Become a Kratom Affiliate: The Kratom Spot Affiliate Program

How to Become a Kratom Affiliate at Kratom Spot

Kratom products grow in popularity by the minute. You heard that right: the minute. And did you know that you’re eligible to earn an affiliate commission on these products? Amazing! How do you do it? It’s easy: sign up for the Kratom Spot Affiliate Program, the most authentic kratom affiliate program on the market!

As a kratom affiliate, you’ll receive a wide range of benefits:

  • You have the freedom to advertise kratom products however you please. The better your marketing strategy, the more money you’ll earn! And don’t worry: we’ll give you tips and tricks if you’re new to marketing.
  • Cold, hard, cash. Sent right to your PayPal address every Thursday. How much money are we talking about? As a Kratom Spot affiliate, you receive 25 percent of every purchase you’re involved in!
  • A chance to join the best kratom affiliates in the world! As a Kratom Spot affiliate, you’ll be able to say, with confidence, that you’re a part of the most authentic kratom affiliate program in existence.

Sounding good so far? We thought so! But let’s dive further into what makes the Kratom Spot affiliate program so elite. Today, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. We’ll also cover what you can expect to make on an affiliate commission. Let’s get started!

What’s an Affiliate Program?

Not yet sure what an affiliate program looks like? No problem! For starters, affiliate programs may look different from site-to-site, but the basic principles of affiliates are the same:

  1. You sign up to become an affiliate for a merchant like Kratom Spot.
  2. After you’ve been accepted into our affiliate program, you are given a unique link to Kratom Spot’s website.
  3. You post this link on your websites, social media accounts, blog– wherever you think you’ll gain the most traffic!
  4. If somebody uses your link to visit Kratom Spot and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a percentage of the profit. This is known as an affiliate commission!

But that’s not all. Let’s say you refer someone to Kratom Spot, and they become a repeat customer. For 30 days, that person will automatically check out using your affiliate link (if they don’t clear their cookies). After the initial 30 days are up, if that individual clicks your affiliate link again, the 30-day timer starts over! This is one reason why the Kratom Spot affiliate program harbors the best kratom affiliates in the world.

What Kratom Products Can You Market as a Kratom Affiliate?

The advantages of our kratom affiliate program keep rolling in. Affiliate marketers love working with Kratom Spot because we offer a large variety of kratom products. The more products, the more opportunities to reach a variety of customers!

For starters, we carry a plethora of “Big 3” kratom strains:

On top of that, we also stock the best regional kratom strains in the world. We source these strains in small batches using certified-Fair Trade practices. Our increasingly popular regional varieties include:

Furthermore, we carry different types of kratom products, no matter the strains your customers prefer. These kratom products include:

As you can see, you’ll have no problem finding the right products to market to your audience. But what if you’ve never tried affiliate marketing before? Fear not: Kratom Spot is here to help you learn the ins and outs of our authentic kratom affiliate program!

Tips for Selling Kratom Products as an Affiliate

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or want to brush up on the best tips, we’re here for you! For starters, we recommend that newcomers to the affiliate marketplace follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Start with what you know. In the beginning, market the products that you like best. This will make your affiliate marketing feel more natural and less forced, building trust.
  2. Think about your audience. Why do they engage with your websites, social media accounts, or blogs? Some audiences may prefer raw kratom powder, while others seek out delicious easy to drink kratom shots. Determine which products will perform best on your platforms to increase results.
  3. Use the Kratom Spot tools available to you. On our blog, we publish two kratom-focused articles per week. We also have a database of articles that you can use to your advantage! If one of our blog topics seems interesting to you or your audience, use it to promote your affiliate link!
  4. Share your link everywhere. Paste it all over your website. Write it on a bumper sticker on your car. Our best kratom affiliates know that affiliate marketing is a data-driven practice. The more you share your unique affiliate link, the more people will click. The more people click, the more affiliate commissions you’ll receive. Easy as that!

Kratom Spot: the Most Authentic Kratom Affiliate Program Out There

Are you ready to join the best kratom affiliates in the world? Sign up for the Kratom Spot affiliate program today and start profiting from this blossoming industry! Remember:

  • Kratom Spot affiliates receive 25 percent of all purchases made through their affiliate link.
  • You’ll receive affiliate commissions every Thursday, deposited right into your PayPal for a fuss-free experience.
  • Your kratom affiliate link lasts 30 days per individual, so long as that individual doesn’t clear their cookies.

We hope to see your name on the Kratom Spot affiliate signup soon!