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What Is Liquid Kratom? Liquid kratom is kratom extract in liquid form, often combined with additives. It’s not a single product from a single source; rather, multiple suppliers manufacture liquid kratom, and the products vary a great deal depending on the type of kratom used, the additives included, and the potency of the final solution. […]

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Kratom Tea: The Ultimate Guide Kratom tea is easily brewed and is a common way to prepare the plant. This way of preparing kratom may be popular, and sweeteners such as honey or Stevia may be added to a tea recipe to create a more enjoyable beverage. However, brewing kratom tea may require several attempts […]

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What Is Kratom Extract and How Is It Made? One of the most concentrated forms of kratom is kratom extract. There are a few different ways to make kratom extract, all varying in difficulty, but nearly all the methods deliver a product that is more potent (containing a higher concentration of alkaloids — the main […]

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What Is Kratom Powder and How Is It Used? There are several ways to prepare kratom. One of the most popular methods of packaging and selling kratom is in its powdered form. However, kratom powder is known to be further prepared in several different ways. Knowing what kratom powder is — and distinguishing its type […]

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Bentuangie Kratom has fast gained a loyal following among Kratom lovers. Named after the Bentuangie region it grows in, this Indonesian strain of Kratom is fermented to give it an entirely different sensory profile. The result has been a popular strain that has characteristics slightly different than any other Kratom product strain we carry. Let’s […]

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You may have seen that besides premium Kratom strains, we also offer Kratom extract for sale from our online store. For many people, extract is their preferred Kratom product type, while other people don’t understand what Kratom extract is. When you’re exploring the benefits of Kratom, independent research is vital. Understanding how extracts differ from […]

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For many Kratom enthusiasts, premium Indo Kratom is the gold standard they judge all other strains by. If you’re new to Kratom products, however, you may not understand what Indo Kratom is. As one of the primary varieties of Kratom available, you’ll find it from just about every seller, but knowing what to look for […]

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Maeng Da Kratom powder enjoys a complicated reputation among Kratom enthusiasts. For many people, Maeng Da is what Kratom should be while others regard it as far too overwhelming. No matter your stance, Maeng Da Kratom has an interesting past that makes it a notable addition to any Kratom enthusiast’s collection! Maeng Da’s Origins Thailand […]

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New Kratom consumers can be confused about what kratom does and whether or not kratom is safe. These questions can be complicated, but necessary when evaluating whether or not Kratom is right for you. Independent research is vital to making an informed decision about Kratom, but accurate information can be hard to come by. Let’s […]

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Thailand Kratom is incredibly popular, even as it labors under intense scrutiny and threats of increased regulation in the United States. One thing that critics have seized on for years in their arguments alleging that Kratom should be restricted is the Thailand Kratom ban. After all, if the country of origin restricts its domestic production, […]

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If you’re a Kratom enthusiast, you most likely are regularly on the lookout for the latest Kratom ban news. After all, a ban on Kratom would eliminate or severely hamper your ability to legally purchase high-quality Kratom. The major threat to consumers in the United States is, of course, the FDA, which has taken an […]

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Malaysian Kratom remains one of the most popular types of Kratom on the market. With several Malaysian Kratom strains available, people have the ability to choose which one suits their needs the best so they can fine-tune their research for the desired results. For people new to Kratom, however, understanding exactly what Malay is can […]

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June 24, 2019

Is Kratom Organic?

More and more people are choosing to research the benefits of Kratom, and choosing organic Kratom can give you better results by reducing or eliminating unnatural chemical ingredients. From organic Kratom capsules to extracts derived from naturally-grown plants, you can get Kratom with less risk of contamination or loss of potency. But what does being […]

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Many people are first introduced to Kratom at a headshop, only to wonder later how does Kratom cost so much from a headshop? The simplest answer can be summed up as overhead, but on examination, the problem with buying your Kratom there is much more complicated. That’s why people experienced in getting the most out […]

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As a leader in the Kratom industry, we are limited in how we inform people about Kratom by FDA regulations. If you’ve been struggling to find accurate, authoritative information, you may have noticed yourself that the very suppliers in a position to share the most knowledge about their products seem to say the least. Understanding […]

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For many people, Bali Kratom is what they first encountered when exploring Kratom for themselves. One of the most popular strains, Bali Kratom enjoys a large following among both those new to Kratom and people more experienced with the various Kratom products commonly available. It is widely available through online distributors and is one of […]

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Sustainable farming practices have been in the spotlight recently as the world comes to terms with humanity’s impact on the world around us. While many industries find themselves struggling to adopt a business model built around ethical farming, for reputable Kratom suppliers, taking care of the environment is already second nature. In many cases, Kratom […]

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Kratom and palm oil are both cultivated throughout Southeast Asia, but Kratom enjoys a better environmental reputation. Due to growing environmental concerns brought about by the rapid escalation of climate change, the relationship between palm oil and the environment is under increased scrutiny. The conversation about the harmful effects on natural resources, wildlife, and indigenous […]

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At the same time that we are all increasing our focus on the environment in the wake of climate change’s growing threat, Kratom is garnering increased interest from researchers looking for a solution to the rowing worldwide opioid crisis. Therefore, it’s natural that Kratom farming practices would be under increased scrutiny. Farming and the environment […]

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It’s almost summer vacation time, that means now is the time to check in on 2019 Kratom laws around the world. Knowing the laws helps ensure that you’ll have legal access to the countries you may travel to, or helps keep you from running afoul of the law unintentionally. Failure to know the regulations during […]

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It’s hard not to get excited about the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Thanks largely to a hostile federal stance based on bad science, pressure has been increasing across local, state, and national governmental bodies to restrict or ban Kratom outright. To meet this growing threat to individual liberties, Kratom advocates in several states have […]

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Even as states like Arizona turn to the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, states like Ohio are moving closer to Kratom scheduling. Driven largely by FDA stoked fears, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy has proposed making Kratom a Schedule 1 controlled substance within state borders, putting it on a level with dangerous opioids like heroin and […]

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A question often asked is, “are products with Kratom considered ethnobotanicals?” In order to answer this question, we need to understand first what ethnobotanicals are. What Are Ethnobotanicals? Kratom did not first appear when it was brought to the United States. Its history dates back far longer–for hundreds of years. This is the first indication […]

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Deciding where to find Kratom for your needs can be difficult. Due to its rising popularity, there are more and more sources available every day, each with its own range of products and catchy slogans. Not all Kratom–or Kratom suppliers– are created equal, however, and it can be hard to separate the reputable sources from […]

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More and more people are becoming interested in Kratom, but it can be hard to find information on Kratom strain differences. Rather than a single consistent plant, Kratom grows in several strains. These strains get their properties from their slightly different genetics and the different environments they’re grown in. Why the Difference? Some plants are […]