing. While Kratom is […]

A woman on a beach meditating

People are growing more interested in living their lives in a more balanced fashion, and that is what holistic living is all about. Holistic living seeks to help you find a better way to live. If you want to get started living better, you can do it right now, wherever you are. With a little […]

Smoke rises from a brass incense burner

As people increasingly do their own research and decide that Kratom is right for them, interest is growing in Kratom incense as an easy way to explore the properties it offers. When done properly, Kratom powder incense is easy to use safely and provides an enjoyable aroma that fills the room. What Is Kratom Incense? […]

A bowl of Kratom powder and a liquid mixture next to two pouches of Kratom.

If you’re new to Kratom, you may be confused by some of the terminology used by manufacturers when talking about their products, specifically Kratom extract vs. powder. While some products may tout the benefit of their powder component, others could refer to their extracts, usually with ration, such as 2:1, for example. Some may even […]

Three women browsing on a laptop.

If you’ve been watching the latest FDA communications on Kratom legality, you may be concerned that banishment to the Controlled Substances list is on the horizon, which is why some states are advancing versions of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, 2018. This important legislative draft offers Kratom potential legal protection while improving the Kratom industry […]

A man in a lab coat and hair net looks into a stereo microscope.

Many people view Kratom as a substance with immense potential, but so far, quality Kratom research and Kratom studies have been minimal. That has led to disagreement with regulators and controversy within the communities of Kratom advocates, researchers, growers, and health pundits. Recent progress, however, points to a growing interest scientifically in establishing Kratom’s credentials […]

A pouch of Kratom capsules next to a bowl filled with Kratom capsules.

Without those willing to advocate for Kratom, it likely would already be listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance and almost impossible for law abiding citizens to obtain. Just because it has avoided a ban so far, assuming that it was safe from misinformation, slander, and prohibition would be a mistake. The truth is, the […]

The United States Capitol Building.
March 8, 2019

SITSA & Kratom

With the demise of the SITSA Act, 2018, Kratom has weathered one of it’s largest and most misinformed threats to date. After passing the House of Representatives, this misguided legislation was never taken up by the Senate. With the seating of a new Congress to start 2019, SITSA goes back to square one, but it […]

Three pouches of different Kratom strains.

It’s no secret that FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is no fan of Kratom, and under his tenure, relations between Kratom and the FDA have been strained at best and often adversarial. That’s what makes his recently announced resignation such big news to Kratom advocates, prompting much discussion about the impact, if any, his exit will […]

Bag of Kratom Spot Red Maeng Da Kratom

What is Maeng Da Kratom and is it more powerful than other kinds of kratom? This exotic-sounding strain is a favorite for many kratom enthusiasts. Its reported quality is well-known, but the details behind its origin are not quite clear. What Is Maeng Da Kratom? Also known as “Maeng Da Thai Kratom,” Maeng Da is […]

Five Kratom Spot bags surrounding a bowl of Kratom capsules

Acquiring kratom can be challenging. Although kratom is legal (in most states), it’s not sold at the average convenience store. If you are interested in buying kratom, it can become a struggle to figure out where you can get the deal. This is a common problem for many kratom users, so it’s important that you […]

A large, sprawling tree.

Kratom and kava are two plants that have caught the attention of the Western world in recent years. However, despite their apparent similarities, the two plants are actually quite dissimilar. History & Regions of Origin Kava, or Piper methysticum, is a small shrub that grows in the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, […]

Person using a mortar and pestle while pouring essential oil into the mortar

Kratom Explained For centuries, Kratom has played a recurring role in the cross-cultural history of the world. However, despite the plant’s extensive past, Kratom continues to be a subject of contention and confusion. Supported by a shallow body of research and facing mounting regulatory pressures, Kratom seems to attract more questions than answers. In the […]

A statue of Lady Justice next to three law books and a globe.

In its Southeast Asian countries of origin, Kratom has a lengthy past that spans across several centuries of recorded history. However, this timeless botanical has only caught the attention of Americans in the last few decades, subsequently attracting both recognition and notoriety. Although American citizens have demonstrated near-overwhelming support for Kratom, American legislators and government […]

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Does your wardrobe rely largely on sweatshop labor? Did your morning coffee or tea come from a struggling, underpaid farmer? Goods you enjoy every day…

Pant sprouts in containers

Mitragyna speciosa, or Kratom, is one of many remarkable plants in its scientific family of classification, Rubiaceae. Kratom’s botanical family members include the coffee plant and thousands of other species in total, some of which have deep roots in the medicinal history of the world. What is the Rubiaceae Family? Rubiaceae is a family of […]

Dark leaves clustered together

Kratom is harvested from the leaves of mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to regions of Southeast Asia. Although Kratom is natural, its journey from plant to product is often lengthy, cross-continental, and involves numerous production and processing techniques. If produced with consideration and care, the result is a wholly unique botanical substance with remarkable properties. […]