Empty Kratom Tea Bags




    Our DIY kratom tea bags are perfect for prepping your batches of kratom tea in advance! Sealable, sterile, and utterly convenient, they’re a kratom tea brewer’s best friend.


    These “press ‘n brew” tea bags are the ideal accessories for anyone looking to prepare their DIY kratom tea bags in advance. Simply add your chosen dose, being careful not to overfill or leave kratom leaf between the heat-sensitive seam and the rest of the bag. Then, use a heating device such as a clothing or curling iron to permanently seal the tea bag. From there, store your ready-to-go DIY kratom tea bags as you would any traditional tea, and enjoy a rich, flavorful kratom brew on demand!


    These tea bags are nothing short of professional quality. Made with the same ingredients you’ll find in most pre-packaged tea bags, they give you the power to make truly top-quality kratom tea bags from the comfort of your own home. This product features:

    • 50 press ‘n brew tea bags per container
    • Tea bags with neutral smell and taste, won’t affect flavor of your tea
    • Made with same ingredients as America’s leading tea manufacturers’ bags
    • Convenient heat-seal seam to seal your bags for future use
    • Perfect for use with your favorite loose leaf kratom or kratom powder


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    For prepping your DIY kratom tea in advance, there’s simply no better option than our press ‘n brew empty kratom tea bags! Convenient, consistent, and easily customizable, they’ll have you brewing a delicious batch of kratom tea from all your favorite strains.

    Note: This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or may be pregnant. Do not take if you have any cardiovascular or blood disorder, central nervous system disorder, kidney or liver disease, or high blood pressure. Consult your physician before using this product. Do not take if operating motor vehicle or machinery. Excessive use may cause nausea. Sales to persons under 18 prohibited. Not for sale where prohibited by law. Please use responsibly. Any alkaloids including mitragynine and 7-OH that are present in the natural plant have not been altered.