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High-Quality Kratom: Why It Matters & How to Tell

High-quality kratom by Kratom Spot

When looking to buy kratom online, consumers run into a fundamental problem: How do you know if you’re receiving high-quality kratom or low-quality kratom? The answer isn’t so obvious. Why? Because online vendors don’t follow the same quality standards industry-wide. No factions of the US government—hesitant to regulate kratom like other beneficial substances—require universal lab testing protocols for kratom products. Instead, quality control is overwhelmingly left in the hands of kratom sellers, the same groups profiting from the plant’s popularity.

But what does all of this have to do with the quality of your kratom? Everything!

As a kratom user, it is your job to ensure your own personal safety and wellness. This means purchasing kratom from reputable online vendors like Kratom Spot. Us and other Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified marketplaces take the extra steps necessary to guarantee a high-quality kratom experience. GMP certifications are awarded by the American Kratom Association (AKA), an organization fighting to keep kratom legal and kratom products safe nationwide. These are the things government agencies won’t do to protect the kratom industry, so we’ve done them ourselves:

  • Universal lab testing on ALL kratom products, batches, and beyond.
  • Accurate package labeling and marketing: you deserve to get what you’re paying for.
  • Affordable prices, so EVERYONE has access to safe, high-quality kratom.
  • Proper storage practices to ensure the freshness of products.
  • Responsible distribution practices.

Coincidentally, these are the same factors you should look for as a consumer to differentiate between high-quality and low-quality kratom products or any other supplement. Many untrustworthy kratom sellers take advantage of the plant’s homeopathic popularity to simply make money. This goes against everything kratom stands for in the first place. Low-quality kratom means low-quality benefits. Some low-quality kratom products may even pose a risk to your health.

Let’s get to know some of these factors in-depth to better understand when your kratom is truly high-quality!

Third-Party Lab Testing: Why Is It So Important?

In various natural wellness industries, you see this term thrown around a lot. Third-party lab testing. It is especially common in the marketing of CBD products. However, the merits of third-party lab testing stand strong.

An independent (“third-party”) laboratory should always test kratom products before they hit the shelves. These non-biased tests verify a variety of important pieces of information:

  • Product is of sound purity
  • Has accurate dosage information
  • Contains no contaminants, fillers, adulterants, or manufacturing byproducts
  • Is not marred by unusable plant material

Online kratom vendors with high-quality kratom regularly undergo lab testing protocols. In fact, Kratom Spot has often publicized that the first step by lawmakers should be the establishment of universal kratom lab testing requirements. This would eliminate many untrustworthy manufacturers from the business, making high-quality kratom offered by GMP-certified kratom sellers the norm.

Mitragyna speciosa lab testing
Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) test sample, whole leaf


To better understand third-party lab testing, we can also look to an unexpected industry: children’s toys! Believe it or not, if you manufacture children’s toys or other kid-focused products, you must have those products certified by a third-party laboratory. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who reviews these certificates, “Third-party testing means performed by a third-party accredited laboratory that CPSC has accepted to perform the specific tests for each children’s product safety rule.”

In the industry, you (the kratom user) are your own CPSC. You must NOT purchase low-quality products which haven’t been reviewed by third-party laboratories!

Accurate Package Labeling and Marketing

Third-party lab testing ensures kratom products contain exactly that: kratom! But there are more quality control measures necessary. Another easy way to differentiate between low and high-quality kratom is packaging, labeling, and marketing.

Pay attention to what’s on the package the next time you make a purchase from your favorite online kratom vendor. Do you know when your kratom was harvested? Where it was processed into kratom powder? Is there a clear way to access third-party lab testing results?

Again, because the FDA and other US agencies don’t run quality control on kratom, labeling is left in the hands of kratom sellers. Good labeling typically signifies good, high-quality kratom. If your kratom doesn’t have the right labeling, what could a kratom seller be trying to hide?

How Does Pricing Signify Quality Kratom?

First and foremost: high prices don’t always mean high-quality kratom. Rather, flexibility in pricing allows users to gauge the quality of an online kratom vendor.

For example, Kratom Spot offers kratom powders, capsules, and a variety of other products in various sizes. We do this to meet the needs of everyone in the Kratom Spot network! Kratom is a natural product with immense potential. As such, offering smaller formulations at affordable pricing gives even the tightest budgets access to the highest quality kratom.

Browse other GMP-certified kratom sellers, compare affordable pricing, and get a sense of how much you should be paying. As a GMP-certified vendor ourselves, we’ve recently realigned our pricing to meet industry standards. If other kratom sellers remain hesitant to do the same, maybe it’s not your health and wellness they’re focused on.

Can Low-Quality Kratom Affect Your Health?

Absolutely yes! While a natural product, it is still necessary for kratom leaves to undergo manufacturing to turn into the recognizable kratom powders, capsules, and other goods you know and love. In untrustworthy manufacturing practices, byproducts like heavy metals can ruin a kratom batch.

Luckily, third-party lab testing will catch any manufacturing byproducts that could endanger your health if consumed. But you must purchase high-quality kratom from trusted sources in order to take advantage of the safety afforded by lab testing!

Only Purchase High-Quality Kratom Until It’s the Norm!

We hate to beat a dead horse, but we must. You, the kratom consumer, must be the final judge of quality kratom. Until more comprehensive laws are passed to protect kratom consumer safety, users should always pay attention to:

  • Third-party lab testing
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Product marketing, brand websites, social media, etc.
  • Pricing, including the most affordable pricing on site
  • GMP certification by the American Kratom Association (AKA)

Shameless plug: if you want to skip the guessing game, purchase high-quality kratom products from Kratom Spot! As you may have guessed, we offer a variety of goods that have undergone strenuous lab testing, have accurate labeling and dosage information, are marketed with honesty and integrity, and are affordably priced for all wallets! At Kratom Spot, we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t take ourselves. That’s just one way we’re shaping the future of the kratom industry, a future hopefully filled only with safe, high-quality kratom!