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Kratom Oil: Is it Real?

Is Kratom Oil Real

Picture this: you’re searching for only the highest quality kratom products on the market. And there are quite a few varieties to choose from. Some people prefer kratom powder or capsules, while others prefer to chew kratom leaves directly.

But there’s one product you may have heard about through the grapevine, a product that so perfectly takes advantage of the alkaloids in kratom to offer you the best – and strongest – possible experience. We’re, of course, talking about kratom oil, but is it real, and if so, how does it differ from other kratom products?

What is Kratom Oil, Supposedly?

Kratom oil is said to be a form of kratom extract, a concentrated form of kratom that offers users a more potent kratom experience. The alkaloids in kratom are extracted from the kratom leaves and infused with an oil base, allowing users to ingest kratom as a liquid instead of a powder.

How would this affect your kratom experience? If we consider human biology, this could have many advantages. Our bodies are better at absorbing liquids than they are at absorbing solids. Solids like kratom capsules, for example, must enter the stomach and be digested in order for the alkaloids in kratom to reach the nervous system.

Liquids, on the other hand, require a much less complicated breakdown. In fact, they don’t have to be digested at all but rather absorbed. Liquid substances like oils can enter your system through the cell membrane of your tissue.

What Would This Mean for Kratom Oil?

In theory, this makes kratom oil one of the best kratom products on the market: the body would absorb kratom oil faster than kratom powder or other kratom varieties. In addition, you could ingest your kratom sublingually, the process of ingesting liquids by holding them beneath the tongue. There exist a plethora of sublingual capillaries with a direct absorption line to the nervous system, making sublingual ingestion the preferred method among a variety of therapeutic substances.

However, there’s one huge “IF” we have yet to consider: kratom oil could be regarded as the highest quality kratom product on the market IF it actually existed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, and there’s a very good reason why.

The Dangers of Kratom Oil

Have you ever seen kratom oil on the shelf at your local head shop or online at your favorite kratom website? Chances are you haven’t, and there are two excellent reasons why:

  1. The FDA won’t let companies sell kratom oil.
  2. Even if they did, too many immoral companies would sell fake kratom oil.

The FDA’s War on Kratom

The U.S. government has opposed comprehensive kratom legislation for years. The DEA has attempted to place kratom under Schedule I classification. The FDA has tried banning both kratom capsules and the alkaloids in kratom themselves, and so much more.

One of the key reasons you don’t see kratom oil on shelves – including our (electronic) shelves – is because kratom cannot be sold as a food product. The FDA has made it very clear that they do not and will not support kratom in any way, meaning any kratom products sold as food items would be swiftly taken off the market at the expense of the companies who sell them.

Not Everyone in the Kratom Industry Loves You Like We Do

Kratom Spot has a genuine connection to the kratom plant. We strive to make kratom available to people from all walks of life because we believe in the benefits of this amazing plant. We offer only the highest quality kratom products on the market – including kratom extracts, powders, capsules, and more – because we know that kratom can change lives.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our vision. Kratom is still a young industry trying to find its footing in the capitalist landscape of the U.S. economy. Like any up-and-coming industry, there will be both good and bad companies. These bad apples represent another reason that kratom oil cannot be stocked on shelves today.

Why? Because there are no legally-required testing protocols in place to ensure that your kratom products are 100 percent authentic. Untested and unregulated products might contain harmful contaminants. If you were to unknowingly purchase kratom oil from a sketchy manufacturer, they probably wouldn’t follow appropriate guidelines to ensure the safety of your kratom experience.

With kratom powder and other kratom extracts, you can tell what you’re taking: seasoned kratom users know the taste, smell, and even texture of genuine kratom products. With oil, it’s a different ballgame, and even the most passionate kratom user might not be able to tell the difference between kratom oil and snake oil.

Is There Safe Kratom Oil?

If we made you feel excited about the prospect of high-strength kratom oil only to let you down, fear not. There’s actually a way that you can create your own kratom oil right from the comfort of your home! This way, you’ll know exactly what’s going into your product, especially when you make your kratom oil with lab-certified Kratom Spot products.

We recommend using kratom extracts to manufacture your own kratom oil because our kratom extracts offer the most abundant alkaloids in kratom, offering the richest kratom powder experience on the market. You can also create kratom oil using kratom leaves, going straight to the source for a more authentic experience. However, this may offer less punch than a high-end, lab-manufactured kratom extract.

Just follow our easy-to-use guidelines on creating a kratom tincture, and you’ll be well on your way to a favorable kratom oil experience.